Basic HTML Tags Every Fashion Blogger Should Know

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HTML?!? These days blog platforms make it easy to upload photos, so why do bloggers need to know HTML? Not every website is going to have the exact WYSIWYG( “What You See is What  You Get,” basically tools that do the HTML for you) options you need to do what you want to do. Example? Say you're on a forum, like the IFB forums, and you'd like to post an image with a link. How do you do that? HTML. How do you create a badge for your site? HTML. What if your links are acting wonky, or you received code that is reacting funnily to your blog… how do you change it? HTML.

There are many advantages to knowing HTML, and believe it or not, you don't really need to know much, and once you get the logic of it, it's actually pretty easy to learn. Here are a few examples of what HTML looks like:

  • Images: <img src="http://yourimageurl.com" alt="cool image"/></img>
  • Links: <a href="http://yourblog.com" target="_blank"/>Awesome Blog</a>
  • Font size: <font size="6">Look at the size of the text!</font>
  • Font color:<font color="red">Look at the color of the text!</font>

How to learn:

I actually bought the book, HTML for Dummies years ago but it wasn't until I was blogging and making badges and leaving links in places, that I really learned the basics. Getting a book is a good start. Nowadays, when I need to do something in HTML and don't know the code, I use Google. There are plenty of great resources, for instance the W3schools.com has everything you need to know about HTML and more. I personally love that site.

Another way to learn HTML is to look at your posts in HTML mode in your blog editor. I used this a lot when I wanted to have special text treatment or was learning how to imbed an image, or make a bulleted list. Trust me, I'm a slow learner, and this helped a lot.

Finally… practice, practice, practice. Code doesn't stick in my head easily, but after blogging for the past almost five years, I can make an image with a link that opens a new page in my sleep. Which comes in handy because a lot of times code puts me to sleep. Anyway, learning HTML will really help you get started on being more independent and help you get a good start to pushing your blog to the next level.

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  1. Kayla

    This is a great article! I feel like I’m always going to be a bit of a dummy when it comes to HTML, but it is important to know a few basics!

  2. lisa

    Knowing basic HTML is so helpful. I hate how Blogger’s WYSIWYG editor puts funny spaces into my text, so I always do my posts in HTML view for finer control.

    P.S. I think the tag as shown in your examples is on its way out. When I last Googled how to change font size, I found a post that said it was deprecated in HTML5 and we should be using styleshets, or the style attribute in or , instead.

  3. TheOnlineStylist

    Fantastic – thanks for this! I never needed HTML when I was on the Blogger platform but am starting to realise I need to know the basics since moving to a self hosted WordPress package. Great reference as always! x

  4. Loren

    Yeah ditto what Lisa said. If you want to change the color or size of your font color/size you should add styles to your paragraph tags. It should look something more like this.
    <p style=”color:red”>OMG Red Text</p>
    <p style="font-size:20px">Really Big Text</p>
    The font tag has been depreciated and shouldn't be used anymore. The W3 schools has a whole section on CSS as well.

  5. meccanuri

    THANK YOU for this article! i am putting together a blog, and i am a total newbie with html. and thank you Lisa & Loren for the updated html tags as well. very helpful!

    – mecca nuri 🙂

  6. melmo

    Thanks for this article. It’s great because i just started to Uwe html for my Blog. Now i even want to know more.

  7. Vogue & Vintage

    GREAT POST AS ALWAYS! I use to know HTML like the back of my hand when blackplanet first came out because i wanted my page to be unique. I knew how to add those little smart message so no one could steal my images and now…its all lost have to learn it again! But its cool…lol

  8. Tamia

    It really does come in handy when you’re doing bloggy stuff, as something is bound to look funny and you need to be able to figure out WHY.

    I always tell people HTML looks a lot harder than it really is–I learned it in about 5 hours (1 hour/day for a week) at Tizag.com, and now I’m pretty fluent. Trust me, if I can learn it, anyone can!

    Also: LOL at Vogue & Vintage’s BlackPlanet reference. That used to be my site!

  9. Nicole

    I learned to used HTML codes when i was 15! And has been so helpful through all this years not only for blogging but also for different purposes. But is good to know a little bit more than basic stuff.

  10. Plami

    That’s a funny coincidence! Just yesterday I decided I need to know the basics and bought HTML for dummies :)))


  11. Emily

    I’ve picked up bits of html over the last couple of years. Absolutely hated IT in school – never thought I’d be the geek teaching myself html!!! Haha!!

    Great advice 🙂

  12. Jessica @ Beautify My Life

    I’m no coding expert by any means, but I’ve been amazed at how often knowing the very basics of HTML comes in handy. Great post, as usual!

  13. Jamie

    Sorry to chime in a be a big nerd, but you shouldn’t use HTML tags to set font size and color if at all possible. That is better done by CSS. Obviously, if you are working within a strict blogging platform and aren’t very technical, your options are limited.

    You can use inline style like Loren suggested, which is a slight improvement, but still not the best way.

  14. Jamie

    Figured I should elaborate a bit.

    Your best bet is to have your theme or template setup so that header tags (h1, h2, h3, etc) and tags like strong and em have nice style applied to them via CSS.

    That way you can just use those basic tags throughout your site and the style will be applied automatically and is easy to manage.

    Be is using font tags or inline style attributes, if you put colors and sizes inline with the content, changing them all is a real pain in the ass. Whereas with CSS, you just change a few lines, and voila, colors and sizes change for your whole site.

    This is a all coming from the nerd who builds websites all day every day 🙂

  15. Parsimony's Closet

    Sooo true. I had to learn some basic HTML for my job and it has greatly benefited my blog.

  16. LittleRus

    Brilliant post! I’ve leant some basics while trying to personalised blogger template ages ago, but of course, the learning process is endless. Thank you very much for the article and book recommendation.

  17. Jacinta

    Knowing HTML is so vital as a blogger. I taught myself back in 2007 within a week or so. I had a myspace graphic/ layout web site. (lol) So I knew a whole lot of things. Sadly I stopped doing it and now I have to learn the more “advanced” stuff over. But it’s like riding a bike, once you know how to do it.. you won’t forget.

  18. Paula

    great post! as a new blogger I’m trying to learn coding as much as possible because I realize it’s the heart of my business!

    I found this amazing course that you can check out (and that I will do myself) to teach you coding, html and everything you need to take your blog to the next level.

    see if you like it! here’s the link



  19. Mousevox Vintage

    Great post! Waaaay back in the day, I used to keep a Livejournal and learned a lot about html through trial and error in posting on the site. Now, I can’t even be bothered to use Bloggers posting form if I don’t have html editing enabled. It’s so much quicker for me to just write my posts with my own code and I feel like I have so much more control and flexibility over the finished product.

  20. yuvikathakur

    I’m also Html learner.so this post will help me in learning.