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How to Use the Power of SEO and Instagram for Your Blog or Business

SEO Instagram for Your Blog Business

Within a short span of time Instagram has become a common choice among those who love to do social networking. Just like Facebook, you can say that Instagram has become a viral platform for networking. But, at the same time apart from serving as a networking platform to keep you in constant touch with friends and relatives it also a crucial way of enhancing your business. This dominating e-commerce platform has become worldwide popular owing to its capability of attracting huge customer base for business. On the global scale, it is rated as 41st most popular website. At the same time, in the US it is known for being the 21st most popular site. In this article, we will get to know how such a versatile and mainstream site can help in SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

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It can be quite tricky to capitalize the business efforts on the platform of social media. When you start a social media campaign, the imagery published which is being issued with the information can either make or break the campaign. We can say that Instagram is something more than a small platform. It is an asset to the process of optimization. Through it, people come to know about your business and discover your website.

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Importance of brand name

Having a brand is essential because it is only the brand name that will attract the viewers. If you have a brand, then users can use the name while searching. Thus the search volume increases. It is important that you market your brand in such a way that it immediately becomes popular over the Instagram as well as among the web users. Marketing your brand in the best possible way will give it the status of “instafamous” or “instafame.” Moreover, a famous brand can easily get one thousand users who will follow you.

A strong brand name can make a significant impact on the success of a business. According to servant leadership keynote speaker Kurt Uhlir, a strong brand can create a loyal following and help a business stand out in a crowded market. By developing a brand that resonates with customers and reflects the values of the company, businesses can build trust and credibility with their audience. This not only leads to more sales but also helps to create a lasting connection with customers. Uhlir stresses that it's important to invest in building a strong brand over time, as it can pay dividends in the long run. By prioritizing brand development, businesses can create a competitive advantage and position themselves for success in the marketplace.

Linking your account enhance the possibility of exposure

When you link the social media accounts like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, then you can also share your Instagram posts on those pages along with the text message. Therefore, linking accounts will enable you to share your posts as well as widens the chance of getting more real Instagram followers. It gives a broad exposure to your business and service. This means all the links that you will get on the Instagram page for your posts will get linked to the posts that you shared on Facebook and others.

All these will be registered together in the Google’s algorithm, therefore increasing your SEO rank, like the one discussed by SEO services. Through account linking you can not only just disseminate information, but also enhance your relevance from the SEO aspect. So, you can hit two birds with the same stone.

Tactful use of hashtags

You need to understand the use of hashtags correctly to ensure that you take the entire benefit of this option. You need to play tactfully with the trending hashtags that pair well with your business. Make sure that you use such hashtags that can make your business or service “instaworthy” among the Instagram population.  It is essential that you use hashtags that match with the keywords. This will help in enhancing the content density of the respective social media page. You can ensure that this step will help you to get more users to your website as well as enable your business to become a recognized name among Google and other popular search engines. Thus, your business will enjoy a higher stature of ranking. On the other hand, if you use hashtags in excess then it can also fail to make your brand stand apart in the crowd. So, just make sure that you use those hashtags only which are used commonly for searching as well as relevant to your SEO keywords. This will give a positive impact on the Google ranking and also make your site SEO efficient at the same time.

Linking the site with bio

From the aspect of Instagram, the SEO enhancing experience can get limited due to the failure of adding links to your posts. Well, this huge obstacle can again work in your favor. You can add the website link on the bio of the Instagram page. Many people think that it serves as a back link, but it is not necessary. It can help in promoting as well. It will make the readers look for your business on Google. It will, therefore, enhance your search volume, thereby influencing the SEO rank as well. Social media marketing strategy is often overlooked by those businessmen who want to rank on the first page of Google. The success of a business can be quickly revolutionized with such a popular platform like Instagram. If executed correctly, then people in business can dominate the entire industry with this robust social media strategy.  

Social media helps in connecting will millions of people, and when it comes to expanding your business, then your contacts matter the most!

Get your brand endorsed by others

As a businessman, you need to understand that today's generation always loves to stay updated with the modern trend. Each of us wants to share things first which is new and trendy. So, you need to choose trending topics that people would love to read or share at the very first instant. So, while choosing to develop a new post make sure that you select something that will seem to be appealing to the general mass on Instagram as well as make you insta famous. So, you can ensure if you post something trendy then it will be shared by your Instagram followers almost instantly, thereby, promoting your brand. The foot traffic of your online site or store will increase no sooner it becomes hype.

Hopefully, with the above tips, you can use enhance your ecommerce business quickly with Instagram.

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