The Photo Editing Apps Every Fashion Blogger Needs

Photo Editing Apps Fashion Blogger

We all know that to be a competitive fashion blogger these days you have to really nail your Instagram account. Your feed has to always flow flawlessly with perfectly edited photos and a similar color palette. Unfortunately, we don’t all have a professional photographer by our side to take those incredible editorial shots. The majority of us need to make our good ol' trusty camera phones work for us, which are increasingly more efficient with the evolution of technology.

If you are using your smartphone to take your pictures, you might want to consider using one a couple of photo editing apps to enhance your pictures. If you're looking for some inspiration, check out some of these apps that can take your everyday photo from boring to glam!  

Line Camera

The best part about Line Camera is the ability to make blemish corrections. If you have a wrinkle in a shirt, an unwanted blemish on your face, or a fly away hair, you have a chance to correct it. You have the options to make other alterations, but this is one that can come in handy quite often. Line Camera also has a wide variety of filter options. With each of these filters, you can adjust the intensity to your taste. It also has minimal editing tools to fine tune your photos.  

Line Camera is free on app store and Google Play

A Color Story

A Color Story comes set with some filters, but it also has packages that you can purchase. These include flare and bokeh, as well as, light leaks. A Color Story has a little more expansive adjustment tools than line camera. This includes the temperature, tint and much more.

A Color Story is free on app store and Google Play


VSCO will allow you to edit and adjust your photos also. It comes with stock filters, and filter packages that you can purchase. The filters in VSCO are very soft and subtle. Similar to Line Camera and Color Story, you can adjust the intensity of the filters and fine tune each photo. The bonus to VSCO is that the photos will display in your feed just like Instagram. This will allow you to check the flow of your feed before you upload to Instagram.

VSCO is free on the app store and Google Play


We all love the blur that our 50mm lens does for our photos, but how do you achieve that with your phone? The AfterFocus app will allow you to highlight your focus area, a background area and add a depth of field.   

AfterFocus can be purchased for $0.99 on the app store and Google Play

What photo editing apps do you love? Comment below with more suggestions for your fellow bloggers!

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    Hi Megan,
    Thanks for a nice post!
    I’d like to suggest you add the “Prisma” app as well…Prisma is a top photo editor app, which is well-known for creating amazing photo effects, transforming photos into paintings. This photo edit app has 4.5 ratings in the US and Russia and also got over 6,50,000 downloads.