Does Fashion Blogging Make You a Shopping Addict?

hanging cloths tagsI would like to say that if I wasn't a blogger or worked in fashion, I would shop a lot less, and save a ton of money, but it's hard to determine if that's the case. I have always been absolutely great at shopping, with an uncanny talent at finding an amazing deal, as well as having my eyes drawn to the most expensive item in the shop!
As fashion bloggers, we tend to see a lot of items either in person at previews, via emails, on other people's blogs, and of course on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and sometimes it's extremely hard to refrain from making purchases! I sometimes receive discounts from brands in order to shop their collection, which is both a blessing and a curse, since I find myself rationalizing purchases, as I don't have to pay full price.
Regardless of if you run your site as a business or a hobby, you don't want it to the be enabler of unnecessary purchases that can lead you into debt. I spoke with a few blogger friends whose sites have an emphasis on shopping to gain some insight into this as well as drum up some tips to steer clear of acquiring debt in the process.

Tricia Lewis, Fashion Herald

“Well, part of my job is to know what's going on with retail on 34th Street, and that means at least once a week, for half the day, I'm checking out stores. I also do a lot of online retail research. So emphatically YES, my shopping has increased a lot since I've been blogging! Luckily, most stores on 34th Street are affordable, but still, I could drop a lot of money if I'm not careful. As I've had problems with credit card debt in the past, my most successful maneuver is to leave the cards at the office while I make my rounds. If you've got a $20 in your pocket but nothing else, you can get a fancy coffee but you're not going to be making a dent at Sephora or Macy's Shoe Salon.

Sometimes, like yesterday, I have to resort to calling a friend. No joke. I found the perfect pair of ankle boots at Mango but I've got bills to pay, so I called my husband who talked me out of the store. Seriously, the sales staff must have thought I was nuts. Sometimes, listening to your conscience and making that call for an outside opinion really helps. ”

Dianna Baros, The Budget Babe

“Blogging actually helps me shop LESS, but I imagine I'm the exception not the rule! When I blog about something I like or share a photo while I'm out window shopping, it's like I get to experience the item without actually needing to own it. Maybe I'm satisfied by virtual shopping? If I was a personal style blogger I'm sure this would not be the case. Also I feel like I'm too busy to shop for myself these days between running my site and being a mom. My advice? Snap a photo of something you love in a store or add an item to your cart online but don't check out. Wait 48 hours before you whip out that credit card and pull the trigger!”

Ashe Robison, Dramatis Personae

“I went into blogging with a lot of debt, and probably racked up a bit more during my first few years. My efforts to get and live debt free have REALLY culled my shopping habits back.  I've never made haul videos or posts, because I don't want to contribute to mindless shopping. As someone who is an emotional shopper, that's been a tough battle to fight, but it's been worth it.

I window shop more than ever now, but I've gotten MUCH better about walking away from the full cart…It's hard when you're coveting the newest “IT” glasses or purse, and as I said previously in “Don't Get Caught in Blogger Peer Pressure” – I have the Prada Baroque glasses. I bought a pair of Valentino Rockstuds.  It took me a year to get the balls to buy them, but I love them all the more because I “sat” on the impulse for so long. I knew I wanted them because I loved them, not because of my blogging.

It's been a hard balance to find – between mindlessly consuming, building a beautiful, versatile wardrobe, and remembering why I love fashion.  I got so caught up in NOT buying impractical items, I forgot that there was a part of shopping and fashion I love, which is owning beautiful items.

So that's where I'm at now – buying for life, and buying truly special, truly beautiful pieces that I take pleasure in owning.

Going into debt, is stupid.  One thing that's helped me is creating an actual budget line each month. I get X to spend on “wants” – whether it's clothes, books, or a new pair of shoes.  Or, if you blog-part time, use any money you make from blogging to splurge on new items, and make that it.  This way your blogging habit is fueling your ability to buy, not the other way around!  You never want your shopping habits to be the fuel for your blog – that's a quick way to end up in a lot of debt and with a lot of unworn, unloved pieces.”

Jess Estrada, Fresh Jess

“OMG yes. How can you not go browsing when you're doing ‘research' for a post or attending an in-store event? It's hard, but just like any indulgence, being smart, conscious and aware of your habits is crucial. I like to apply the “24-48 hour rule” – if I'm still thinking about buying something 1-2 days later, I'll go back and get it. If my size is gone or it's sold out completely, I'm okay with knowing I had the patience to think about that purchase first.”

Cora Harrington, The Lingerie Addict

“Yes, since starting a lingerie blog, I definitely spend a lot more time perusing lingerie websites. Some of that's legitimate research for my blog, but a lot of it is just because I really, really like the subject I've chosen to write about. And yes, I do think I purchase a lot more lingerie than I would otherwise.

When it comes to playing it safe, I'm a big believer in putting things in my shopping cart and giving myself a “breathing period” to decide if I really like the item or if I'm just caught up in the moment.

If I forget about the thing I added to my shopping cart in few days, then it's really not for me; it was just going to be an impulse buy.

However, if I'm still thinking about that item weeks down the road, then that's a clearer sign that I truly love it and that I'd really wear it. I'm also a big believer in waiting until things come on sale and setting a specific shopping budget each month. If I wait around, and the thing I wanted sells out in my size, then it just wasn't meant to be. There'll always be a new item to covet, after all!”

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33 Responses

  1. choolee

    yes i think so, i shop more often since i’ve opened my blog. becouse i know more webshops more brands. you get more options if you are in the blogging system… but i wont say that i am addicted and that i spend too much money. i would but well… i dont have much money so i cant shop 😀 what a desaster.
    come and check out my blog, love to hear from you.


  2. Bunnie

    See, as a niche fashion blogger, I find it to be both a blessing and a curse.
    Yes, I see a lot more stuff online and am tempted. BUT, since I’m on a super low budget, I find that the extra exposure helps me find the best version of a trendy piece or the best price. So if I can just save links and be patient, I’m really happy with what I end up buying!

  3. Sarah Lewis

    Yes, at first I felt like I always needed new items for the blog and shopped more than I would have without it. Now I have found ways around it and try to refrain myself and to shop/buy less in general. I try to get creative and make some of my clothes, I have a few collaborations and try to mix and match !
    I don’t have the money, I don’t even have the time (with my law studies) so I just don’t go shopping unless I need something. But it’s hard not being able to afford something I really, REALLY want even for a special occasion (my birthday or passing my exams) especially with all the temptation and all the fabulous (and expensive) items top fashion bloggers have… It’s probably meant to make us tougher, right ?


  4. fly won

    Something I remember hearing is “Even when you are saving, you are still spending” so often we rationalize purchase with “I saved 50%!”; but you still SPENT$100 lol

    • julia

      good point! Yes, that’s a hard one to remember too, when you’re in the throws of a sale! ; )

  5. Venussmileygal

    I started my blog as a personal blog but eventually my friends noticed me being a fan of dressing up so 1 of them mentioned why not start a fashion blog. That’s where I got an idea to incorporate fashion blogging to my blog Emoteragoddess.com so I will not start and maintain another. Since I started posting personal style and more fashion related post in away it became beneficial to me because some items are already sent to me for free and I no longer need to buy it.

  6. Megan

    I was a shopaholic before so it’s hard to say…but I think I have become better at finding a bargain so that I can get more for my money so that I have more to show. I guess that’s a good thing…..lol

  7. Mary King

    I shop the same amount I did before blogging. The only difference is that I talk about it more publicly (which, perhaps, makes it seem like I shop more than I used to). Fashion blogging has introduced me to several online boutiques and designers I wasn’t previously familiar with (or as familiar), so some of my spending money goes there rather than my local mall now. But the amount I spend is still the same.

    • julia

      Mary, the idea of talking about it publicly is a good one; I think even if you don’t shop more, it may feel that way since its now written/discussed.

  8. GalAboutMTL

    It is a VERY hard balance to find. As someone who is just starting out and trying to blog part-time and hold down a full-time job, I find it very difficult to resist rushing out at every lunch break to buy buy buy. I find it really helpful to make list every season of alllll the things I want, and then cut it down to something within reason and within my budget.

  9. Candice

    I don’t think I shop more. Especially because my blog is focused more on everyday style and not high fashion. I shop way too much but it’s pieces that I can get a lot of wear out of which is nice.

    I also thrift a lot which is cheaper than going into a store.

  10. Stefan

    I looove shopping and since I´m a fashion-blogger it´s going crazy.
    Think no other male person in my family give so much money to the fashion-stores…
    But its my only guilty pleasure. 😉


  11. Clothes But Not Quite

    Fashion blogging hasn’t made me a shopping addict. I was one already, so I decided to start a blog. 😀 Great article as usual!

  12. Rachel

    I think last year I went a little crazy with my spending. I jumped from Zara to Shopbop and watched my checking account get smaller and smaller. I do sell my unwanted items on Ebay and most of the time they have never been worn or worn just once so I do get back a good amount of money that I spend. Lately though I’ve been much better at mixing and matching the stuff that’s already in my closet. I’ve always been a shopper but the blogging definitely made me want more. Kind of makes you feel dirty when you really think about it.

  13. Simply Stylist - Sarah Boyd

    100% I’ve been shopping more since starting the blog…..kind of addictive! I justify because I get commission back LOL. Or at least that’s what I tell my husband…

  14. riris

    Yess, when I’m thinking about my OOTD post, it always about new items too, and I need more collections. So, I make my own or shoping more.

  15. Jill

    I may shop more but its with a purpose. If I don’t truly want my readers to see it and love it like I do I wont buy it. I’m also a personal shopper and I like to make sure what I put out there is affordable for my readers/clients. Everyone loves a good deal! I’d rather buy it then return it than be regretful missing out.

  16. CL

    I definitely would be shopping more frequently and impulsively if not for my blog. Having Not So Naked has really helped me refine my wardrobe and identify its strengths and weaknesses so that I’m not simply throwing away cash on worthless pieces willy-nilly. In fact, I haven’t spent any money on fashion since April this year – and it’s actually sharpened my styling skills.

  17. Stacey

    This is actually one of the reasons I decided not to do posing self-portraits on my blog. I intentionally decided not to have a lot of pictures of myself in clothes because I am already prone to being a shop-a-holic and I knew it would only get worse if I knew I’d be featuring myself in a new outfit every week. I wish I could afford new outfits every week though;)

  18. Hélène

    Oh man this article could not have come at a better time! My girl friend (also a blogger) and i have conversations like this on the daily. It’s definitely a struggle to find balance when you run a blog where you have to constantly keep up with trends but stick to a certain budget. I personally struggle with all the discount emails, but also try to stick to the ‘put it in your cart and think about it’ rule and only buy things that i’ve really been coveting. Thanks for such a useful and insightful article!

  19. Oksana Radionova

    I completely disagree with the idea that fashion blogging makes us shopping addicts. Of course, it’s quite convenient for bloggers to hide our {sometimes uncontrollable} shopping habits behind our blogs, but the problem lies in self-discipline and in not having yet figured out your niche and your blog’s mission.

    I know, I know, it’s convenient to rationalize the purchase of that ultra trendy Zara skort because you simply must have the latest and greatest for the sake of your blog. But then you have to ask yourself, am I buying this item because I like it or am I buying it because I see every other blogger wearing it, and I want to be just as “cool”? More often than not, it’s the latter, which just goes to show that you have a lot of maturing to do as a blogger. Anyone can buy the latest trends, but it takes real talent to look fabulous on a budget.

    I love shopping as much as the next self-proclaimed shopaholic, but if anything, my blog has helped me streamline my wardrobe and to learn to style unique looks using items I already own. After all, a typical reader cannot afford to go shopping every day, and attainability and authenticity are definitely two things I strive for when blogging.

    Moreover, as cliche as it might sound, I strongly believe in collecting moments – not things {and using my blog to inspire others to do the same}. So whatever funds I do have, I typically spend on traveling. Anyway, this comment has gotten much longer than originally intended. Clearly, this topic is a passion of mine. Thank you for bringing attention to it. XOXO


  20. Loretta

    I’ve noticed I’ve been shopping more since I started my blog. However, my budget is always on my mind. And it’s important for me to ask myself those questions….Do I need this piece? How can I incorporate this into my existing wardrobe? How can I use this in my blog? Great info!


  21. Anna

    as far as clothes are concerned I can say affirmatively that no, blogging didn’t increase the items of clothes or accessories that I buy.
    But, following beauty blogs really got me into trying out new stuff and usually more high end than I opted before! That being said, I haven’t bought like 3 foundations, 4 mascaras and 5 blushes!! Haven’t lost my self-control yet!!

    • ahhhsoneo

      My vice is also beauty/skincare products. The constant, new, collections are a challenge – I feel like there are at least 3-4 new must have products every month. I’m trying very hard to stick to a budget, but sometimes…

  22. cristina

    luckly I buy less because with my blog I can dream and play with the outfits and proposals more and more then into a real shop 🙂

  23. Joy

    heck yes!! i mean before i shopped a lot so i guess the problem was always there… but now my reasoning is I need variety for my blog… credit card debt is getting out of control if i have to be honest with ya though….

  24. Naza

    Oh YES!..Blogging has made me a bonafide shopaholic..Before i started blogging i had fewer clothes, knew exactly what i wanted to wear..But after I started blogging, I have a fuller wardrobe(which makes me happy) but i no longer know what i want to wear anymore, If i make up my mind on an outfit, I see an even interesting one and this goes on and on until i get frustrated, but lately, i have been learning to curb it by just bookmarking the pages to the sites i want to buy from and leaving it for “later”. That way, i might even forget to make that purchase…win!!!

  25. Jamie

    I find a lot of what you said to be so true in regards to me. I just created a blog called “Shopping On a College Girl Budget” and I constantly have to go out to find new stores and sales that are going on, so whenever I find a bargain I can’t help but buy it! Check out my blog. I do have a lot of great tips on it. Go to http://mojicajamie.wordpress.com

  26. Sandy at Home Shopping

    Yes, yes and yes…..the more I learn about new products, the more I shop.

  27. El

    I’m a new beauty blogger and YES my shopping has increased just in the past 2 months since I started my blog! I find that I need the newest/best/prettiest items so that I can write about them and review them. Not sure how to get around this though, especially just starting out.

  28. Miz rock

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  29. Kietty

    Thanks for telling us the real truth behind blogging curtain. Certainly help to make me more wary of my own spending on fashion items. Somehow being a woman means having real difficulty n vulnerable in resisting beautiful things which catch our eyes.