What It’s Like to Be a Guy Fashion Blogger

guy fashion blogger

After all of these years blogging and sharing advice and tips at IFB, I only recently came to the realization that I've been doing it based on assumptions, and to a certain extent, even bias. What I'm referring to is that naturally, I bring a female perspective to the table and rarely do I encounter, or have an insight into my male blogging counterparts. At blogging-related fashion and beauty events in New York City, at least the ones I've attended, 99% of the time it's a sea of women, so I thought it was prudent to bring the blogging experience full circle by finding out what it's like for…a guy!

Please see below for notes on the fashion blogging  world from some of our male colleagues' points of view:

Where do you see a void when it comes to male fashion bloggers?

McArthur Joseph, Daily Mister

“A lot of people clump all male bloggers together when in fact we all bring something different to the table.”

“On the female side you have beauty bloggers and style bloggers and those two can be segmented so many times whereas if you're a male blogger you're pretty much just that.”

Ryan Charchian, Fashionisto Diares
“With male bloggers, there is a void of different style, in my opinion. As much as I wish I could rock a three-piece suit all the time, I can't. I make my style a high-low mix that is totally obtainable and can be easily replicated.”

What would you say the stereotypes are that are associated with guys as fashion bloggers?

McArthur Joseph, Daily Mister
“A lot of people see us as vain. Typically guys aren't suppose to REALLY LIKE fashion and it's even more odd to some people that we take pictures of ourselves. Some people think we're trying to be models or whatever but in actually we're just trying to inspire a generation of guys to dress better and let them know it's cool to care about what you wear.”

Ryan Charchian, Fashionisto Diares
“Honestly, I don't think we have that many, but if there had to be one (stereotype), it is probably that we're all gay, and that is super untrue (well, I am, but not all of my guy-blogger-friends are). These guys can't help that they amazing style!”

Moti Ankari, The Metro Man

“The stereotype is the same as women.”

“Many people assume that fashion bloggers don't have the expertise or knowledge as fashion editors that worked for a brand like Hearst or CondèNast, but in reality it's not about knowledge, it's about having the talent and an eye for fashion. Being able to edit the good from the bad.”

How have you dealt with receiving product for review on the blog?

Moti Ankari, The Metro Man

“I remember the first time I received my first FREE piece of clothing. They were a pair of jeans, which I still wear today. I thought I've made it as a blogger, ha little did I know that my house would turn into one large closet. I receive a high volume of free product, and it's become hard to satisfy everyone, and I only post the things I genuinely like, despite how much they cost or what brand they are.”

“It's important to be honest with your audience and sharing things that you would personally wear.”

Ryan Charchian, Fashionisto Diares
“When it comes to receiving product, I have a weekly series called “Mansome Monday” in which I talk about men's beauty and grooming products. I have a firm rule: you can send me product, however, I hold all editorial power. If I breakout I can't write a nice review.”

In your experience, are there some benefits to being a male fashion blogger, versus female?

McArthur Joseph, Daily Mister
“It seems like every other day there is another female blogger popping up. There are so many articles about the over saturation of bloggers and most of them are female. There's much less competition in the menswear realm. While there are some cliques, it's much more inviting and a core group of like-minded dudes. I personally love going to any menswear specific event because I know it's basically going all my friends drinking whiskey and talking about nonsense.”

Ryan Charchian, Fashionisto Diares
“Yes, there are some advantages of being a guy blogger; mostly, there aren't a lot of us doing what we do.”

“Brands have to really think about which female bloggers they want to work with, but with guys there are only a handful and so I've been able to work with a diverse amount of brands.”

Moti Ankari, The Metro Man
“Totally. The male fashion blogging community is very small, so everybody knows everybody, and there's enough work for all of us. Some of my best friends are my “competitors,” and we book different projects and campaigns, and when I see them working on amazing projects I'm genuinely happy for them. I hear stories from my friends, who are female bloggers, about how catty the women's blogging industry can be, and I'm glad that hasn't happened in the men's fashion blogging world. Andy should really jump the wagon for this one. The “Real Bloggers of New York?” I can see it now.”
[Image credit: Daily Mister]

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16 Responses

  1. Sheela Goh

    I love this!! It’s epic to see an increasing number of men dressing up for the camera (by this, I mean regular everyday guys, not celebrities nor models), and sharing their aesthetic viewpoints with the world. Smashing stereotypes and preconceived assumptions. Sexual orientation and/or gender should have no bearing on style and a love for fashion 🙂


  2. Lilly Shalini (heyhellolilly)

    Very eye-opening! It’s nice to see it from a guys perspective on fashion and blogging.



  3. Oliver Long

    What an interesting read! I, myself have just started blogging a couple of months but I’ve realised some huge differences between male and female blogospheres so it’s nice that those who have done it for much longer are willing to speak out. 🙂


  4. Jen

    He’s right; the beauty blogging market is over saturated with women. I won’t lie though-I want to go to a men’s conference because it sounds like it would be low-key and less pressured than a females’ conference.

  5. Gracious Store

    This is interesting! This is actually the first time I have come across male fashion blogger and it is interesting to see what you bring to the table in the fashion blogging sphere. I know there are very good and fantastic men fashion designers but not male fashion bloggers. I will be glad to read more of your blogs and those of your male friends

  6. Crystal Lattice

    Interesting! I’ll let you know what it’s like for me when I’ve got some experience under my belt.


  7. Molly Farrell-Savage

    This is an awesome post! I was actually planning on doing something like this lol guess I’ll wait a while 😉 I find that male bloggers are a lot more organized They don’t just post “whatever” and usually have a pretty clear vision. 🙂

  8. Kyryl D

    I have started my men style blog for quite sometime. Much like women, we have our fair share of competition too and it is empowering to see other men who are not afraid to banish stereotypes and get involved in a world dominated mainly by ladies.

  9. Melody

    It’s always a treat to see a male driven blog. I find it refreshing and a new way (for me) to look at fashion. A variety of menswear, from boyfriend jeans to tux cut blazers grace the bodies of both genders. So its always great to see those looks in any form.

    xo, Melody

  10. Carol @ Jolly Caucus Race

    Hey us women drink whiskey and talk about nonsense too 😉 I love male bloggers and it’s great to see them get acknowledgement.

  11. Patrick

    I’m restarting my blog so lets hope the blogging world for men is as small as these people say it is!