How to Write an Awesome Social Media Bio

160 characters or less. That's all the space you have to convince the world at large to follow you and your brilliant tweets, instagram pictures and other various steams of your digital life. If you think it's not important – take a second to reflect on the times you've decided not to follow someone back because they don't have a bio, or because their bio makes no sense to you. I know I'm guilty of that offense! So what can you do to make your bio cause people to fall over themselves in their rush to follow you?

bio tips

Easy, use our simple formula.

IFB's Formula for Writing the Perfect Bio

Who You Are + What You Do + A Peek of Personality 

Yup. It's that easy. Need an example? Let's start with my bio:

Girl who loves blogging, fashion, photography, Hogwarts, sharks & high heels. Digital Strategist for @_IFB. Boating enthusiast. 

Here's what you get from that – I'm a girl. I like blogging, I work at IFB, appreciate a nautical lifestyle and fashion, I'm also a Harry Potter fan. So – if you follow me you'll get a little taste of all of that.

Here are a few more of our favorite social media bios… how's yours doing? Let us know in the comments!


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44 Responses

  1. Kelsey

    Awesome tips!! People should definitely take note. (Not me so much since I am one of the featured bios ) … haha. But really, your bio makes all the difference on twitter!

  2. Célèste

    Thanks for all the tips and the great examples. I gave mine the once over and it now says, “Personal style blogger, craftress, photographer, foodie, aesthete, auntie, and lover of all things mint green”

  3. Sentha

    Help me with my bio:
    Lover of A-to-Z and aim to compile every ‘footprint’ she made in her life. Cyclist wannabe. Random thoughts. ** LIVE TODAY ** 😀

    I also like discussing about gadget and self-development. How to add it in 160 charcs? 🙁

    • Itsme

      You’ve probably done it by now, and im VERY late, but here are my suggestions :D. you could write “me” or “likes”, something along the lines of that, and list gadget and self-development. You could also move the “cyclist wannabe” into the list. Hope I helped. 🙂

  4. Sierra

    Lifestyle blogger at The Queenpin. Shih-Tzu owner. Not an actual queenpin. I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

  5. chelsea

    Great tips! really helpful! …..
    but what if this is all a little too mainstream for my liking. I want my bio to be different, funky and out there! something that you don’t see everyday and gets followers intrigued about me! at the momment my INSTAGRAM says “Hakuna Matata” which is the saying from the movie “Lion King” which means no worries for the rest of your days. I also saw something like this “save the drama from the lama and meet my pet monkey” I know it doesn’t make sense but it is very outgoing and interesting in a way. I don’t want to give away too much information about me Becasue I will let my pictures do the talking! thanks! much appreciated! please help!

  6. Bre3399

    Wow helpful if this makes it any better here is mine

    Miss. Independent
    Refusing to sink⚓
    Ready for the world

  7. Sallie

    This reeaaly helped me! I read mine usually and think mine sounds dorkish. Hope for me yet, lol.

  8. lucy

    mine is:
    ~see that blue button, yeaa id tap that!
    ~laughing at my own jokes,cause yaa,you know im funny
    ~i’m lovin it

  9. summer

    My bio: I love ass and nirvana. I have no shame in embarressing myself. Outspoken and I just dont give a fuck. My best hobbys are eating and sleeping. I say nipples alot.

  10. adriana

    alright heres mines hope it helps:

    Im adriana(emoji:star)
    real girls arent perfect,perfect girls arent real(emoji:ok)
    real eyes,realize,real lies (emoji:clapping)

    emoji=the iphone faces

  11. Casey

    Mine: CVHS freshman, track, 15, passionate, lover of all things lipstick, majoring in procrastination, former princess, current crazy cat lady.

  12. Angelica

    yeah it really helped a lot mine is:
    Half human half mermaid, Hates peoples but loves God + 15 yrs. of existence.

  13. Mayra Munoz

    FOLLOW ME ON IG: @UglyyMayra
    Facebook: Odhed Munoz
    Twitter : @UglyyMayra

  14. Ayman

    Mine says my name at the top then the actual bio says
    I’m ready for the world.
    Is the world ready for me?

  15. Madi

    you are
    the only

    ^^thats mine cause I didn’t know what to put and I kind of wanted a tumblr bio any suggestions?

  16. __hey_its_jess__

    LOTR Nerd, Freckle-Face, Diagnosed With “Unabletotakeagoodselfieitis”, Untourtured Young Artist, And Lover of All Sparkles and Rainbows.


  17. Charlie

    Mine on Instagram is : insert meaningful crap about life here
    Lol it’s weird ino my IG is charlie2k13xox

  18. Nil

    Here is mine !:) what do u think?!
    *an architecture student who loves photography ,painting (mostly animals),horse riding and also “Delores” (my 2yr iguana)

  19. KailiAnn

    Mine is:

    Być liderem. . .
    **insert inspirational quote here**
    十Psalm 37:5十
    Just watch me.

    What do you think?

  20. relatable_posts11

    I have a relatable posts account on Instagram, and I’m having a really hard time coming up with a bio. I only have 150 characters. I want it to be funny and amusing. My account is a anonymous, so I don’t want to give specific things about myself like my gender or age. Help!

  21. Sarah

    mine is:
    I have an instagram life and a real life. Im basically Hannah Montanna

  22. Brianna

    My bio-

    Just a tumblr addicted violinist who fails at math and likes to think she’s a shadowhunter. Cats and books and string instruments make me happy.

  23. Lila ellefson

    I Need you to give me a idea my bio is

    Swiggity swag I’m fab

  24. Ang c

    you can say …
    some of my favorite things are…..,……,and ……(a singer, food , place you like) ..I also ____(draw,sing,run,ect) an activity u like

  25. shaney

    Hey i really need help with mine!!
    I’m 21 and live in london. I love LOTR/poetry/reading/taking pics.
    I want to write something fun and witty, but can’t think of anything!

  26. Lauren

    If you don’t know what to put, you could quote your favorite song cuz it’s kinda artsy. I changed, but mine was:

  27. Arden

    another suggestion is; at the top of your bio you could say:
    how to lose weight on Instagram? beee active

  28. Chloe


    Great tips although I can’t see the slide show! Anyone else having this problem? Would be really useful to see the examples if possible?


  29. Firdos

    i think its good 🙂

    Please guys follow me on Instagram: “firdosalisha” – and i follow back thanks <3

  30. India Summers

    Student, Freelance Photographer, Blogger at studentoffashion.com! Now keep in mind that I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my shit.

    I suppose I should change that. No curse words? I think it’s a bit raunchy. It’s from a song though 🙂