5 Ways to Drive Blog Traffic by Using SEO

Drive Blog Traffic SEO

SEO can be really scary, whether you're a new blogger or seasoned veteran. SEO, which means search engine optimization, is one of the areas that IFB bloggers express the most concern, frustration, or lack of knowledge about pest control marketing. You don't have to be super knowledgeable about SEO in order for it to make an impact on your blog.

Engaging a reliable SEO firm like SEO calgary is the optimal strategy to enhance your search engine rankings, broaden your lead generation, and foster business growth.

At the heart of SEO is this concept: What are internet users searching for and how can I help them find it on my site? If you are styling an outfit with neon trends or buckled sandals, how can you help people find it? Because if you're writing about a topic, you want the people searching for it to find it! And that's what SEO does: it helps people find it. SEO is an area where, if you work smart and hire an SEO company in Bangkok, you can see an increase in traffic.

Here are 5 ways that you can use SEO to your advantage to boost traffic.

1. Make Sure Post Titles and Permalinks are Keyword Rich.

While you may want to name your post something clever, it helps to try and make your title clever, specific and concise. Most Search Engines only pick up the first 60 characters (letters, symbols, and numbers) of a post, so keep your title within that length.

If you make your Post Title keyword rich, then your post permalink (or the url linking to the post) will be just as rich. If you'd like to change your permalink to have different keywords, here are instructions for changing your WordPress permalink in Blogger permalink. Working with the experts from Red Search SEO will guarantee your site to get a lot more traffic.

2. Build Quality Backlinks to Your Site.

Backlinks can work, as if they are the links that come from other sites to your site. Search engines consider backlinks to be a vote of confidence in your content, and the more high-quality backlinks you have, the higher your site will rank in search results. You can build backlinks by guest posting on other blogs, participating in online forums related to your niche, or reaching out to other bloggers or websites and asking for a link back to your site. However, it's important to note that not all backlinks are created equal. Low-quality or spammy backlinks can hurt your SEO rankings. To ensure that you're building quality backlinks, consider using a backlinks buying platform to help you find reputable sites to link back to your content. Check out their platform right now to see how it can help you improve your SEO.

2. Rename Images with Descriptive Words.

Before uploading your images to the internet (whether through Blogger, WordPress, or to an external sites like Flickr), be sure to rename them. This is typically as simple as double-clicking the title until it is highlighted, and then renaming the file. Be sure to keep the correct file extension, whether it's .gif or .jpg or something else!

If your photo comes from you camera or phone and is named IMG_0135.jpg, people on the internet may not be able to find it…because why would they be searching for that? If you rename your photo from IMG_0135.jpg to ValentinoRockstudShoes.jpg, then people using search engines to find this style of shoe will come across your image and site. Easy!

3. Fill in IMG ALT Tags.

Similarly to renaming your images, adding a handful of descriptive and concise search terms can help search engines find your site images more easily and direct more readers to your site. Since fashion is such a visual medium, use it to your advantage! Just be sure not to use 50 terms, because the bots that search posts for keywords may see it as overcompensating and penalize it for you. Shoot for 5-10 words or phrases, and don't be too redundant!

4. Assign Categories and Tags Wisely!

Blog categories and tags create additional blog “slugs” (urls) for the given category or tag keyword. Each time you place a post in the category or tag, search engines recognize that it has new content. This is great, because search engines LOVE new content, and new content helps improve your rankings on websites.

We suggest limiting your tags to 25 or less, so that you're constantly creating new content in those tags. Many sources online suggest that categories do not have a maximum limit, but that you should ensure that each category has approximately 10 or most posts in them, and that they are again, constantly being used and receiving new content.

5. Fill in Meta-Tags:

If you have a WordPress SEO plugin installed, there's inevitably a box below your post that has the Meta Tags in them.  You'll typically find these tags in your plugin, and here's what information to put into each field.

  • Title: Keep your Meta Title under 60 characters, and make it SEO rich. If your title is keyword rich, use it; but if it's not you can change it to contain different information
  • Description: This should stay under 160 characters and be a concise, yet descriptive paragraph of the blog post's content
  • Keywords: These are keywords you would find in the post, or that are related to the post. These are best as phrases and not sentences.  Keywords for this post could include seo tips, the basics of seo, how to use seo, what are meta tags, how to use img alt tag.

BONUS: Use IFB's Traffic for Bloggers eCourse to Help Your SEO Strategy!

These tips just touch the top of the iceberg when it comes to SEO, but they should be easy enough tips to help you learn and understand SEO better and help increase traffic for your site. If you're ready to learn more or you're just really stuck on how to use SEO to your best advantage, check out the IFB course Traffic for Bloggers! It takes a deep dive into how you can start to use SEO tricks to grow your traffic dramatically.

What SEO tips do you use to help boost your traffic? Do you add any other tricks to your daily routine?

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      • Ashley "Ashe" Robison

        That gave me a good giggle – I’m glad it’s useful more than useless!

        (Oh, Monday…)

      • Nesha

        Ashley definitely a case of the Mondays 🙂 I almost died after I submitted the comment and saw what I wrote.

  1. Krystal

    WordPress SEO by Yoast has turned my blog into an seo machine. I love the check feature that tells you exactly what you’ve done or need to do and then gives you the seo green light to publish! Great article!

    • Monique

      Krystal, I couldn’t agree with you more. WordPress SEO by Yoast is a godsend. The suggestions to improve your post’s SEO is spot on. I always do a double check with Google Analytics to see that my keywords are still bringing and hits, and it’s doing a great job.

    • Ann Krembs

      I started using Yoast, but I sometimes get really frustrated. It doesn’t always recognize my focus key word; there will be one there, but it won’t register it. Has this happened to you?


      Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

  2. fay

    Great article Ashe. The importance of SEO on a blog should never be undersetimated. This post includes some other ways to optimise your content http://fashionbeautyetc.com/seo-the-complete-guide-for-bloggers/

  3. Justine

    I also think that Google Analytics is very helpful for SEO. There are so many different categories that you can divide your blog into to look at statistics. Right now, I’m getting used to image alt tags and renaming images. As for the rest, I hope it’ll get easier for me to understand.

    • Xucashoes

      I agree, But Seo have other factor. Exp: speed site, Keyword density, internal backlinks,….

  4. Meaghan

    Hey Ashe – do you know of any plugins for blogger? I’ve used Yoast for WordPress in the past for my professional work and have seen serious results, but would love something for Blogger. Thanks!

  5. Tonya Bullock

    Specific implementations of search mechanisms may differ. For example, the Spider Crawler Indexer component group might be implemented as a single program that downloads web pages, analyzes them and then uses their links to find new resources. However, the components listed are inherent to all search engines and the seo principles are the same.

  6. Odette

    I’ve only realised recently how important SEO is once I started freelance writing. I’ve made a lot of changes and I’m currently categorising all of my blog posts as well as in the process of changing many of my posts so that they’re search engine optimized.

  7. Jon

    I think you cover the image part well. Alt tags, file names and descriptions go a long way.

    Also something that helps – Meta noindex, follow the; tag, archive and category pages. These pages are just list pages with no added values. The search engines need to follow them to find the posts but they don’t need to index them, as this will lower the quality of your website with low quality pages.

  8. Asia Mays

    This is an excellent article. Not even going to lie, I do NOT tag my photos, but I will.
    Again, excellent article.

    • choolee

      well i also dont tag them or name them!!! but i will for sure now 🙂

  9. War Julian

    Even just a little bit of SEO makes a lot of difference to a blog traffic. A lot of plugins are available today to make it even easier.

    -War Julian

  10. Jia Onoya

    Great article! It actually helps, but I think I really prefer blogspot over wordpress for some reason. :/ It’s the little things!

  11. Vidhi

    Thanks for the great tips..I’m new to blogging world and the image name tip was new to me..thanks a lot 🙂

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  13. Tara

    Where do you source your photos? I love that first one in your article – lovely shot. And thank you for the SEO tips!

  14. Lulu Jopp

    Oh gosh this is all so confusing! does this apply to blogspot?! ahh


  15. Olya Y

    I never knew how to optimize this so this is super helpful! Excited to implement all of it immediately! Thanks so much 🙂


  16. Matthew Pike

    After using image tags for about a month now I can safely say it’s working, cheers!

  17. Dorien

    Great article, made some adjustments according to this article and I’m hoping it will help! Could you guys maybe do an article in the future with some tips and tricks on how to get a higher Google Pagerank?

  18. Anna

    These are some great ideas! I usually try to do everything I can, but realized over time I’ve stopped naming my photos. I’m grateful to have read this article and remembered how important it was. (:

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    Thanks so much for this post. I try to focus on SEO, but there are so many aspects that reading pieces like this are extremely helpful. More, please!

  20. Júnior Leão

    Very cool. I learned a lot here. I’ve been working hard on SEO for a website that did more.


  21. Ben

    It’s nice to see a post about SEO that doesn’t target social media to heavily. I spent years in the SEO industry and time and time again came across sites that had no alt tags on media and no meta descriptions. In my opinion these are by far the most important part of any sites SEO plan!

    Great post!

  22. Adelaide Wedding Photographer

    I’m a wedding photographer but came across your site while looking for SEO tips, this is one of the better articles I’ve come across. Thanks!

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    What would I do with you. Recently started my blog and thanks to you guys, I’ve avoided a lot of pit falls. Great Tips. 🙂 xx


  24. Elena

    I feel like a little girl lost in a dark forest when it comes to the SEO, and this post answers a lot of questions. Unfortunately some of the links don’t work ( how to use image Alt tag) ;((

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    Great SEO tips , at first i felt like i have entered into a dard room, but now i could see a little light and going towards the light . Thanks for sharing the informative things….

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    Wow… Thanks for this post. I never knew about the image renaming tip. My images were always “h1”, “h2″…”h55”. I am so practicing this, thanks.

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    Information are fine but my question is ” should keywords be strictly from the description and how many can be used ?” because some people are saying that not more than four.. thanks

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    Although this post is old 3 months I need to say I find it very useful, I’m going to edit my sites code like you described to boost my SEO and hopefully get some more traffic from google search.
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  35. Peter@ Pick My Shaver

    What about off-page SEO? What you’re saying is on-page, I think off-page is even more important to rank your site.

    • Krista @ ShoppeClique

      Totally agree Peter, you need all the on page stuff to be in the game, but the off page optimisation to rank for anything worthwhile 🙂

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  40. Elena

    5 little details that really affect SEO but often overlooked. Thank you for sharing! But it’s surprising how many people apparently changed to Yoast WordPress SEO. I did too, actually.

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    I use WordPress Seo by Yoast for my hairstyles blog and i think you dont need use meta keywords.

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    i prefer using wordpress, because it is so simply to use. also wp is good for search engine optimization. Nice tips author, thx!

  43. Jo Allison

    Besides those 5 ways, I think internal link will also be useful. Imagine Wikipedia that has a ton internal links. Nice article anyways.

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    You can use SEO Smart Link, a free plugins to optimized on-page SEO. It’s really good.

  45. Oly Keskinidis

    I can’t stress enough how helpful these posts are – There are SO many fashion and style blogs out there, and you don’t usually see many women helping other women in the fashion industry. It’s almost like every man for himself- so to see a fashion advice blog helping other fashion bloggers better their site is awesome. If all women got out of each others way, we honestly could rule the world. Thanks again for the advice, tips, tricks etc.!


  46. Great Entrepreneur - Peter Zmijewski

    Great article, Thank you for posting this great content.

  47. Jay of ShaverList

    For Categories, normally I make them no indexed which my seo guy suggested to me ‘cuz it will create duplicate content. That’s what he told me. Now, I’m thinking of making the Category on a Page and manually write titles and descriptions/excerpts to make it unique. Will that be okay? Thanks

  48. Casy

    WordPress SEO by Yoast has made a lot of these easier for wordpress bloggers and site owners. But it recommends against using meta keywords Ashley which is infact correct. This can easily be messed up by newbies.

    Other then that, a timeless bunch of tips, I really appreciate it!

  49. Revanth

    To get good traffic for your blog.i suggest you to get traffic from facebook pages.

  50. Pressure Pro

    This goes without saying. If you are doing SEO, Traffic is the essential elements in order to be successful. Backlinking is a one way to gain traffic. Therefore ensure that any links built will gain you traffic back.

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    There is a thin line between hardwork and smartwork, SEO is the smart work…..

  52. Best Electric Shaveres

    Sometimes, the basics of old school SEO still apply. Tips such as making sure you use good h1 and h2 tags with the primary and secondary key words and phrases are still important. Defining the “focus keyword” up front and creating a plan that follows that focus keyword are vital to SEO success!

  53. Jessica Ross

    Thank you so so much for this explanation. My head has been spinning as I have been trying to figure out what SEO and meta links are and how to use them. I sincerely appreciate your clear explanation and the tips!!

  54. Arils Smith

    It’s nice to see a post about SEO that doesn’t target social media to heavily. I spent years in the SEO industry and time and time again came across sites that had no alt tags on media and no meta descriptions. In my opinion these are by far the most important part of any sites SEO plan!
    I am on my way to build links and the social media will be a good way for that.
    Arils Smith

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    Great article and I completely agree that tips described in this article are the fundamentals for SEO friendly site. However, the presence in social media and high quality articles are the key factors in SEO world right now. Great share!

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    I do believe in you and thank you for sharing your insights with us. The most important thing to remember in boosting your traffic is “Keep Updating”. Update your site regularly and schedule your posts. Content is a big thing that can greatly affect your ranking so make it as quality as possible.

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    Google Plus one votes has a huge bearing on your overall SEO results. Don’t underestimate the power of social signals

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    I use web 2.0 to rank for low competitive keywords. The first thing I always do is steel my competitors back links, this ensures success for me. Anyway, thanks for the info.

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    The best way to rank for low competitive keywords is to create backlinks from Tumblr posts and Weebly blog posts. Set these web 2.0 sites up for free and add some related content to your niche and pop in a backlink. Works everytime for me, just make sure you do a few social signals to your Tumblr and Weebly posts to make sure Google knows about the links you have just created. No point in creating the links if Google does not know about them.

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