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IFB Pro is an exclusive community of bloggers dedicated to building their businesses. We provide training and education on how to run your business like a pro for just $15 per month.


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IFB Pro Membership Benefits

  • Access to Private Facebook Community

    Exclusive membership to the IFB Pro Facebook Group. Ask questions, share your experiences and be connected.

  • Your Content on the IFB Home Page

    We take the posts from all of our Pro member sites, combine them into one feed to be displayed on the IFB home page.

  • Free and Discounted Access to IFB Courses and Guides

    Learn how to grow your business, increase engagement, and more with access to a wealth of educational tools, including eCourse, eBooks, and articles.

  • Live Webinars With Industry Leaders

    Members have access to webinars for free, and can also submit questions beforehand and participate in a chat forum during the event.

  • Get Discounts on Premium Tools

    We work with the best tools in the business to get discounts and extended free-trials for some of the most popular tools and resources available.

  • Special Pricing for all IFB Events

    Get early access and special pricing for upcoming co-sponsored events with Simply Stylist and more!

“This course is easy to follow, and isn't a lot to commit to. As always, however you get out what you put in, so be prepared to get serious about Instagram if you really want to see a change. I've loved the follower challenges, and from that advice gained 80 new followers in 3 days.”

— Christine of RubyFearless.com

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Designed for bloggers at all stages of the game. We’re here to connect you with a strong community of peers and provide you with the training you need to take your site to the next level. $15 per month, cancel anytime.


Money-back Guarantee • Learn From the Experts • Only $15 per Month

Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t started blogging yet, can I join?
Sure! Please include any social media profiles you might use as you register your own account. We cover the basics of blogging, how to get started and how to grow within our membership. So even if you haven’t started, you’ll find guides to help you before you dive in.
I’ve been blogging for years and have a sizeable audience, does it still make sense for me to join?
Aside from educational resources (which do span from the beginning to blogger to more advanced topics) you’ll get access to great discounts on events, resources and the opportunity to connect with brands for sponsorships. We hope that even if you are comfortable with your blogging business, you’ll find many great benefits to being an IFB Pro member.
What topics do you cover?
We’re constantly adding new content, but the bulk of our IFB Pro educational material covers the business of blogging. From technical guides for managing your website, to how to take better photos and everything in between IFB provides either our own content for your education or has partnered with some of the best experts on the internet to bring you the information you’re looking for. Is there something you want to learn about that we don’t have? Let us know and we’ll find it!
Can I really cancel at any time?
Absolutely! At any time, if you are no longer getting the value you need out of being an IFB Pro member, simply cancel directly from your dashboard. Your membership will be canceled immediately and you will not incur any additional charges from IFB. You will have access to your IFB Pro account until it expires.
What happens to my account when I cancel?
As soon as we’re done drying our tears, your account will be deactivated and you will no longer be charged. You will, however, retain access to IFB Pro content until your membership naturally expires at the end of your billing cycle.

Join the Community • Only $15 per Month • Cancel Anytime