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How to Create an Endless Stream of Viral Traffic With LinkedIn Pulse Channels

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When Chris Campbell left his job in 2010, he dreamt of a startup and dreamt of establishing a blooming business. And one day, just like that, an idea walked his way.

Now he is the co-owner of a $20 million business, Chameleon Cold-Brew that sells cold-brewed coffee.

But most people aren’t as lucky as Chris. To build up their brand, they have to endure hardships and overcome obstacles. Things may seem bleak for a while but there are ways you can end your problems.

Social media has now taken over such trivial matters and provides some of the best solutions to content marketing. Today, we’re using the internet for such paid content promotion that seemed impossible just a few years back. We are taking advantage of this new era of social media marketing that helps to promote your business. But among all these new applications and features, LinkedIn Pulse has made the biggest impact.

What is LinkedIn Pulse?

Many people ask this question and there is a simple answer; it’s a personalized newsfeed that LinkedIn users have access to. Don’t think it tempting enough? Here are the latest figures which will compel you to think otherwise. More than 1 million users publish on LinkedIn and more than 150,000 posts are published weekly. With coverage of over 21 industries and countries, you can be sure that your digital marketing campaign will be seen by thousands.

Why LinkedIn Pulse?

Now that you’ve invested so much in your business, the next step would be to take your business out there and expose it to the masses. And what better way to do it than to get the right content out there and let people discover your brand? That is just what LinkedIn Pulse offers you, a medium to spread your voice around the world, literally. Although in this case, it’ll be your words that’ll travel around the world, representing you and promoting your brand.

With the mighty responsibility of building your brand, you cannot afford to go wrong. You can promote your business and build your brand into one of the biggest successes of the season. With thousands of people viewing your posts and then sharing it millions of times, you can be sure your business will gain a boost. Paid content promotion never sounded better.

“You can increase the bottom line while, at the same time, help your customers live better lives or get better jobs.  Content marketing is the only kind of marketing that provides ongoing value, whether you purchase the product or not.” Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute

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There might be many, who would be looking for ways to salvage their business just because they failed to cash in on the advantages of the first mover. With your business at stake, opting for LinkedIn Pulse can help you get your business where you want it to be. Many people might think it is impossible and bringing back a dead brand to life is no miracle, but it is possible.

All you need are 5 smart ways and with proper planning, you can bring back a brand from the brink of death and promote your business.

The Right Content

Who wouldn’t want to get their blog featured in the editor’s pick? Though it may sound hard, but Larry Kim has come up with the solution to make your content accessible to thousands around the world. Here are 11 ways to hack the LinkedIn Pulse algorithm and boost the consumption of your content.

But to get there, you need content that works for you. The right elements, the right words can make all the difference between a powerful article and an article that just costs you, both money and brand image.

“The reason we struggle with content marketing is because we haven’t started with ‘Why?’. Customers don’t care about your vanity metrics. Ask them, ‘How can I help?” Kristina Halvorson, CEO and Founder, Brain Traffic

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Strengthen Your Business Brand with LinkedIn Pulse

This brings us to the question of the day. How to use LinkedIn Pulse channels to build a business brand? Although Facebook and Twitter are the most popular of social networking sites, LinkedIn is surely catching up fast. And since LinkedIn caters to an altogether different target market, marketers will find it much more helpful in leveraging their business.

Just to prove this point, Econsultancy conducted a research, which found that 64% of visits to corporate websites were routed from LinkedIn. The numbers are staggering compared to the 17% and 14% garnered by Facebook and Twitter, respectively. Apart from LinkedIn, some people want to stay active on Facebook as well. After all, the more exposure your business gets, the better it is for you. It’s not too hard to get your first fans on Facebook.

With the mighty task of building a brand, companies need ways to influence how they are perceived by the general public and who discusses them. And to stay on top of the suggestion list, you can use the following tips.

1. Interact with other Professionals

The more you keep up with the giants of your industry, the more connections you acquire. And having more connections will enable you to advertise your expertise. Search groups that coincide with your ultimate goals and engage with other professionals in your industry. Comment, post and let your knowledge shine through. Findings suggest that an average user spends about 17 minutes on LinkedIn, monthly. But when you are on the task to build your brand, you’d have to spend more than that. The more you explore the channels and interact on groups, the more efficient you get. With sufficient knowledge about the market and target audience, building your brand won’t be a hassle.

2. Publish your Content

People want to know about your business and you need to get the word out. Take a creative approach and come up with genuine and original content. Nobody has to tell you the consequences of using somebody else’s content. Just make sure the content is tempting enough for people to not just read but also to share. Try not to come up with an article that’s an elaborate sales pitch, nobody likes that. And instead of getting likes, you’ll probably end up losing the customer’s trust. Let the articles be informative, with a subtle call to action. Want to find out what’s special about the content that gets the highest views? Here are some of the best and most popular articles on LinkedIn Pulse. Get some inspiration from them.

3. Set up a LinkedIn SlideShare Account

When almost 4 million people visit LinkedIn SlideShare, you know you won’t go wrong with your digital marketing campaign. Availing this chance can make all the difference to your brand. By incorporating the right keywords in the content you publish, it’ll be easy to increase the SEO advantage. Organic search is responsible for more than 80% of the traffic that comes to LinkedIn SlideShare.

4. Blog Feed

When your content is appreciated on LinkedIn, it’s the perfect opportunity to generate more traffic on your blogs and promote your business. This can be even more advantageous to those early startups that are in need of every like and view they can get.Looking to create a creative and inspiring LinkedIn post? Take a look at this article from Neil Patel, founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar.

With a newer perspective to this problem, you can surely come up with content that doesn’t fail to amuse and inspire potential customers.  

“Killer content rules in social media circles and this is no different with LinkedIn groups.” Fiona Hamann,

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5. Consider the Pulse Algorithm

People have been trying to figure out what makes posts eligible to be featured highest on LinkedIn Pulse. Since LinkedIn hasn’t provided the desired answer, people have started speculating and many might be closer to the answer than they know. However, to get a clearer view of this algorithm, hundreds of featured posts from over 48 Pulse channels were analyzed. Here is one of the facts revealed by the analysis.

There should be a balance between post views, comments, shares and likes. But comments and likes weigh more than just views. A post that hasn’t been viewed many times but has garnered many likes and comments has a better chance of being featured than a post that has more views but negligible likes or comments.  

Keeping this in mind, try to spread the word and encourage people to like and comment on the post. The easiest way to do this would be to write an article that intrigues professionals of more than one channel and satisfies the curiosity of professionals from diverse industries.

“Get involved in discussions where the right folks are talking about the right topics.” Wayne Breitbarth, Sigma Web Marketing

Depending on your industry, you can follow a number of channels and join groups. Don’t go about joining groups that don’t benefit you in any way. Since you have a limit of 50 groups, be careful in choosing the best groups to interact with.

The Final Word

That’s just about it. Now that the road ahead is clear, plan your objectives accordingly. To promote your business, don’t just rely on paid content promotion. Your digital marketing campaign can very well succeed if you win at LinkedIn Pulse.

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