Walk Away From Blog Sponsorship

5 Reasons to Walk Away From a Blog Sponsorship

Getting a blog sponsorship is a BIG deal. But should you say yes to every sponsorship that comes your way? Here are 5 Reasons to Walk Away From a Blog Sponsorship... Getting a blog sponsorship is a BIG d...
Submit Startup Website

15 Places to Submit & Promote Your Start Up Blog

Looking to promote your start up blog? Want to get your name as a blogger out there? A lot of people are unsure where to start when it comes to promoting their start up blogs and websites. Promoting your site...
Fashion Blogger Glossary

Fashion Blogger Glossary: Fashion Journalism A to Z

As fashion bloggers, we are all, in a way, journalists. Though we may not always be breaking news or sniffing out juicy stories - we’re reporting on fashion from our perspective. We discuss trends, talk about personal style, give advice, and direct our readers to information we want them to know.
Tips Shoot Video DLSR Camera

Video 101: 5 Tips For Shooting Video on a DSLR Camera

Most photography-based DSLRs are equipped with a function capable of shooting professional level footage. While shooting moving image with your DSLR can be fairly easy, here are simple some tips to get better quality video.
Drive Blog Traffic SEO

5 Ways to Drive Blog Traffic by Using SEO

SEO can be really scary, whether you're a new blogger or seasoned veteran. SEO, which means search engine optimization, is one of the areas that IFB bloggers express the most concern, frustration, or lack of k...
Tips Low Light Photography

6 Tips for Low Light Photography

Photography is always fun but not always easy. And trying to get great results with low light photography can be downright frustrating. Isn't it irritating when the potential picture is amazing but the ligh...