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5 Ways To Gain More Followers: How To Quickly Grow Your Blog’s Audience

We know starting a blog can be tough. Especially if you want to gain more followers and a large audience quickly.

Quickly Grow Blog Audience

There are so many amazing blogs out there, it seems so hard for the new bloggers to get into the game. Building an audience is hard, and building an audience quickly is even tougher.

A few weeks ago we received an email from a new blogger. She was just starting out and was wondering about how she could quickly grow her blog’s audience.

“How do I find the people who like it? I mean, many people have been blogging many years, and they grew their following over a long time. That is something I don't want to do. Yes, sure, I plan to do it for years, but I know that what I am going to do, will be great, and different from others. So, I know there are people out there who will love it. But how to make them find me? (As soon as possible…)”

We wrote up some advice and thought others might appreciate it as well. Here is IFB’s tips on how to grow your blog’s audience fast, and gain a following as quickly as possible.


Yes, it’s expensive and requires you to spend money. And that can be scary, especially if your blog doesn’t have a revenue stream or budget.

But it’s something you can control – and if you use it correctly, you can learn a lot about your target market by advertising your content.

Firstly, when you spend money on advertising you are able to target a specific demographic. This allows your blog to be “seen” by “the right” types of people. They are probably already interested in your niche market or topic. Therefore, they will be more inclined to engage with your blog or content, when it’s put in front of them as an ad.

Secondly, paying to advertise your blog helps you to understand that demographic. You will find out which posts attract the most engagement on blog. Then, you can edit your content accordingly to keep viewers coming back.

During the advertising process, ask yourself questions like “Does this style of blog post get people to hang around (i.e. spend more time on your blog)?” “Are people commenting on my content?” “Which posts get the most traffic?”

You can test and tweak you content, based on your readers and how your posts are performing. Otherwise you may be creating content for months, before you can harness enough traffic to make an analysis on what works for your target market.

Collaborate With Other Bloggers (Preferably Ones With Large Audiences)

Collaborating with other bloggers, influencers or creators can be tough. Especially if you’re starting out and don’t have a large following.

But if you have the network and tenacity, you will find other people to work with. Even if they have larger followings than your blog or brand.

Don’t have a large network? Try attending events where bloggers and creators will be present. Meeting people in person is always better than sending an email, so make the most of these events and talk to lots of people if you attend one. Keep it professional by having your business card on hand, and follow up post event with anyone you connected with.

For fashion bloggers, influencers and creators IFB recommends the SIMPLY conference series. The next SIMPLY conference will be held in New York City, on February 10th. Be sure to check it out for more details, especially if you’re looking to meet people in the industry.

If you aren’t able to attend conferences and events, you can still try approaching bloggers that you admire over email or direct message on social media. Avoid sending generic messages, and never harass someone with multiple emails if they don’t reply.

Try approaching other bloggers or influencers that have a slightly higher following than you, and have a year or two of blogging experience on you. Most influencers with thousands (or millions) of followers might be more reluctant to work with a new blogger, as they’re likely to be protective of their brand.

Keep in mind, it takes a lot of perseverance to convince someone to work with you – especially when you’re new to blogging. Overall be friendly, reach out and don’t give up when it comes to seeking out other bloggers to collaborate with.

Go Viral By Doing Something Incredible

This is the real opportunity. Put yourself out there and do something incredible.

If you’re not interested in being patient and building your audience slowly over time, then you need to be creating something that is truly mind-blowing.

The volume of noise from other bloggers, social media, and all the other distractions of the world mean people simply do not have time for another “same-as-everyone” blog. They don’t even have time for something “pretty great.” You have to be absolutely fantastic.

Going viral is hard, so you’ll probably want to put some thought into your “stunt”. You may also want to consider putting some funds towards this project. Destroy luxury brand items, doing outrageous acts in public, chronicling any controversial life changes, being brash or overly sexy when doing something mundane – all of these things can receive lots of engagement from viewers when posted online.

Just make sure you aren’t breaking any laws or are putting yourself at legal risk.

Post Consistently

Whether you’re looking to build a following as fast as possible or are willing to take it easy, it’s important that you post consistently. Readers, followers and viewers like reliable content creators, that they can count on to upload content at the same time on a specific day.

Figure out how much time you can commit to blogging and create a schedule. Try “bulk” writing or filming your content in one or two days, so you can upload it throughout the rest of the week.

Evidently, if you want to build a following fast, you’ll want to be posting a minimum of once a day when you start out. Any more can be a content overload for your followers, and any less will slow you down.

Use tools like Hootsuite and CoSchedule to schedule your social content. Keep consistent on all platforms, so your readers know that they can expect fresh images or posts from you on a periodical basis.

Be Original

Here on IFB, we talk a lot about how “content is king”.

It’s so important to churn out original content, that your audience will enjoy. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on advertising or how many collaborations you do, if your content is mediocre no one will engage with it. In 2017, it’s too competitive and bloggers creating average content won’t snap viewers.

Nowadays, your content has to be multiple times better than anyone else. You have to do something nobody else is doing, or in a way nobody has thought of before. If you don’t want to do something ridiculously silly in an attempt to go viral, make sure you’re creating quality content (i.e. long, well-written blog posts; filming YouTube videos with good light and sound quality; posting excellent images on Instagram, etc.)

The early fashion bloggers and influencers that have massive followings today, are “internet famous” because they created content in a niche market that nobody else had tapped into. But there’s still a chance for you to stand out from the crowd, by keeping it original.

What are you thoughts on quickly growing an audience? Do you have any tips to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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