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This post is by Lauren Cooke of A Typical Atypical Photo of Jordana and Geri using their Windows phones at NYFW.

Blogging is no longer a matter of sitting down at a computer and hammering at the keyboard. Nowadays it is a matter of participation, of getting actively and enjoyably involved in the world around you. It is about interviews conducted via email, constant twitter updates, exploring the world with your digital camera and remembering to check your comments whilst on holiday. This new interactive and slightly daunting world means that we need new technology. I still survive (just) with my laptop alone for my blog… but now I am beginning the long and complicated search to find a blogging super phone that will help to expand my world.

This searching has made me realise just how many phones are out there – and I thought that you guys could probably use a list of the best blogging phones out there, just like I could! So, in no particular order, here are the 4 best options on the blogging phone market.

The iPhone

Yup, it had to be first. I am afraid there is no doubt about it – if this isn’t the best blogging phone out there, it is certainly the most well known! The email facilities and apps mean that this phone really does try to outstrip its enemies, with apps for most blogging system, not to mention for anything else you may ever need! The camera isn’t that great so you will need your faithful digital too, but the screen and usability are quite brilliant! Don’t immediately think that this is the best out there though – if you need a camera and a cheap contract there are better options out there by far!

The Blackberry Bold

The king of emails, these phones made their name by the ability to receive and send emails quickly and effectively on your phone. The Bold is the most powerful option out there, and includes a QWERTY keyboard that isn’t on a touch screen, which is quite a relief. The screen is much smaller but still pretty user friendly, and I know that at least WordPress are currently developing a specific blogging app for it, that is currently in beta. Given that this phone boasts soo many fabulous features, I am quite disappointed that the camera is a puny 2MP.

The HTC Touch Pro 2

What, you have never heard of HTC? Don’t worry; I hadn’t until earlier this month! They are, however, a real competitor for top blogging phone, giving us a great big touch screen that doesn’t need two hands to hold (hello massive iPhone!) and plenty of good usability. The touchscreen is as good as an Apple, the looks are really stylish, and this baby comes packed with a 5MP camera that is more than enough for everyday blogging needs. Be careful though – this is often sold without an internet package meaning life can get very expensive, even though it has email capabilities and should be on internet contracts!

The Nokia N97

My personal favourite, this phone seems to happily combine all of the good points about the three phones above! I particularly admire the slide out keyboard which means you have enough space to type without difficulty – something that is vital for bloggers. You get tons of storage along with all the things that Nokia lovers already love, as well as a stonking 5MP camera with the much loved lens feature! There are no blog platform specific apps (can we push the WordPress people, please…?!), but you can blog directly from your phone with generic apps as well as get email, surf the web and listen to music. It is a good looker too, but watch out – the contracts on this beauty can be huge, although affordable ones are out there if you search!

Editor's note: This post is not sponsored, nor has it been influenced by our sponsors Windows Phone. The content of the  post is purely editorial as noted by Lauren Cooke.

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40 Responses

  1. Jennifer

    What about the Palm Pre?

    I’m a Pre user and I find it has absolutely everything I need to keep up to date with my blog: wi-fi, 3G, a great 3.1 megapixel camera with flash, push email, and top-notch web browsing. Kind of sad to see it didn’t make your list as it is an amazing phone from Palm and the Pixi (its skinnier sister) was unveiled during New York Fashion Week.
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Paper Dolls =-.

  2. Fasshonaburu

    You guys should specify which phones use which network… because I am obviously too lazy to look it up :O
    .-= Fasshonaburu´s last blog ..Willow S/S ’10 =-.

  3. Lauren

    Hi Fashhonaburu

    Good point. I think it is slightly different here in the UK where most phones (excluding the iPhone) are available on most networks. I’m not sure how it works overseas, sorry! It may be down to wiki to have th answer that one!
    .-= Lauren´s last blog ..Ooh, pretty… =-.

  4. WendyB

    I’m still torn between an iPhone and a Palm Pre. I love having a QWERTY keyboard — hate the thought of giving that up. Right now I have a BlackBerry Curve — great for email and I’m a big user of that — but terrible for the Web.
    .-= WendyB´s last blog ..“I Saw It in the Window and I Just Couldn’t Resist It” =-.

    • Mikelle S

      I believe I’m getting a Palm Pixi Plus. I hope it works well. They were out of Curves when I called lol.

  5. Quinn Smith

    I have a blackberry storm (from verizon) and this weekend my lap top was on the fritz so i had to use my bb to post. i was worried at first but it was actually really really easy! Even posting pictures! This was actually quite a daunting task for me, because i’m new at blogging, but i was really surprised and pleased with the results. just my two cents

    Fashion Forever
    .-= Quinn Smith´s last blog ..Post Script (otherwise known as PS) =-.

  6. Katy

    I’m a Crackberry addict but the Bold is a horrible phone!! The Javelin is A LOT better and faster.
    .-= Katy´s last blog ..5 Foods That Fill You Up =-.

    • hadelicious

      I own a Nokia E71, full QWERTY keyboard business phone and its amazing to blog with!

  7. Hayley

    I’m an iPhone girl, I like to draft out entries on the bus on the way to work then finish them off at lunch or when I get home. I’ve tried with some of the HTC phones (specially the TyTN II) but I just didn’t get on with a proper keyboard!
    The WordPress App is really good, but theres also a plug in for WordPress which makes it more mobile friendly – I’m pretty sure it works with WindowsMobile phones as well!
    .-= Hayley´s last blog ..Review – Zerodegrees =-.

  8. Jen

    I can vouch for the BBStorm as well – works pretty great! Although, I haven’t used the others, so this could be an ignorance is bliss situation 🙂
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..Back in Full Swing =-.

  9. kiwi

    i love n97, but it is a bit pricey. i’m in front of the computer most of the day so my old lappy is where i blog 😀
    .-= kiwi´s last blog ..Hello everyone! =-.

  10. Ondo Lady

    Well I absolutely adore my Blackberry Bold, I love typing on it, the camera facility, the ability to twitter and update facebook and to use my emails. I also use the applications to write draft blog posts when I am on the move and send them to my email account. This phone is invaluable to me and I do not know how I cope without it. Initially I was torn between this and the BB Curve but chose the Bold because it has a bigger keyboard. Sorry but the iPhone has zero appeal to me and I am not keen on Nokias. Like I said, I LOVE the Blackberry Bold.
    .-= Ondo Lady´s last blog ..Countdown to Fashion Week =-.

  11. reckless daughter

    does anyone use an iPhone application for posting on Blogger? if so, I’d love to know which one!

    .-= reckless daughter´s last blog ..indian summer =-.

  12. rindut

    yes. i am doing it with my iphone. so far still go with wordpress, still don’t know with other blog provider. but, with wordpress application in iphone, its userfriendly-mobile-interface really help me to mobile blogging everywhere – just save in the drafts and u can upload it latter. so, iphone is still my recommendation until now 🙂

  13. Liv Lundelius

    thx for this article.
    i am currently looking for a new phone, so it was perfect timing
    and very helpful!
    .-= Liv Lundelius´s last blog ..nails =-.

  14. Tarah Perini

    Anyone use T-mobile and know what phones work best? The only one I saw on their list was the HTC Touch Pro 2 and it’s still pretty spendy… I use the Dash and it doesn’t help me blog all…
    .-= Tarah Perini´s last blog ..Leggings! =-.

  15. Christy

    I just got a Nokia e71x and I’m still learning the ins and outs of the phone. Does anyone have feedback on this model for blogging purposes?

  16. Fi Figueroa

    I have an Iphone. Although it is quite hard to post things because of the keyboard… Twittering and automatically posting pictures is great with it!! Usually I twitpic from any runway show, or photoshoot I am at… and when I am home I post the whole thing.

  17. Blade

    I use the HTC Touch Pro 2 it rocks. Plus with slide out key board you actually hit the letters you want when typing not like the IPhone.

  18. Little Black Book

    I myself have a Blackberry Bold and it is perfect for blogging on the go! (before i was with blogger, you can just send an email to your own blogger account and it would publish or save as draft straight into your blog account!)
    However now Im with typepad, I found the easiest way (since they have yet to develop Typepad for Blackberry bolds) is to go on the net on my Bold and write up a post from my platform.
    I’m in Sydney Australia and am with the 3 network and the internet is super fast, in fact I go on twitterberry, facebook, ebay, my blog you name it! Typing is very easy due to the QWERTY keypad.

    I’m very happy with my Blackberry Bold and highly recommend it for blogging on the go! 🙂
    .-= Little Black Book´s last blog ..Inspiration; paper bag it =-.

  19. MizzJ

    Thanks for the comments and this post! It’s very informative. I’ve been debating whether to go with all these options, but it seems a BB is the straight winner!

  20. Becky

    I feel like an OAP still blogging from my laptop! I have a Samsung G600 but only use it for texts and calls when I’m not home.

    A friend of mine has an iPhone with some ridiculously awesome features (on-screen lighter, anyone?!); though wouldn’t it be too expensive for a jobless fashion-lover like me who already spends all her spare change on pretty things?
    .-= Becky´s last blog ..Inspired: November Edition =-.

  21. Liv Lundelius

    blackberry8520 or nokia5530blackberry8520 or nokia5530blackberry8520 or nokia5530blackberry8520 or nokia5530blackberry8520 or nokia5530blackberry8520 or nokia5530blackberry8520 or nokia5530

    blackberry8520 or nokia5530

    ok everybody, help!
    i just won a new phone! yay! i really needed one now ohave to choose
    between this two, any help!?
    so the blackberry has the qwerty keyboard…the other one this new touchscreen.
    i have no clue about smartphones.
    i will need it for email and blogging mainly beside making calls of course.
    the camera would also be useful.
    blackberry8520 or nokia5530

    thank you so much!
    .-= Liv Lundelius´s last blog ..chi sing =-.

  22. Liv Lundelius

    ok! just chose the blackberry cause most of you voted for the qwerty keyboard
    .-= Liv Lundelius´s last blog ..chi sing =-.

  23. Pixie Dust

    I do have a BlackBerry (Storm) and it really is a very amazing phone indeed. Not so sure about the keyboard as you guys said, as it tends to be a bit slower to write on it. But otherwise… The e-mail king of all phones, amazing internet, a Flickr application (I use Flickr to upload my photos and it is really simple to get the pictures you snap with your phone on the internet that way!) It tends to get a tad slowish at times, but I love the phone <3

  24. Milana

    WordPress has a new app for iPhone that I hear is very good for blogging!
    .-= Milana´s last blog ..bestbuy-overlay3 =-.

  25. samaher

    i gotta say , this is the best article ever
    ever since i bought iphone my life got easier , my college my work and my blogging obsession
    the iphoen is defiantly comes in handy for iGirls

  26. Zanah

    Great article… I think it’s time for my old Blackberry to finally get an upgrade! 🙂

  27. Magda

    Hi there, I have Samsung Omnia on Windows Mobile 6.1. It’s very hard to use it while blogging but of course it’s possible. One of its advantages is a nice camera.

    Once i tried to make some photoshoots on a fashion show, there was not too much light and the shoots were quite awful 🙂

  28. Grace

    As far as social media goes, the MotoCliq just may be king. Alas, I’m not due for an upgrade right now.

    Personally, I have an android (HTC) and I’m in love. Google did this one right, its all open market so the amount of apps are limitless. I’ve also worked with iPhones and while the interface is much simpler (and the touch keypad is better) the Android wins on apps. So its still my favorite for blogging.

    Love Grace.
    .-= Grace´s last blog ..As If… =-.

  29. Bri

    For Verizon users: Blackberry Tour

    It’s comparable to the Bold, and though its keyboard is a little more compact it is still SUPER easy to type on. It has a 3.2MP camera and my pictures turn out great. The only thing the Bold has on this version BB is it comes with Wifi access.


  30. FashionBreakLA

    Great info! I’m going to use the info and opinions here when I pick out a new phone in the New Year.

  31. h.anna

    hi, i use the iphone, the new one (3Gs) and i love it, of course the apps are very helpful and the camera isn´t that bad, better than the 3G.
    my family is very jelause 😀

  32. roni

    I’m on tmobile and I’m not impressed by any phone other than the iphone and I have my sidekick. It does everything I need for blogging and my pictures come out fine!

  33. Cep Kaplama

    Hmm i will stick in using my iphone for blogging everywhere i go. Uh oh, i think we had an emergency! 😀

  34. Becky

    I got a Sony Ericsson Satio about a month ago, it’s fantastic for blogging (and internet-usage in general).
    .-= Becky´s last blog ..weekends are made for shopping and friends =-.