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Below you'll find ebooks, courses, and guides from IFB and beyond. We have a few downloads we make available when people are signing up for our email newsletter which you can download for free. And we have our paid eCourses which are free for IFB Pro members. When relevant, we'll also list outside resources at a discount to our Pro members as well.


Instagram Essentials: 10-day eCourse


This course is for anyone who hopes to grow their audience and increase engagement on Instagram. It gives you clear, explicit instructions on improving your images, thinking about how you schedule them, and introduces you to apps and tools that can help in every step of your Instagram workflow.
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SEO Essentials: 10-day eCourse


SEO can be a daunting phrase for bloggers. In this 10-day email course, IFB breaks down the basics of SEO and helps you identify tasks that are going to have the biggest impact for your blog. Learn what tools can help you manage your SEO and Organic traffic and what you should do to step up your site's performance in the eyes of search engines. You won't find any shady tactics here, just tried and true best practices to help your blog stand out from the crowd.
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How to Start a Fashion Blog


This is our go to guide for how to start your fashion blog from naming, to hosting to design and more! Everything you need to get started.
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A Fashion Bloggers Guide to Instagram


Want to up your Instagram game? This short guide will show you how to make sure your posts are using composition, filters, and frequency correctly and in ways that engage your audience.
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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Monetizing Your Blog


From relying too heavily on advertising to forgetting your legally required disclaimers for affiliate products, we have you covered on the top 10 mistakes to avoid while you monetize your blog.
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Resources Every Blogger Should Be Using


With thousands of tools and resources available to bloggers, it can be hard to know which ones to use, which companies to trust, and even to know about them all in the first place. We break it down for you. Here are our favorite resources we use to run IFB and we think every blogger should be using them too.
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