5 Ways to Promote Your Unique Incentive as a Fashion Blogger

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Welcome to our weekly column by Blogger Babes co-founder Ponn Sabra. Check back every Monday for the tips and tricks you need to take your blog to the next level!

Now that you know the top three steps to growing your mailing list, as well as ways to attract new subscribers, it's time I talk about the best ways to promote your list to potential followers.

First, what's the best way to promote? Actually… the best way is always the one you’re most comfortable doing! Unless it contradicts your intended audience’s habits and preferences. (If you find that your habits and your audience's don't coincide, and you don't have time to learn new methods, outsource experts in the promotion method that you dislike or with which you're unfamiliar).

Make a plan for promotion. You want to cover every possible “place” where potential subscribers—ones who will most appreciate your free gift—can be found. Remember, everything goes better when you have a plan. And that certainly applies here as well.

Now! Here are 5 powerful tips for promoting your list sign-up offer.

1.  Make all your promotions deposit potential, qualified subscribers right at your landing page.

This means not being afraid to disqualify subscribers who would be disappointed.

If your product is really meant for college student fashionistas on a budget, create a headline for your landing page that says, “You Know You're Pressed for Money, but that Doesn't Mean You Can't Look Like a Million Bucks.” A headline like this has a certain personality-type—a 40-year-old female will be bouncing out of there. But that's good. That's what you want.

Unqualified prospects—or those who aren’t clear whether or not they’re in your target group—are usually those who unsubscribe and report as spam. And too many of those can harm you. Your autoresponder service will track spam complaints, and if the number grows too high, they may just drop your account.

2. Tweet it out by…

  • Linking your sign-up page in your Twitter bio. Consider using the WordPress Pretty Link Lite plugin, which allows you to stylishly shorten your URL using your own domain name.
  • Creating a hashtag for your sign-up promotion. Register it at Hashtags.org and consider holding an official Twitter Chat. Use your hashtag with no more than one other hashtag. Ask your followers to share it (as well as news of your event or sign-up gift).
  • Using Click-to-Tweet in your content. Subscribe and include a “Click to tweet” prompt in all your emails, blog posts/articles, and about pages. In fact, use it anywhere you can logically place the link. Sure, by constantly including it, you risk people tuning the message out, but marketers who use ClickToTweet find that people become “trained” (by repetition and habit) to obey the prompt.

3. Use QR codes if your audience consists of mobile users.

Mobile addicts love the “surprise” factor of seeing where the QR code they scan takes them. So make sure the reward at the end of your QR rainbow is well worth it!

4. Run a contest.

These can really boost your results, but they’re best done when you have at least fifty followers on your social media page or in your newly-created list.

Note that contests need momentum and energy to start and keep them rolling. This works better when others are providing that energy for you. So whether you run your contest by email, a social media platform, or your blog—ask your followers to share the news.

Naomi Davis, a popular lifestyle blogger, runs contests quite often. She usually runs them on her blog or on Instagram by encouraging her followers to share the news by commenting and tagging a friend.

Do remember to create a memorable hashtag!

5.  Create a Facebook Tab for your landing page and sign-up gift.

Everything and everyone is on Facebook as it is, so make the most of it. You can make landing pages very easily with Facebook-approved third party Apps such as Woobox.

These promotion tips are extracted from my and Heidi’s fourth ekit in the Blogger Building Blocks Monthly series, Growing Your Mailing List Quickly. This starter kit includes a mailing list planner, step-by-step tutorial workbook, 2-week calendar, and a getting-it-done checklist.
What promotion tools do you use to reach your audience? Next week, I'll be sharing key blogger resources for email list growth and promotion!

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  1. heathernoire89

    These are very helpful tips on how to promote your blog. I found them to be very informative. I think it is a good idea to use social media it is a really great platform! Plus, you get to know other bloggers who have the same interests in the process. 😉 http://bauchlefashion.com

  2. Seppy

    Thank you for the useful tips!

    Do you have any advice about how to maximize the capabilities of each social media platform? Is one better than the other?

    I also want to start doing giveaways, but got a bit overwhelmed with figuring out how to do the campaign – any suggestions?


  3. smallstepstohappiness

    As a new blogger, I’ve been trying to find the best ways to promote my blog. This post definitely breaks it down for us beginners! Greatly appreciated!

    xo, Linda

  4. artadorned

    I know it has nothing to do with the article, but I always have jewelry on my brain. Where is the ring from its so beautiful!