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How to Grow Your Fashion Blog Through Networking

Grow Fashion Blog Through Networking

“Fashion is the armor to survive everyday life.”

― Bill Cunningham


And to hold this armor in style and up their everyday fashion game, every fashion devotee turns religiously towards fashion blogs which enlighten them about the latest styles, what’s hot in the fashion world, the fashion trends followed by the top celebrities and whatnot. The steep inclination of people towards fashion blogs has increased so much that today if we google fashion blogs, we can easily find hundreds and thousands of fashion bloggers using their creative might to get their name etched on the fashion’s wall of fame along with names like Kristina Bazan, Chiara Ferragni, and Wendy Nguyen.

While more than 50% of the fashion enthusiasts have started their own fashion blog today, still, not every fashion blog reaches the height the blogger wants it to. Considering the advice from the top fashion bloggers, networking plays a pivotal role in growing a fashion blog from scratch to success. From having right contacts with the designers and other bloggers to maintaining strong relations with industry influencers, networking helps in reaching out to a large audience that makes your blog a success. Incorporating some networking tips in the fashion blog would help it grow and get more traffic to your blog. Read these networking tips to amp up your fashion blog.

Leverage The Power Of Social Media

Whether you have just started with your fashion blog or have been using it for quite some time now, you must know how to effectively use social media for business networking. Many fashion bloggers have avowed to the power of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest for putting their fashion blogs in front of a large audience and now is the time they leverage the networking power of social media to their advantage.

Social media is one of the best ways to get and stay in touch with top fashion bloggers across the world. You can direct message the industry leaders or post on their social networking sites to create lasting relationships with them. You can also chat and follow up with them before or after any visit to their state for arranging a meet-up. Let your presence be felt in the fashion community of social world to increase networking and in turn speed up your fashion blog’s growth.

Get Active In The Online Blogger Community

The best networking tip to grow your fashion blog is get actively involved in the online fashion bloggers’ community. Fashion communities are basically forums where stylish men and women visit to know about the latest fashion trends. These communities are the best place to understand the present style and fashion trends; however, if looked from the bloggers’ perspective, these communities can be an effective platform to get in touch with new fashionistas and increase networking for the fashion blog’s growth.

Moreover, there are a number of online fashion communities solely dedicated for the bloggers. It becomes easier to grow your blog when you become a part of a bigger network. Lucky Community, Bloglovin’ and IFB are some of the fashion communities that bloggers must join to reach out to like-minded fashion bloggers, reach out to a more targeted audience and thus boost your blog’s growth.

Reach Out To Fashion Influencers

Top digital marketers have agreed that influencer marketing is the best way to reach out to a larger niche audience. These fashion influencers have a large following that would help you increase your network in the right place with the right people. Turn to social media and other online platforms to get in touch with these fashion influencers. Share the top influencer’s content on your blog with a special mention. Let them know you are following them and strike up a conversation with them whenever and wherever possible (be it forums, live social media chats, community pages etc).

Getting influencers to share your blogs or actively participate in the conversations taking place on your blogging site can be a good way to grow your blog among the audience. This way of networking through the influencers help you to target the right audience, the audience that is religiously following fashion blogs for latest fashion updates. Collaborating with the influencers increases your readership and gets you connected to a more engaged audience base.

Don’t Forget To Attend Offline Events

In addition to online chats, webinars, forums and community talks, there are many offline events that a fashion blogger must attend to increase the networking. Especially, if I talk about fashion weeks and launch events, these are the places where you can meet a host of other bloggers, fashion designers, enthusiasts, influencers, magazine editors, publicists, and even fashion lawyers. Networking with these industry people helps you in growing your fashion blog.

Carry a business card with all your blog’s details with you while going for such events and share it with all the people you meet. You can also visit fashion blogger’s conferences that take place from time to time to have a face to face meeting with the industry people.  Write an article post the event to follow up with them and don’t forget to mention the people you’ve met at the event to let them know about your fashion blog.

Get Started With Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is yet another networking means to grow your fashion blog. As important as your offline presence is in various fashion events, likewise your online presence is also of utmost importance on various authoritative fashion sites. Guest posting using a guest blogging service on other fashion websites would not only help you network with the audience of that particular site but also get them to know about your online presence. It helps in positioning yourself and your fashion blog as an authority in the fashion industry while also helping you get exposure back to your website.

You need to search for the perfect guest blogging opportunity and pitch your guest blog. Once you’ve started getting your fashion blogs posted on various sites, you can try pitching your guest post on high-profile online publications sites like The Huffington Post,,, and Grab the attention of the reader base of the guest posting platform by drafting an eye-catchy headline and write compelling content to direct more audience to your own fashion blog.

Try The Old-School Handwritten Notes

Internet and technology may have taken over our lives but they could certainly not steal the charm of old-school handwritten notes. Sending handwritten ‘Thank You’ and appreciation notes has its own magical feel. Handwritten notes are a great way to maintain strong relations among your network and ensure that they visit back to your website.

Whatever work you are doing, whether it is fashion retailer, fashion stylist or fashion designer, keep up with your network of clients with a handwritten ‘Thank You’ note that has a mention of your fashion blog could definitely pull them to your blog. Send out holiday cards to your clients instead of digital mails to show some efforts and see how this improved network would help grow your blog traffic.

By following the aforementioned networking tips, your fashion blog would continue to see a positive growth. The key here is to know your contacts, maintain strong relations and leverage the power of networking to grow your brand.

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