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How to Collaborate with Other Creators

How To Collaborate Other Creators

Finding your voice in a sea of bloggers can seem like an almost impossible task. The online world is the entire opposite of the bar from Cheers where everyone knows your name. It is a lonely, exciting and enticing world where you have to work until you don’t have to introduce yourself anymore. A key way of finding your voice and leaving your mark is by collaborating with other creators. Here are a few easy ways you can start:

1. Join in on Facebook

There are some amazing Facebook groups you can join where content creators connect, ask questions when they are stuck and participate in daily topics, such as, content sharing! Tip: Most of these Facebook groups have a list of bloggers – add your name to it!

2. Twitter Chats

Another way to get active is by joining in on live Twitter Chats! Twitter chats allow users to communicate on the platform by using hash-tags. The host of the live chat will send out questions for users to answer, while, encouraging conversations among the creators.

  • Tip: Follow some of these hashtags on Twitter: #bbloggers, #lbloggers, #theGirlGang

3. Guest Post

Guest posting is when bloggers write a blog post for another blog that is not their own. This is the perfect way to connect with bloggers, as well as present your creation to a new audience! The easiest way to do this is by searching on Twitter (use hashtags like #GuestPost, “guest post,” #bloggerswanted) and check to see if any bloggers are interested. 

  • Tip: Try starting your own guest post collaboration. Choose a topic and pitch bloggers to write on your blog about it!

4. E-mail

Send an e-mail to your favorite content creator and pitch them a collaboration idea! Ask if they would like to work with you in a guest post, a review, or even an interview!

  • Tip: Be clear of your pitch when you reach out. This means you should know what the person you're emailing gains, what you gain, and the purpose. You should also know what you want the person to do (i.e. promote on social media) and include dates as to when you will be submitting the blog post and/or posting it.  You will be amazed at how many people actually say yes to this method!

5. Guest Pinterest Board

You can start a board on Pinterest and invite bloggers to contribute to the board. This helps to build both your brand and build other's. 

  • Tip: You can tweet something along the lines of: “I am starting a “How to Blog” Pinterest Board & would love fellow #lbloggers to contribute! Let me know if you are interested.In the words of Taylor Swift, “Bloggers gonna pinterest, pinterest, pinterest…”  

The biggest thing you can do to help your brand is to create your voice in the online world while making strong connections along the way. As a fellow PR girl, I can tell you that the secret to success is networking, networking and connections!

What are other ways that you collaborate with other creators? Comment below with more tips!

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  1. A. Hiroko

    Love this! I’ve got a few blogger friends who I’d like to collaborate with and we were trying to think of ways that we could do that so thank you!