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How to Know if Fashion Vlogging is Right for You

Is Fashion Vlogging Right for You

In our modern, technological renaissance, exposure on social media almost seems necessary for the success and longevity of a blog or business. There are definitely still “brick and mortar” establishments that have yet to tap into the virtual world, but it's becoming rarer to see a service or product not toted on a website.

In the fashion world, many online boutiques are cashing in on the convenience of e-marketing, and fashion vlogs are now a part of this lucrative force. Fashion vlogging can be a really great way to get attention and simultaneously get your name out there to the masses. If you're considering starting a fashion vlog (or even just expanding your current brand), here are a few reasons why a fashion vlog might be right for you.

Vlogging 101

For those of you who don't know, a vlog is merely the video equivalent of a blog, which can manifest as anything from a personal journal entry to a well-researched summary of an astronomical discovery. In the fashion world, vlogs are particularly ubiquitous. A general search of YouTube will turn up a myriad of videos that relay opinions and reviews of both current and classic trends.

If you're interested in seriously pursuing a career in business, you may find the idea of creating fashion vlogs to be a waste of time. However, you may be surprised at how lucrative a successful vlog can be. This can really be a helpful way to brand your business and become better known. This may especially become the case if you make your videos something that people may want to share. Make sure to vlog about topics that are related to everyday life and maybe even add some humor. That way, you can make sure that your videos get a lot of attention and get shared/viewed as much as possible. We have a whole article on the best vlogging camera available right now as well, if you're unsure of what you need to get started.

Earn Passive Income (and other perks)

A lot of popular vloggers are generating income from the advertisements interlaced throughout their work. While having too many advertorial segments can be a nuisance to viewers, the perfect ratio can create an environment that nets you positive exposure as well as the cash to fund an MBA program online. Even if you're not worried about covering the tuition of a business degree, the passive income generated from a successful vlog can certainly come in handy.

Vlogging is also a prime way to get people familiarized with your brand if you're starting a new business. Vlogs will not only give you a lot of attention, but they can also help give everyday people essential life tips. What if you made a vlog about staying stylish and confident as a stay at home mom? That could be something that would inspire a lot of women to be dressed up and look their best during the day giving them the confidence they need to be great. It's really amazing how something like this can make such a difference.

Express Yourself Naturally and Honestly

Whether you're vlogging about military jackets inspired by the late King of Pop, or you're just trying to spread the word about your personal line of jewelry, the anatomy of a good vlog comes down to how authentic you can be. Essentially, you shouldn't have to try to feel natural, you should merely let it flow organically. Vulnerability is a quality that's often lost in pop culture, as so much of what is on display is manufactured to fit into a template for money.

It's important to remember that there is a point of stasis where one can generate revenue while still remaining true to their heart. You really want to make sure that you are someone that your audience can relate to and feel comfortable supporting. Always be open and honest with your audience. That way you can help build a solid relationship and keep them coming back to your vlogs. People always love seeking help and advice from people that are real, vulnerable, and easy to relate to. No matter what the vlog, make sure that you are always yourself. The best advice to guide your creation of the perfect vlog is merely to be as honest and transparent as possible. Your viewers will pick up on this and be drawn to your personality, regardless of what you’re selling or promoting.


Vlogs really are a great way to reach out to people and help them through their everyday life. This is also something that can help make your business more well-known and help you be successful. It is definitely something worth trying. However, you can’t expect to get great results right away. Don’t give up. Just keep trying. If you allow time for your vlog to be successful you will really be able to see your vlog and your company grow!

Are you thinking of starting a fashion vlog? What are some other tips you would have for beginners or things you're experiencing along the way? Comment below with more tips!

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