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Run Your Fashion Blog Like a Magazine

run blog like magazineTiming is crucial in the fashion industry and especially when it comes to fashion blogging. To stay relevant, you need to keep up with trends and publish according to the season.

The trick is being ahead of the curve, not flying by the seat of your distressed jeans. If you want your blog to grow into a fashion authority, you need to run it like a magazine.

One tool that can help is Asana, a free online task management system that you can use to keep a tight editorial calendar. You'll never miss a publish date and always know what's coming up.

If you have a team of writers and social media managers, it gets even better. You can communicate, assign articles, and schedule tasks with your blog staff.

Asana for Bloggers is a video course that shows you how to use Asana to manage your blog. You'll learn to run your blog effectively so you can focus on growing and earning money.

The course includes 12 videos for only $25. It includes:

  • An Introduction to Asana for Bloggers (7:13): Why use Asana? So you can finally get all your blog post ideas organized and published on time.
  • The Anatomy of Asana (13:19): Easily create projects and tasks, and set deadlines for them.
  • Creating an Editorial Calendar (24:03): Learn how to set up an editorial calendar so you never miss a publish date and know what's coming up.
  • Managing Comments and Emails (6:49): Respond to comments and emails faster with the help of your team.
  • Creating a Blog Marketing Project (23:31): Setup recurring tasks based on your marketing goals so you can growth your blog efficiently.
  • Personal and Team Management Tips (14:36): Always know what your team is working and keep everyone on the same page to get more accomplished.
  • Track Your Blog Growth & Revenue (09:09): Is your blog growing? Learn how Asana can help you hit your growth and income goals.
  • Using The Asana Email Hack (03:59): Keep a clean inbox with this simple built-in Asana email trick.
  • Additional Resources (1:47): Want to learn more about Asana? Here's a quick video with learning resources.
  • BONUS: Behind The Scenes of Swim University (39:12): An in-depth tour of how operates and makes money.
  • BONUS: Behind The Scenes of Roasty Coffee (24:13): An detailed look at how produces weekly content that ranks.
  • BONUS: Managing Blog Advertising & Sponsorships (18:02): Learn how to manage sponsorships leads so your blog can make money on advertising.

If you do the math, that’s 181 minutes and 293 seconds—or a little more than 3 hours of video content!

How do you manage your editorial calendar? We'd love to hear about it in the comments.

[Photo by Benjamin Child via Unsplash]

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