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Simple Hacks for Curating a “Follower Friendly” Instagram Feed

Here’s a little secret: You don’t need to utilize dozens of different Instagram photo editor apps in order to create an amazing feed. You don’t need a photographer boyfriend, constantly snapping “candid” images of yourself at the beach in your bikini, in order to gain loads of followers. You don’t need to be caked in makeup in order to take an Instagram-perfect selfie.

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Despite there being over 500 million Instagram accounts, there are plenty of simple hacks that you can follow to ensure you’re creating unique “Follower Friendly” content. Combine the following tips with a decent smartphone camera and the basic Instagram photo editor, and there's a lot you can do to improve your feed – without having to download extra apps.

Post Unique Content

We hear this over-and-over again in the blogging world: post unique content. Finding a way to stand-out really is essential in order to gain followers, and increase the amount of likes and comments on your Instagram posts. It’s easy to get into the routine of uploading snaps of your morning coffee or your outfits of the day – so think outside the box, and find a way to switch it up.

While Instagram itself can be a good source of inspiration, the best way to find new backdrops (and artisanal coffee shops) is to get out of the house and explore a new neighbourhood. Team up with a fellow blogger friend and spend a weekend outside of your usual haunts.

With summer around the corner there will be no shortages of festivals, pop-up events and farmers’ markets across all the major cities in the upcoming months. Go and check them out, and take some awesome photos – you’ll thank me later.

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Pick Theme and Color Palette

The most successful Instagram influencers curate their feeds with the precision of an art director. They are extremely aware of their brand as an influencer and treat their feeds accounts as an extension of that brand. They’ll stick to a specific theme and only upload images with specific filters, to adhere to their creative visions and color palettes.

While you might not have the time to spend hours on Instagram photo editor apps, you might want to consider using the same filter on all your photos or sticking within a consistent theme. I highly recommend checking out vloggers Edward Zo and Kelsey Simone – they both share some insights on their Youtube channels on what it takes to curate an excellent Instagram feed (along with explaining things like colour toning and “filler images” in detail.) Tashie from Tashie Tinks also has a few great pointers on her channel too.

Keep Your Images Bright and Light

There’s a reason why most vloggers opt to film in front of their windows – a shot that is well-lit with natural light always fairs best. While there are a number of Instagram photo editor apps that you can use to tweak the brightness of your images, you’re better off shooting yourself or your subjects in plain old daylight.

Otherwise, if you need lighting extra help on-the-go, invest in a small Ring Light that can easily be clipped to your phone for nights out with your friends.

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Get Your Face Out There

According to Social Envy, you’re likely to have a 38% increase in post engagement on Instagram when you upload images with an actual face in the picture (and even more interaction if you’re smiling.) That means that potential followers are more likely to throw you some likes and a follow when you’re looking at the camera with a happy expression on your face. If you’re not a top model, keep the vogue-inspired posts to a minimum.

This also means that if you’re a budding beauty blogger, looking to build up your following, you’re best off taking a selfie holding the beauty products next to your cheek – and forgo the shot of the products on their own.

If you're planning on using other apps to edit your features, use them sparingly. You definitely don’t want to over-edit your images – it’s always obvious when someone gets a bit too carried away with Facetune.

What are other Instagram tricks and tips that you use to have a follower friendly feed?

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