The Top 5 Inspiring TED Talks for Bloggers

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Inspiration, hope and motivation. That's what TED, a nonprofit started in 1984 devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading, has brought to many of its viewers and today, TED celebrates one billion TedTalk views, a huge benchmark in the land of online video. From today's leading CEOs to writers and designers, it's safe to safe that these videos resonate with all of us. In honor of this special TED benchmark, we wanted to share our top 5 inspiring TED Talks.

When you need a boost of motivation or help finding your path, these TEDTalks do the trick.

Sheryl Sandberg, “Why we have too few women leaders

Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg might have given one of the most powerful TEDTalks ever, especially for us females who are working professionals just trying to keep up with their male counterparts. Listen, the glass ceiling still exists and this generation of women today are facing major career competition with their male counterparts. Sheryl Sandberg discusses this issue and addresses the fact that they face harder choices between professional success and personal fulfillment. How do we change this, how do we get more women to not only grow in their work but also dominate the workforce? All very important questions that we our asking ourselves in today's society.

Brene Brown, “The Power of Vulnerability

It's not easy to put yourself out there, to take risks and make a big leap of faith. But in this day and age, taking these risks is absolutely necessary to growth and evolution. More often than not, taking risk, both personally and professionally, can actually lead to success. That's why Brene Brown's talk on being vulnerable and really opening yourself to the world is so inspiring to bloggers. Make that leap, even though there is a chance you might fail. The worst that can happen? You pick yourself up and start again.

Johanna Blakeley, “Lessons from Fashion's Free Culture

Is it possible to create something 100% original, even when pulling inspiration from other sources, designers, etc? Furthermore, does today's open forum leave us more inspired or does it actually hinder the creative process? Johanna Blakeley's talk discusses this and why this lack of regulation actually leaves us with a more creative industry. How do trends happen? because it is legal to copy one another. Bold statement but so true in the fashion industry. For us fashion bloggers who are always trying to publish original work while at the same time attempt to protect our content, it definitely resonates.

Elizabeth Gilbert, “Your Elusive Creative Genius

The writer of the best-selling novel, “Eat Pray Love”, Elizabeth Gilbert shares how you can tap into your own creative genius. How can you harness this voice, cultivate it and share it with the world? It's not easy, and coming from an author whose book was in the hands of literally every woman over the age of 25,  it's reassuring to hear how she was able to get back to writing, even amidst all the suffering and potential failures that she knew she was destined to face.

Erin McKean, “The Joy of Lexicography

Lexi-what?! I know, it's a big word. Erin McKean's talk explores the meaning of our language, which sounds intense but stick with it. Have you ever thought about who decides what's a word? Where do these words come from? What does it all MEAN?! Well, this talk is inspiring because it asks us to really look at the meaning of words  and analyze how the dictionary decided which words were actual words. It's a strange concept but is extremely powerful, especially in lieu of our tech-driven society. Is it possible to track the meaning of words in our growing Internet and connected communities? The digital wave and new open forums has truly challenged our society to its core and it's never been more apparent than with our language.

Which TEDTalk is your favorite? Who would you want to hear speak? For more information this special TEDTalks honor, head over to Mashable!


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6 Responses

  1. Nasreen

    I’ve already watched 3 😀 – Sandberg, brown and gilbert…they’re all brilliant!


  2. Lauren - Slowburn Fastburn

    I really love TED talks, it is such a great idea. I watched the “Lessons From Fashion’s Free Culture” and as a designer, I was fascinated! Going to check out the rest now!

    x lauren

  3. rita - tomorrow today

    so excited to watch johanna blakely and erin mckean’s talks tonight and love your other choices as well!

  4. Broke & Beautiful

    Killer list! Listening in the background while I burn the midnight oil. 🙂

  5. Stephanie

    I was first introduced to TED talks this past summer on a not so exciting day. While browsing the app store on my phone, I saw that it was an Editor Pick and I thought, “Hmm…why not? I’m bored anyway…”

    So I downloaded it, watched ONE video and I was instantly inspired! I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears. Everything that was said was so incredibly well researched/thought out/spoken. I spent about 3 hours+ watching the talks that day. And passing it forward!

    I’m excited to check these picks out!

  6. Felicite

    I love TED Talks and can’t wait to watch these.
    another talk thats good is Andy Torres on being a fashion blogger.
    Really inspiring