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How to Plan a Successful Blog Post by Using Mood Boards

Plan Blog Post Mood Boards

Ever since the digital era has taken a full swing, planning your next activity on whatever platform you’re using takes up a lot of thinking because the competition is BIG. Graphic designers, and even some bloggers, often use mood boards to plan their projects. Mood boards are highly recommended for enhanced creative thinking, brainstorming and are especially used as a solid foundation for a successful project/blog post. You can use anything from inspiring images, coordinated color palettes, typography, quotes, etc.

You can actually plan a really successful blog post in advance by utilizing a mood board to visualize how you want to bring it to life. In this article we will look at some of the ways you can incorporate the usage of mood boards for your blog posts and 3 ways you can create them. 


Pinterest is probably the biggest mood board on the internet. You can create all kinds of different boards with inspirational pins, and then use them to draw inspiration for your next blog posts. I usually draw inspiration from my Pinterest boards for whatever project I work on, whether it’s for my graphic design projects, my jewelry designs or my blog posts. You can also have a separate Pinterest board in which you will create your mood-boards based on your post’s content.


If you are tech savvy like me, then Photoshop is your go-to photo editing software for all of your photos. Photoshop can be used for creating your mood-boards because you can make a template of how you like your mood-board to look, and then you can use it for all of your future mood-boards.

An example of how you can easily create your own Photoshop mood-board template is shown below:

how plan
mood board


If you are more of a mobile app type of person when it comes to editing your photos, then there are plenty of photo editing apps which have the grid option so you can combine more photos in a single image and use it as an inspiration for whatever project you need it. This way is also easier to upload your mood-board on every social media platform you are using, such as Instagram or Pinterest, and share your creative process with the world.

Have you ever used a mood-board for some of your projects or blog posts? Did it help you in the outcome or maybe not? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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  1. Vintage Pixie in Denim

    I for one love using Pinterest as a moodboard for blogging ideas. I just recently got into it, and I have been playing around with linking my boards in the posts so that people can check them out.

    Great post!