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RSS Feed Submission

One of the benefits of IFB Pro is our Homepage Feature of Pro member blog posts. We take the posts from all of our members' own websites, combine them into one feed, and display that on our site. It's a small way we are able to help others discover the content you've been working so hard for. And it's a great way to highlight interesting content automatically.

Below is a very short tutorial on how to get us the feed to your website so we can add it to our homepage.

  • Step 1: We Need Your RSS Feed

    If you don't know what an RSS feed is, don't worry. It's just an acronym meaning “Really Simple Syndication.” All major blog platforms provide a feed by default which has information on your most recent blog posts, and getting yours is very simple.


    If your blog is ran by WordPress you can literally add one word to your URL and you're done. IFB is a WordPress website, and thus our RSS feed is
    Basically, take your complete homepage URL and add /feed/ to the end of it. That's it!!!

    Now, skip to Step 2 below.


    If you use Blogger for your website, all you need to do is add the following string to your URL: /feeds/posts/default?alt=rss

    For instance, if your URL was – then your Blogger RSS feed would be (note, this works just the same if you use a custom URL).

    Now, skip to Step 2 below.


    Take the Tumblr blog URL you want to convert to an RSS feed.


    Note: If you have a custom domain, the process to create an RSS feed is the same.

    Now add ‘/rss' to the end of the Tumblr URL.

    The new Tumblr RSS feed:

    Now, skip to Step 2 below.


    If you're not using WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr then we recommend looking at the help section of your blogging platform. If you're still having problems, this site may help you:
    Wiki How: Find RSS Feeds on the Web

  • Step 2: Add It To Our Aggregator

    This is the really easy step. You can enter your feed from within our Community module (found at your IFB Pro dashboard) or you can enter it below. It'll go to the same place regardless.

    Note: We'll have to add your feed to our system by hand, so it may take 1-2 business days before your feed is showing up on our website. However, most of the time we'll get it updated in a matter of an hour or two (during business hours that is).

    • Enter a web address (URL) of your blog (website)
  • Step 3: Go Make Yourself a Nice Beverage. You're Done!

    That's it. Once your feed is added to our system and we've manually incorporated it, your posts will start showing up automatically. However, keep in mind that every time our homepage is loaded (across all the thousands of people who view that page every day) we'll automatically grab the most recent posts and display those. This means that in some cases, a post may live on our site for an hour or two before newer posts push it down and off the page. Or, it may only live on our homepage for a short period of time if lots of other people post immediately afterwards. Regardless, don't be too concerned with how long your post is shown, instead, focus on making great content for your regular readers, and know that we'll be doing our best to highlight that content on our site for as long as we can.