The Perks of Being a Blog Contributor

I often hear from new bloggers (and veterans) that the one thing they didn't expect about blogging is how much work it is.

Perks Being Blog Contributor

Blogging can be immensely rewarding, but can easily take over your life.

Maybe you want to start a blog, but are afraid of the commitment. Maybe you've tried blogging and it's too much work for you. Or maybe you love writing, but aren't interested in managing a blog.

I am a contributing writer for IFB, and I recently became a contributor at Already Pretty.  While my relationship with my own site is tempestuous at best, I love writing for others. Similar to running my own blog, being a contributor blogger means I'm creating original content for a variety of digital outlets and blogs.

Freelance contributors either pitch their ideas to editors or, occasionally, an editor will reach out to them with an idea. If you're lucky like I am, your editors will trust your content and let you run free. Interested in learning more about the perks of being a contributor blogger? Check them all out below…

You Go Into It Already Knowing Your Topic (And Target Audience)

The great thing about contributing to other sites: the content and subject matter is already laid out for you. I don't have to share my thoughts about the blogging industry on my own site, because I can share them on IFB's blog. I can write lengthy posts on body image and personal growth at Already Pretty.  I know the readers coming to those sites are looking for that information, so my target audience is right in place. Therefore, I know who to write for from the get go.

You Build A Sense of Community With Your Fellow Bloggers

Chances are if you are freelance writing for a blog, you're not the only contributor at a site. At IFB I can bounce ideas and get quotes or insight from Cora, Hilary, Julia, and Grechen.  It's wonderful to have a group of people who share a similar vision, that you can also commiserate with when you receive a nasty comment or vent to when the site crashes.  It's a built-in support network; and keeps blogging from being quite the solo sport.

It's Another Way to Reach Out to Potential New Readers

The longer we blog, the easier it becomes to get “stuck” in a pattern: we interact with the same bloggers and communicate with the same readers.  Regular content at another sites means you're interacting with a new online audience. You will meet and build relationships with other bloggers.

It Can Help You Pay A Bill or Two

Bloggers are always seeking new ways to diversify their income. Contributing or freelance writing can be an additional way to supplement your income.  That being said not all contributing positions are paid, and the rates can vary wildly (I've seen from $8 to $100 per post!) Writing freelance is a great way to pay your internet bill each month, but it can be a difficult way to pay ALL of your bills.

It's An Excellent Way To Build Up Your Writing Portfolio

If you're interested in developing a career as a freelance writer, contributing to other sites can be a great way to beef up your portfolio. It's also an excellent way to write about other areas of interest, challenge yourself and grow as a writer.

It Keeps You Accountable…

I find it hard to maintain accountability, when it comes to writing for myself and my blog. But when I have an editor reviewing my articles, along with a deadline for a post to go up, I manage my time a lot more responsibly. Ninety-five percent of the time my contributor posts are ready to go, fully-edited and illustrated on time. If you're working on adhering to a writing schedule, try completing a few freelance assignments. It's an excellent exercise in hitting writing targets, when you're accountable to an editor and another site's post schedule.

…And Your Writing Standards High

I'll admit it: there are a few posts on my site that I'm not quite happy with.  We all hate to think we haven't given 100% to all of our posts, but it occasionally happens.  As a contributing blogger, I always give my best ideas and conversations to the sites I work with. I need to meet the level of quality expected by my colleagues and editors.

For those who are looking for a different experience in blogging, or have found their own blogs not quite what they anticipated, then stepping on as a contributor for another site may be a great way to find an alternative path that's just as rewarding and fulfilling.

Are any of you contributors (or freelance writers)? Have any experiences or stories you want to share? Let us know in the comments below.

Edited: Additional Resources, Ideas, and Suggestions

I'll start with this disclosure: I am not a freelance writer by trade (but I'm slowly learning and working my way there). Over the years, I submitted many guests posts to IFB. These were unpaid and solely because I had something to share with the community. I built a relationship with IFB's editors (and founder Jennine Tamm), and the community responded well to my posts.  Likewise with Already Pretty, I had a long relationship with founder Sally McGraw as a reader. I would occasionally email her or we would link to each other's posts in link roundups. I have also guest blogged for Heels.com and ShopManhattanite.com. All of my contributor opportunities came from building genuine relationships with other bloggers.

That being said, there are other ways to jump into contributing. Sites like Jezebel, Galore and Bustle often have posts when they're seeking contributors.  Problogger has a forum where they posts blogging and writing opportunities.  Each website or blog is going to have it's own editorial guidelines and policies for how they seek writers. Your best bet is always to network genuinely, figure out what publications where your voice may be a good fit, build a strong writing portfolio, and pitch!

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Alex Lagarejos is an award-winning photographer based in South West London. Originally from Glasgow, Alex moved to London as a teenager and pursued a career in the arts; to fund his way through drama school Alex was lucky enough to work as an assistant to some of London’s top photographers where he honed his craft. Now Alex has managed to forge his way as an acclaimed photographer; offering first class headshot sessions in both the acting and corporate world. Commercially, Alex Lagarejos Photography has also secured several large editorial, travel and lifestyle commissions.

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17 Responses

  1. Quinn Cooper

    I really enjoyed reading this post, it was very insightful as I’ve just began blogging. I’ve been thinking a lot about contributor posts and pitching some posts to some of the blogs I read.
    What is the best way to approach a blogger about contributing on their site? Is dos and don’ts.
    Any feedback would help. Thank you!

    Quinn Cooper Style

    • Ashley "Ashe" Robison

      Hi Quinn,
      IFB has covered pitching other bloggers quite a bit– last week we ran this post, which you may find useful: How to Pitch Guest Posts & Collaborations

  2. Seppy

    Being a blog contributor definitely sounds interesting because it can give you the opportunity to explore other arenas that you do not necessarily want/can present on your blog.

    How do you become a contributor on IFB for example?

    Thanks for the post 🙂

    • Ashley "Ashe" Robison

      Seppy, I know IFB isn’t seeking regular contributors at this moment, but this is how I got my start: many years ago, if I had an idea, I’d write the post, and send it to Jennine. Or if I had an idea, I’d flesh it out and send it over. She ran many guest posts for years, before asking me if I was interested in becoming a regular contributor.

      • Seppy

        Thanks for the tip Ashley!! I’ll definitely keep that in mind because even being a guest contributor would really be fun!

  3. AngelNailsIt

    I agree with Quinn:
    “What is the best way to approach a blogger about contributing on their site?”


    • Ashley "Ashe" Robison

      AngelNailsIt, you may find this post from last week useful: How to Pitch Guest Posts & Collaborations

  4. Ashley - Embracing Beauty

    This is kind of crazy because I was actually coming to your site just now to find your contact info to ask you to be a contributor to my site. I’ve branched my site out into 6 different sites and I’m looking for quality contributors to help out on each site. What crazy timing!

  5. Jessie of TrendHungry.com

    Great post! I contribute to a popular site in my area Philly.com, and also blog for Simon Malls and it’s helped me with building an audience in my area and has been good for my SEO.

    On TrendHungry.com I have contributors and I love seeing them make the most of the opportunity. Since blogging for me, my contributor Brooke was able to style a shoot and become Music Choice’s Fashion Guru w/ a weekly blog column!

    Contributing is great for a creative outlet and is a great way to start your blogging career or bring new traffic to your existing blog.

    P.S. I’m currently looking for 1-2 contributors. Email Jessie @ trendhungry.com if interested! 🙂

  6. ileana marcel

    I totally agree….fashion blogging is almost like a 24/7 job. But I’m loving every minute of it. Just launched my site 10 days ago and have been enjoying every minute of it.


  7. Finest online Kippot

    This is a very nice Blog. I really enjoy to read your post. We have also engaged with fashion business.

  8. Frugal Flirty N Fab!

    I have been lucky enough to be a contributor for both the Lucky Community as well as Pepsi and I absolutely love it. It gives me a chance to reach a broader audience plus I’m able to share a majority of my blog post so its not extra work. I would definitely recommend being a contributor.

  9. Spencer

    Great post. I love blogging. It is such a good way to express yourself.

  10. Thalira Chupp

    This post was very helpful. How do I go about submitting a post for review?

  11. Thalira Chupp

    This post was very helpful. How do I go about submitting a post for review?

  12. Carol

    I would love to contribute, is there any specific content you guys are looking for! Thanks!

  13. Ernest

    Blogs should have content worth reading. Visitors will only give you a few seconds before deciding to leave the blog, never to return. Do not haphazardly post information on your blog. Have a plan about what you will write. It will not only keep your blog more organized, but blogs have more credibility when the posts seem to relate to each other and make sense and when it does not seem as if the blog owner is posting whatever pops into their head in any given moment.