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How to Find the Right Plugins for Your Blog

Find Right Plugins For Blog

Thanks to incredible the WordPress platform, blogging has become a very convenient and fascinating thing to do. For those interested in fashion or lifestyle, the platform is serving very well, as more and more fashion fans start their blogs to share their wisdom and experience with online crowds eager for tips, news, and other cool stuff. has a lot of great plugins to choose from that can help you enhance the features, speed, and functionality of your blog. But seeing as how they have so many, one of the biggest problems can sometimes be looking over thousands of options for the best plugins for your blog. Searching using a keyword “fashion” doesn’t generate a lot of helpful results, either (believe me, I tried).

To help you find the right plugins for your blog, we're narrowing down the list a bit here for you to highlight some of the most useful ones. We've picked a few that will help specifically with fashion and lifestyle blogs, but most of them are also great for other niches as well. Hopefully it will help to cut some time out of your busy schedule so you can focus on blogging!

1. Chicmi Fashion Calendar

This plugin is great for those who need to track events in the fashion capitals of the world – London, Los Angeles, and New York. It shows the calendar of the past, current, and upcoming fashion events in these cities so you know about everything what’s going on.

What I liked about this plugin is customization functions. The user can change the settings to display all events or those related to specific areas of fashion (bridal sale, fashion exhibit, sample sales etc.).

2. WordPress SEO by Yoast

The number one plugin for WordPress is highly useful for bloggers as well. Obviously, one needs to generate organic traffic to increase the popularity of the blog, and this plugin is just for that. It optimizes the search for your blog and brings organic traffic from search engine.

As the result, search engine optimization becomes a lot simpler because the plugin makes image titles, keywords, and titles of the posts readable for Google. So, the blog becomes more friendly to Google, which is really helpful for you!

3. Image Zoomer

Fashion and lifestyle blogs tend to have a lot of pictures, so it could be great if one could zoom in on them to see every detail. That’s exactly what developers of Image Zoomer had in mind when they produced this incredibly useful tool. It enables the visitors of the blog to zoom in automatically when they hover the mouse over an image.

The plugin also allows the users to specify the images for zooming in or use it for all of them. Just make sure the images are high quality so the viewers could enjoy the view comfortably.

4. Simple Social Icons

Linking social media to a fashion blog opens incredible possibilities for bloggers in terms of connecting with the online audience. They are an enormous source of traffic, so any plugin that helps with that is useful for bloggers. Simple Social Icons is one of the best and companies like professional essay writing services use it to connect social media to their blogs.

With it, a blogger can add widgets on posts and provide readers sharing options for a number of social media platforms. Check out this tutorial to know more.

5. ShareThis

This is a free sharing tool that makes it easy to share the posts on your blog. Undoubtedly, without sharing one cannot garner success, regardless of how useful their content is. So, go ahead, choose the size and color of the share button and add it to the blog, that’s it.

It includes all possible social media platforms (there are more than twenty options) and an email link option.

6. Instagram Feed

Any blog is incomplete without this critical plugin. It displays Instagram photos from non-private accounts almost anywhere on a blog’s page. It’s super easy to setup and use and allows to link more than one account.

Also, the users of Instagram Feed will be glad to discover that the plugin is fully customizable, so it won’t stand out on their blog. And it’s compatible with websites customized for viewing on mobile devices.

7. UpdraftPlus

The last on this list is a plugin for your backup needs. It makes the backup and restore a piece of cake (in fact, it is the most popular plugin for this purpose with over a million active installs). Want to backup right now? No problem, just click one button. Maybe scheduled automatic updates sound like a better idea? One more click, please.

The full list of features on the official website of the developer shows that UpdraftPlus is indeed a great plugin. Highly recommended!


A word to the wise…

It can be very tempting to try every plugin out there, but I highly recommend you to make the choice carefully. Having too many plugins can really affect loading speed of the blog, so it’s better to add only really useful ones!


What are your favorite WordPress plugins? Have you used any recently that you find really helpful? Comment below with more tips!

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