Links à la Mode: Submit Your Post for The IFB Weekly Roundup


Share your traffic with other bloggers!

Don't you think it would be awesome to have a link to your blog post on 20 sites? Links à la Mode is a roundup created to help drive traffic across members of our network and yours. Started in 2009, we've posted this roundup every Thursday, giving many blogs a way to grow their traffic.

How it works:

Submit your post in the comments of the Friday LALM post on our Facebook page. The 20 best links are selected on Wednesday and the post goes live early Thursday. Watch for the post and once you are chosen, you will then post the link roundup on your blog. The code will be available at the end of the LALM post. You are responsible for posting the roundup on your site by Wednesday of the following week.

If you do not post the links on your blog the week you are chosen, you cannot participate in Links à la Mode in the future.

How to get selected:

Submit by the Tuesday deadline. Have a clear point of view. Thoughtful content. Current observations within the last three weeks. Make it more than an OOTD. Photos that enhance content. No more than two submissions per week.

This feature is sponsored by They help us pay for the developers who keep the site running, and the hosting so we can bring you better resources! While it is optional to post the Shopbop links on your site, it would certainly help the community as a whole!