How to Be Successful in the Blogging World as an Introvert

Success Blogging World For Introverts

The blogging world is a social environment. It requires emails, networking, email correspondence and vlogging, all of which might leave introverts feeling daunted. But if you are an introvert, take heart. With a little planning and strategic thinking, your personality can be your advantage. You don’t need a master’s degree in public relations to succeed in making effective presentations and blog posts. Follow some of the strategies below to be successful with your introverted personality.

Schedule down time to recharge

By definition, introverts feel drained by social interaction and recharged by solitude. On breaks, fully disengage from peers. Deliberately schedule additional chunks of social downtime where you send calls to voicemail, close your email tab, and focus on research, writing, or computer-based tasks.

Don’t feel guilty about it; your ability to work independently is one of the strengths you bring to the table, and recharging like this will help you have the energy to deal with social tasks later in the day. Also, be sure your energy meter is full before entering high-stakes social interactions.

Cultivate extrovert wingmen

Choose a couple of extroverted individuals in the blogging world and develop bonds with them. Kick off a one-on-one dialogue by asking for their input; this gives them permission to dominate the conversation. The exchange may feel lopsided, but don’t worry; extroverts don’t mind your quiet nature. They like a good listener and love being the center of attention. Eventually, extroverted colleagues can be your wingmen when corresponding with other blog owners and outreaching. Step into their social circles and they will help connect you with other colleagues. If coming up with the right words to say in emails drains your energy, consider having someone else manage your email correspondence for you so that you can put your skills elsewhere in your organization.

Prepare for meetings

A few small adjustments can make meetings more comfortable.

  • Meet one-on-one when possible.
  • Schedule quiet time before each meeting to review the agenda and gather your thoughts.
  • Arrive early. You can chat with one person at a time instead of having to immediately face a crowd.
  • Use the pre-emptive strike technique: Make a comment within the first few minutes. The longer you remain silent, the harder it will be to speak up.
  • If the meeting ends before you make your point, consider a follow-up email. But be careful; don’t use emails as an excuse to stay quiet.

Work with your opposite

Adam Grant, a professor at Wharton School, studied pizza delivery franchises and found as a general rule, teams are most successful when their leader is the opposite personality type of the group members. So extroverts should hire teams of introverts, and introverts should surround themselves with teams of extroverts. Because you are an introvert, your support and encouragement can draw out the team’s ideas, allowing individual extroverted team members to shine. As a blogger, for example, you can hire an extraverted photographer that can go seek out people and places to get pictures of, while you work comfortably behind the scenes.

Don’t skip conferences

Susan Cain, author of the book “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking,” said that attending conferences need not be stressful. In an interview with Harvard Business Review, she suggested mentally reframing conferences as recharging opportunities. She recommended setting a specific goal for networking, and once you’ve reached the goal, “don’t worry about socializing with everyone else… Think quality over quantity.”

Cain estimated that one-third to one-half of Americans are introverts. So be on the lookout for people who are quiet like you. They may not like small talk, but there’s a good chance they would be open to a mutual analysis of the last presentation.

In any business setting, be it online or in physical meetings and presentations, introverts can apply strategies to minimize stress and maximize success. Work in a field that stirs your passion, think strategically and play to your strengths. If you do that, your personality just may be an unexpected asset!


What are tips and ways that you use to excel as an introvert in the blogging world? Comment below with more advice!

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  1. Georgia

    thank you so much for this post! super helpful!


  2. Julie Davies

    An inspiring blog post. I’ve always felt at a disadvantage because I’m not extrovert. I guess its all about accepting who you are and putting strategies in place to get yourself out there. I shall be putting your advice into practice.

  3. Natalie

    This is great, it’s actually something thats been playing on my mind a lot. Being an introvert can be annoying when being a blogger.