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How to Brand Yourself on Instagram

Bloggers used to rely solely on Facebook or advertisements to build their audience, but now Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for brands. It's an easy way to find new readers who look up hashtags or see their friends liking other posts. You can also curate specific photos to catch someone's eye while they're looking for cute pictures on their feed.

You may use Instagram in your personal life, but it's different when you start using it for your brand. Fashion-focused content has to appeal to new visitors and retain followers, which can feel intimidating for anyone who hasn't used Instagram for their blog before.

Check out these easy tips to learn how to brand yourself on Instagram. You'll quickly figure out how to optimize your profile, attract a bigger audience and generate more blog traffic. 

1. Pick Your Username

Brand Yourself on Instagram Username

When you create a new account on Instagram, it won't appear in suggestions for people to follow like on Facebook. The key to getting your first followers is to decide on a username that's recognizable and easily found in a search. 

The best way to choose your username is to use your real name or that of your brand. Anyone running a personal fashion blog should opt for their real name so that their Instagram is equally personable. The brand name is also acceptable, although it does keep followers from feeling an intimate connection with your content. 

2. Add Some Personal Posts

Brand Yourself on Instagram Personal Posts

People go on Instagram because they want to know what's going on in the world. They're looking for baby pictures, inspiring content and cute dog videos. All of these factors have a personal side, which is why it's essential to include some heartfelt posts in between fashion-related pictures.

After you make your account and once a month as you gain followers, make an introductory post. Talk a bit about yourself, your brand and what you hope your followers get from your content. Make sure these posts use frequent line breaks so that the caption is easy to read and digest.

3. Use Targeted Keywords

Brand Yourself on Instagram Keywords

Keywords help your blog gain traction, but they can also help you on Instagram. Research popular fashion-related keywords people look up on Instagram and in Google searches. Once you have a list, use them in your bio and hashtags.

Brands get bonus points if they link to blog posts that use keywords in the URL. Instagram posts don't allow for URLs in photo captions, so add the link to every new post in your bio to help more people find your account and click through to your blog.

4. Create Your Goals

Brand Yourself on Instagram Goals

After you chose a profile picture, fill out your bio and link to your blog, it's time to think about your goals. Why did you create an Instagram? You might want to find new followers, get more blog traffic or generate revenue. Decide on your objectives to guide what you post and when. 

5. Stick With Your Image

Brand Yourself on Instagram Brand Image

It's easy to stick with your brand image when you're posting blog content that relates directly to fashion. When it comes time for personal posts, it might get a bit more challenging to stay on topic. Find new ways to connect every picture to your blog by getting creative.

If you travel and decide to go camping, you can make it a glamping trip and host a photoshoot for future content. Off-topic posts will confuse your readers and potentially cause some to unfollow you. Think about your brand image and how you can make everything relate to your blog.

6. Plan Your Content

Brand Yourself on Instagram Plan Content

Managing a blog takes a lot of time. When you're not writing content, sourcing photos or marketing yourself, you also have to think about regularly posting on Instagram. Instead of hoping you'll get to it when you're through with more pressing tasks, plan your content ahead of time.

Draft your posts, find pictures and write the captions. After you have your content, schedule your posts in advance with management tools like Buffer or Hootsuite. They'll post on the date and time you decide so that you can save time and focus on bigger things.

7. Follow the Best Accounts

Brand Yourself on Instagram Follow

It's also smart to fill your feed with content that's relevant to your blog and worth your time. Additionally, your followers will see who you follow. If you like off-topic or controversial accounts, they'll think of you more as a spam account than a brand they can trust. Find inspiration and present yourself as an authoritative voice by only following reputable accounts that post valuable content.

Keep Up the Hard Work

Brand Yourself on Instagram Hard Work

Consistency is key to making any blog a success, especially when you start an Instagram account. Plan your posts, captions and links so that your followers see your content regularly and become more interested in your content. As you grow your Instagram following, your brand will experience more success.

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