No New York Fashion Week Press Credential? No Problem!

registering for fashion week spring 2016

The following is a guest post from Julia DiNardo, Founder of FashionPulseDaily, a fashion industry veteran and editor covering NY and LA Fashion Weeks over the past 12 years. 

New new new, everything in fashion has to be new. It's the nature of the beast! And in keeping with that, IMG, the official organizer of New York Fashion Week. has not only changed up the venues for the shows in this transitional, temporary season (a more permanent home is under construction and should be ready by 2017), but also expressed on its websites, NYFW.com that As part of this evolution, IMG will only be issuing credentials to major media outlets.” This means that, not surprisingly, yours truly, who has been approved for accreditation for the past 12 years, was denied for the first time ever this year. Ouch? Not really. It actually means that receiving a credential holds less weight than ever before, and in the scheme of things, doesn't really matter. Here's why:

1. Information is everywhere.

It's easier than ever to find the press contact and request an invite, although you must act soon, with fashion week little more than a week away, most invites are going, or have gone out already. My go-to resource has always been Modem Online, a tremendous site for international fashion show schedules, trade shows, and of course, press and showroom contacts. Last, don't forget to sign up for a FashionGPS account, so that all of your RSVPS that come in from the widely-used system will be streamlined into one handy place, accessible via a handy App as well!

2. You have your own contacts — use them!

Most fashion bloggers have, or build up, a rapport with brands, publicists, and agencies, so why not reach out to them and see if you can get an invite to the show? Consult IMG's schedule of a the days and times when designer and brands will be showing, but also the official New York Fashion Week Calendar, recently taken over by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), which offers a more exhaustive list of designers showing during the week, all over the city.

3. Accreditation doesn't mean invites anyway.

Being approved for a press credential has never meant that you gained full access to shows. You were just able to enter the main area at Lincoln Center (and Bryant Park before it) more easily by showing the badge without having to fumble and find a paper invite in your bag or digital version on your phone. The invites, however, have always been separate from a press pass, contingent upon your relationships and who had invited you to individual shows and presentations. So, it all goes back to points #1 and #2!

4. So much is livestreamed, you truly don't need to go to every show.

Honestly, I may sound like an old fart, but I was most at peace last season when I took the afternoon off, caught up on my emails and fashion week writing, and had the shows running off to the side of my working window via livestream. I'm so short that half the time I can't see the entire look from the seats, so when viewing the livestream (check out NewYorkFashionWeekLive.com or Rightster.com), I oftentimes feel that I see more of the collection than I would if I were at the actual show. Plus, it's expensive to come here for fashion week, let alone stay the entire time, so watching the videos and checking out the images is an ideal solution. Granted, not every show will be available, but enough are in that  I'm actually considering sitting out NYFW in February and experiencing it via livestream instead!

Are you headed to New York Fashion Week? Let us know, we'd love to follow along on your blog!

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Blogging at her site Fashion Pulse Daily since 2008 and working on fashion's editorial side since 2003 has lent Julia the acumen to think creatively and endure in the colliding worlds of blogging, fashion and beauty. New York City is her backdrop for inspiration (and many a outfit photo), where she is often found on her couch, feverishly typing away at her latest post, with her trusty feline at her side. Follow her on Instagram , Twitter, and Pinterest.

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15 Responses

  1. Style Tomes

    I have to admit I was a little sad when I received (the very nicely worded!) e-mail explaining the changes, but I wholeheartedly agree that it’s always best to simply reach out to the PR contacts for the brand of show you’d like to cover.

    For me, a rule of thumb is to get in contact with brands about 3-4 weeks before the shows if requesting an invite!

    • Julia Dinardo

      Yes, that is an ideal timeframe; thanks for the suggestions (and commiserating), Style Tomes!

  2. Kaitlyn | Daily Opulence

    This is so true! As much as I would love to go to all of the shows, some are just better to watch at home in comfy clothes with a glass of wine.

    Daily Opulence | www.DailyOpulence.com

  3. Faith Bowman

    Anyone who’s been covering shows should still be on people’s lists. Maybe everyone, but some invites should still trickle through. I’m getting some. Funnily- I got three from a beauty company to cover the backstage prep and they’re better invites than I would have gotten from begging.

    I think if you’re a good journalist and built relationships you should get something.


  4. Crystal Phuong

    I didn’t receive the press credential this year, but I still received invitations from brands that I attended the shows last year. I think, as long as you do a good write up for the brands, you’ll have a high chance to be invited to their show next time.
    My best advice? Don’t give up! Just request an invite from them next year and show them what you’ve done :). This was how I started!
    Good luck!
    Crystal Phuong

  5. Alison Blackman

    one of the things to also do is contact editors here on IFB..For example, I’m hoping to find some writers who might like to cover some of the shows I’ve been invited to but can’t get to because of the venues being scattered this season. So if you don’t get invites, reach out. I’d be happy to hear from people who’d like a chance to attend a show or two and write it up fo advicesisters.com

    • Hala C.

      Hello! Not sure if your offer still stands or if its relevant to the February NYFW that’s starting up this week but I’m reaching out to you anyway! I work for digital textile printing house in LA and I’ve just relocated to NY to expand our social media marketing! While our company has been around for over 20 years, printing for costume designers, fashion designers and celebrity stylists, we just recently opened up a media outlet to give our designers access via our blogs and social media channels. If you are still looking for a writer or anyone to take your place at any show, I would be MORE than happy to! Please reach out to me!

  6. Sistah Hollywood

    Julia, Thanks so much for tips – this is coming right on time as I figure out which shows to attend or at all (live stream) so I can tend to Clients.

    That aside, I actually have a question a/ seeking advice about leveraging the success of a highly visible project with a national brand. Would you be open to a direct email exchange?

    • alison Blackman

      I received an email saying you wanted to talk to me…not sure what your project is, but I’m open to an initial exchangae. But it’s fashion week so if this can wait until after fashion week, that would be greatl If not, I’ll try to coordinate with you

  7. Amy

    I am pretty surprised – I’ve been covering previous Fashion Weeks only by live stream while building up my site. Just in the last few weeks, I reached out to some PR reps to simply get added to their email lists, thinking I was just going to get some occasional press announcements. So surprising when I received a couple of invites. Good to know that I don’t need IMG official credentials in addition to the invite. I wasn’t 100% sure that was enough, so thanks for posting this!

  8. Nara

    I like this article and it was very informative. I have a further question I hope you can answer for me. I want to go to a show happening 2 days ago, on eventbrite there is free tickets for “industry” but anyone can get them they did however specify that credentials will be checked at the door. I’m wondering can I still show up and hope the don’t check my credentials or would it be a waste of time? I want to go in as press by the way, I have a photography Instagram that I would love to add to and that is my reason for wanting to be involved in fashion week this season. You’re reply will be greatly appreciated, thank you so much in advance.