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How to Blog in a More Accessible Way

Blog More Accessible Way

So you have taken up blogging to chronicle your new business venture or hobby. While some like to blog simply as a way to journal online for their own benefit, most likely you are hoping to attract some loyal readers. The best ways to do this are to appeal to the right audience and to keep your blog accessible. If your readers feel that they cannot understand your writing, cannot find anything that appeals to them or cannot incorporate your writing into the real world, they will take their search for information elsewhere. Keep your blog accessible by incorporating these five tips into your everyday writing.

Keep Your Blog Relevant

Most likely, your goal on your blog is to attract readers. Therefore, your number one goal is to attract readers using SEO with catchy titles. The majority of readers choose whether or not to read an article based on the article's title. Choose mostly topics that have real meaning in the world today, and stay away from advertising language that will make readers feel as if you are trying to hook them into buying something.

Keep Language Simple

Even if your blog is about a very complex or scientific field, you will need to keep your language simple to appeal to the widest range of people. Keep in mind that most people do not have your level of expertise on the topic. Keep language to an eighth grade level, and be sure to define new terms that you have to use.

Add Photographs

Photographs appeal to everyone because most people learn best through visual cues rather than through verbal or written cues. Do not just use stock photographs, which readers will know you did not take. Instead, learn to take high quality photographs of whatever you are writing about, and invest in a photo editing program to improve them. Be sure to add keywords to all of your photographs to provide even more SEO fodder for Google.

Incorporate Social Media

If you have a degree in master of public administration online, you are certainly aware of how to appeal to the public sector. While you learned about many topics that related to business administration, you also would have learned that the world is changing, and that all public and private sectors can appeal to people using social media. On your blog, you can use social media links to direct people to important posts, to link to related companies or individuals and to disseminate important information quickly. Because most Americans use social media platforms multiple times per week (or day), they will be very likely to see your posts this way.

Because there are thousands of blogs online today and probably at least hundreds that have to do with your chosen niche, you will need to keep your blog accessible to beat back the competition. By making your blog interesting and easy to read, your readers will keep coming back for more whether or not they are yet your customers. Plus, by keeping your blog easy to understand and fun to view, you will find that you also can have fun working on your blog and interacting with readers.

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