5 Instagram Marketing Tips for Bloggers 2018

Want to up your Instagram game in 2018? Trying to sell your services, products or develop yourself (and your blog) as an influencer on Instagram?

Here are five Instagram marketing tips for bloggers that you need to know, if you're looking to make the most of the photo-sharing platform.

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You might already be familiar with Instagram trends of 2018, but if you're trying to sell products or services over the photo-sharing app you should focus your efforts on developing a marketing plan.

Here are 5 Instagram marketing tips you should keep in mind, when selling what you have to offer customers, brands and marketers via fashion's favourite app…

Instagram Marketing Tips For Bloggers

Make The Most of Your Bio

Have you created an “elevator pitch” for your blog? If no, you should start working on it asap. If yes, you should include it in your Instagram’s bio along, with your location and name.

According to researchers, it takes less than two-tenths of a second for an online visitor to form an impression of your account. A good Instagram bio should explain what your business is, what you do and the niche market of your blog/digital brand. So if you want to stand out for a particular skill, profession, hobby, or interest, you need to include these details in your bio.

Don't forget about the concept of keywords…

You should also keep the concept of “keywords” in the back of your mind, when coming up with your bio. While it won’t improve your “searchability” on Instagram for the average user, marketers and brands are now using software that can crawl the photo-sharing app when seeking out bloggers of particular niche markets for influencer campaigns. If fashion is your niche market, you’ll want to have works like “style blogger” and “fashionista” incorporated into your bio.

Make the most of your bio’s link by using it as part of your sales strategy. According to digital marketing whiz and New York Times best-selling publicist Julie Solomon, “you always want to make sure your URL is going to some kind of opt-in (some place where [users] are going to give you their email), a sale, a direct link to buy something OR another place you are selling something (another platform, podcast, YouTube channel etc.)”

Be smart about your bio. It’s often the first thing potential customers, followers, readers, marketers and brands see when they come across upon your Instagram account.

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Use Hashtags Correctly

We’re all familiar with hashtags, the little symbol before a descriptive word or phrase that makes it possible for your Insta-posts to be discoverable by other users. But in the past few years, the way we use them has changed a bit.

While Instagram allows users to tag up to 30 hashtags per post, experts say it’s better to tag between six and ten per post. The “right” number of hashtags for maximum engagement seems to fluctuate each year. The bottom line is you shouldn’t be tagging hashtags for the sake of hitting a certain number in your post, but using more than one or two is a good idea.

Focus on your niche…

It’s also recommended that users focus on niche-specific tags, as opposed to more generic ones. For example, a Miami-based fashion blogger should consider tagging #miamistyle, #miamibeachstyle, #southbeachstyle and #miamistyleblogger in their posts, instead of #styleblogger and #fashionblogger.

As your following on Instagram grows, consider creating your own hashtag and throwing it into the mix. Bottom line: keep it authentic and focus on hashtags that are relevant to your niche market. This will make it easier for potential customers, followers and marketers to find your account.

Optimize The Stories and Albums Features

Instagram’s Stories lets users showcase video clips and snaps for 24 hours, before they “expire” and are deleted. And if you want to feature a series of images without worrying about their “expiration”, consider using Instagram’s album feature in your bio.

It’s recommended users always tag the location and use hashtag stickers in their stories, in order to optimize engagement. And if enough people engage with your story, you might even end up on the Explore page – which means even more people viewing your content.

Link to your posts, products and/or services…

It goes without saying that the ability to send your followers to specific landing pages from your stories is extremely useful – so if you do have the abilities to include a link in your Stories be sure to do so (only accounts with a solid few thousand followers have this ability). Whether that’s a product page or a new blog post, you can use this feature to drive Instagram traffic to relevant landing pages.

And if you feel that you’re creating awesome content with your Stories, but don’t want it to disappear consider adding it to an album in your bio. Take your best Stories and repurpose them into your regular profile so they can live on indefinitely.

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Interact With Other Accounts and Create A Sense of Community

Instagram is a community and it rewards accounts that (authentically) interact with other users. This means you should like, comment and follow other users’ content and profiles on a regular basis, if you want to grow your following and customer base.

Your followers might be existing customers…

And keep in mind that many of your followers might be existing customers. If they already own your product or subscribe to your service, don’t keep pushing your product over social media. Instead, make them feel like one of the cool kids for owning your product or using your service. Show them new ways of using it, and encourage them to tag your account in their posts about your product/service.

This creates a sense of community and brand loyalty, amongst those followers who are already spending money on your products.

Be Authentic

While it’s important you have a marketing strategy when it comes to selling products, services or your brand as a blogger/influencers on Instagram, it’s also important to be spontaneous with your posts.

Always be authentic and remain true to your brand values, when showcasing what you have to offer on Instagram.

Share your favourite Instagram marketing tips in the comments below, and let us know if we're missing anything important!

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