What Carrie Bradshaw Can Teach You About Blogging

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Is it just me, or is Carrie Bradshaw the patron saint of fashion bloggers?  Oh, it is just me–my bad.  That's okay, because either way I'm going to share with you why we can all take a few lessons from Saint Bradshaw on fashion blogging– despite the fact she wasn't a blogger, nor was she a fashion writer.


1. Always back up your data.  Remember the episode where Carrie's Mac gives her a little sad box, she takes it to the computer store, and there's not a whole lot she can do?  Back up your data, and back it up in multiple ways.  Download database backups of your blog regularly.  Save your post images in a folder.  Write your posts in Word if necessary.  Have an external back-up hard drive saving everything on your computer. Give yourself peace of mind in knowing that if your site crashed, and you lost EVERYTHING, you'd have a way to recover it all.


2. Consistency is key to success. Before Carrie was a bestselling author, she had a regular column.  While it may have been print, her readers knew exactly which day of the week that column came out on.  She wrote consistently, and her readers knew to expect it.  Easy, right?  Consistency isn't always as easy as it seems, but you have to make it your JOB to regularly bring quality content on the days you commit yourself to.  You don't have an editor like Carrie does (and you don't have one to fire you from your blog!), so it's up to YOU to keep yourself on track.


3. Write what you know. Fact: Carrie didn't write about fashion.  She wrote about love, sex, and her trials and tribulations with dating.  She wrote what she knew and how it made her feel– and that's what women could relate to.  People believed her an expert on the topic.  Her success was built on making herself vulnerable, writing about something deeply intimate, hysterical, beautiful, absurd, & profound in everyone's lives.  How can you write about fashion in that same way?  How can you present yourself as an expert on fashion? What do you KNOW about fashion– and what can you say about it without challenge or hesitation?


4. Immerse yourself in what you love. Make sure you're devoting time and dedication to the things you love in life.  Carrie loved men, sure– but she loved fashion, Vogue, and her girlfriends.  She had a life outside of her writing– a life outside of her niche.  She continually sought experiences in life.  That's why we envy Carrie so much: she's making her life a beautiful place, one that is rich in experiences.  Don't get so caught up writing and in the pursuit of success that you forget to immerse yourself in things you love!


5. It takes a lot of time, hard work, and a never-give-up attitude to make it. Carrie was a columnist for a long time before she had a book deal and an even longer time before she wrote for Vogue.  I think that young women today want her success (and her wardrobe) now, in their 20s, forgetting that Carrie was in her mid-30s when we met her.   It took Carrie years of writing and hundreds, if not thousands, of columns before she was able to push herself to the next step: a book.  Don't forget that making your dreams come true is a lot of work and takes time.


What else do you think we can learn from Carrie and our own experiences blogging?

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25 Responses

  1. I'esha GaptoothDiva

    This was an awesome post! Believe it or not, I was actually inspired by Carrie Bradshaw when I started blogging. It wasn’t about fashion or dating, it was just the idea of telling my story like she did. I really appreciate this write up, just goes to show there are relevant messages everywhere.

  2. lisa

    I love this post, Ashe! What a refreshing take on what Carrie Bradshaw can teach us fashion bloggers (that isn’t about how she spent all her money on shoes and should be a cautionary tale to the rest of us).

    • Minnie Nagra

      A good reminder indeed for not splurging on shoes and clothes in order to be part of the fashion community.

  3. Courtney

    This is such a cute idea! I love this. I think if SATC started today, she may be a fashion blogger.

  4. Faye

    Great post, I’ve taken a lot of this on board. Carrie Bradshaw, even though she’s fictional, is such an inspiration!

  5. MJ

    Yes, she would’ve totally been a fashion blogger in today’s times! I think taking inspiration and ideas from real life experiences would be my biggest take away from the show. To keep your content new and fresh all the time we have to step out of the fashion bubble from time to time. Awesome post!

  6. Marisa

    This article was such a great read with wonderfully helpful tips! Thanks for posting!!

  7. Laura Hueto Puig

    No, it’s not just you!! Or well, at least it’s you AND me! 😀 Because it’s true, I have to admit that veeery often, when I put myself down to write for my blog, I try to work on the whole thing, the where (in this cute little café that I know that has wifi), the when (at this particular time when I know there’s not a lot of people), the what (I order my tea with milk and I put some music on my iPod)… and I try to believe I am her. 🙂 And try to convey through my writing, if not her amazingness, her passion and that little something she had that made anything cool and interesting. 🙂
    So THANK YOU for this post, Ashe! As always! 😉

  8. Hello Vain

    Pretty dope post, for some reason I wish it was longer. There is so much I need to learn about blogging, and fashion. I guess it’s hard because I don’t really blog about what I wear, just where I work (vintage fashion), I don’t really know much about the actual thing, really I just make it all up, the fashion I mean, not the working.

  9. Daniel Dunt

    I’m really fascinated by this post; although I’ve never really caught up with the character of Carrie Bradshaw (because I’m a guy, and although I may be camp she is simply not a character I have delved into) I find that you’ve made a handful of points which I would love to begin following; especially the ‘write about what you know’, as I always feel that if I simply ramble on about things I can relate to, my readers might get a little bored of hearing about me and my trials and tribulations with fashion and blogging and music and film, etc. I think this might be a positive aspect on a blog from time to time; i’ll give it a go! – Daniel Dunt 😀

  10. Jasmine Sinclair

    Excellent article!!! Who better to learn from that The Most Fabulous One. Definitely adding this to my list of things to read when I need a pep talk.

    Thank You!

  11. Kaya-Quintana

    Hihi, this is a good one. I also think that a personal touch is good on any blog. It makes it easier for the reader to connect with you. And that is what I always find very important 🙂

  12. Kristl

    Yes! Yes! Yes! You totally nailed her on the head if she was a fashion blogger now. I love this post : )

  13. andrea

    Carrie is a truely insipirational character for many aspiring women in their quest to discover life, friends, work, love..loved the write up..very helpful indeed.

  14. Gloria Mejia

    awe!!! i’m agree with all the steps of the article I have to say is so true! and are great advices!


    thank you so much!

    PD: you should post something about searching new ways to promove your web site or blog and checking mistakes on your blog before posting.

  15. Jessica London

    I am new to this Blog thingy but I am sure I can do it…I enjoy writing and I think this will be perfect for me to convey my ideas and thoughts…can’t wait to get started…this is just what i need and have been looking 4….I Love Fashion and have a small modeling troop…we haven’t been active but I am working on some ideas to bring us back together…..

  16. Minnie Nagra

    Carrie Bradshaw has always been a source of inspiration in terms of not just her style but the way she takes inspiration from real life for writing and that’s what we all bloggers do. a good post, Ash.

  17. Elizabeth@rosalilium

    Absolutely. I particularly agree with your last point – it can take a long time and a lot of effort to achieve success. But then, writing is a craft and as such, take a lot of practice to perfect.

  18. maxhine25

    I do believe that these five tips are very important in a bloggers life. Wither you are a fashion blogger or any field it really am very useful.

  19. Nadine

    I’ve always loved Carrie! This Carrie as fashion blogger model is perfect. I would also add that besides relatable writing, pictures go a looong way in the fashion world. The blogs I tend to go back to most are the ones where the blogger has taken the time to find really cool pictures and then takes them a step further with photoshop magic and creativity.