Why Fashion Bloggers Should Love Instagram

instagram makes pictures look better
instagram The first time I saw Instagram was a few months ago, Ann from Holier Than Now was using it to take a photo of something. At the time I thought it was just another photo filter application, so I didn't think much.

Then I started seeing more bloggers use it on twitter and their blogs. Was I missing the point? So I go to download it, two things struck me right away, 1. It is FREE and 2. It has 496 FIVE STAR ratings. In my limited smartphone experience, I've never seen anything like that. Hipstamatic is great, but a few bucks, takes forever to figure out, and each of their filters is a few more dollars. You can share pretty well, but was it worth it?

I have been going crazy over the last few days with Instagram, and think it's great for fashion bloggers for a number of reasons, but mostly they boil down to these two points.

1. Instagram makes it easy to engage with social media platforms

Instagram takes no time to figure out. It has probably the simplest interface which makes it easy to select which networks you want to share your photos on, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare, Posterous, and Flickr. Even within Instagram, the community is amazingly fun to interact with, as you can just ‘like' images and comment on them with ease. The reason why I like Instagram so much more than other social media feeds, is that most the images taken there are done by the users themselves. It breeds a new life to the social media experience that is so inspiring.

instamatic screen shots

click for larger view

2. Instagram can make the crappiest iPhone photo look amazing

Since downloading it really has opened my world with photo sharing. Part of what was holding me back with micro blogging networks like Facebook and Tumblr was the process of taking photos, editing them, then uploading, and then writing. If I was going to go through all that, why not just make a post on my blog? Then it became a thing of, “Is it blog worthy?” Goodness gracious, now I have a headache!

With this new tool, I can snap a photo apply any of the 15 filters plus the blurring tool to create an effect that turns an non-descript image into something special, even it it's a traffic light!

So all in all…Instagram makes it easy to share all the little moments of my day, the little thoughts that inevitably goes into to what makes a post… or not. It's such a wonderful tool to help bloggers participate on a multitude of different platforms as well as find other people who take amazing photos.

Does Instamatic drive traffic to your site? Not directly. Can you save and share great images you find on there from other users? Not unless you find the images on an external network. Is it an invaluable tool for bloggers wanting to share on the go? Absolutely.

The only thing now, is how to take so many photos without overloading the community with random pics of tiny moments? That's a whole other can of worms.

Come overshare with me on Instagram! I'm thecoveted.


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  1. anne

    I absolutely love Instagram. I use it for my blog, for custom orders on etsy, and when traveling. I have wanted a new camera forever, but it just means I have to lug something else around in addition to my phone.


  2. Poochie

    I’ve had Instagram for a while but haven’t used it as much as Twitpic. I need to use it more!

    If you want to find me on there I’m @Poochie

  3. Tammy Trujillo

    I LOVE instagram.been on it for a while and post pics i really love to my Twitter and Tumblr. I think its awesome for original content. I don’t publish all my photos on the network, just the ones I want to share. 🙂 Its so great. also like that KateSpade is on it too!

  4. Meredith

    Great article! Just started following thecoveted! I’m meredithaobrien if anyone is interested in following!

  5. Madeleine Gallay

    Instagram is amazing … also CameraBag which is either free or .99 I think, has filters to turn photos into pure art as well as polaroid etc.

  6. MonicaShulman

    I agree. It’s pretty fantastic. Being able to share it on multiple sites at once is key I think. And yes, the filters are so simple and importantly..FUN! I’m usually taking a photo, playing with it on the photoshop mobile app, playing with another app like ShakeIt and then sharing it on FB or my blog – I like that this is one step and it’s quick and easy. It’s another camera to play around and experiment with.

  7. barcelonette

    yes sure!!! i use it but I don’t share mi pics as muchs as I could… Gotta look you up there 🙂
    You’ve written another great post!

    Xenia – Barcelonette

  8. Vivian

    Instragram pics are gorgeous! I love it because I get to have vintage/old photo and lomo-esque effects!

  9. Christy

    I looooove Instagram! I don’t use it on my blog itself but I post photos to Twitter (http://twitter.com/slowsouthstyle) and it really is a fun way to share things and have it look nicer than just a blurry iPhone shot.

  10. Aquila

    Love that it’s free and love that it’s not just a crappy iPhone photo…I’m sold!

  11. GawgusThings

    Funnily enough I downloaded this yesterday and have so much fun already! Totally agree 🙂

  12. Angel

    lol… that’s why I have Photoshop. Then again, filters like these actually make photos look unappealing to look at, and it minimizes the significance of the subject — that’s how I personally feel about it. They’re kind of boring.

  13. Jess

    I love Instagram! Totally invaluable, especially for the many events I go to/cover for my blog. It’s also a great way to get to know some of my Twitter friends in a different light. Photos capture things about our lives 140 characters just can’t express!

  14. Nikki @ Styling You

    I love that an instagram filter can make you instantly 10 years younger!

    • Carolann

      Agree! I am a droid owner and it sucks that I can’t get in on the instagram fun!!


    I have a nokia cell phone that I never check for messeges, so I see I am light years away from the top gadget. But that is ok , too. i just wanted to know what it was all about. Thank you Jennine, you are an angel.

  16. Style Maniac

    Downloaded this app, didn’t really get it, deleted it … and now will try again, thanks to your post.

  17. Fashion Limbo

    I’ve only just discovered Intsagram (and iPhones I must admit) and I’m loving it. Although I still haven’t experienced the “community” side of it, I do find it A LOT of fun and what surprised me the most, how good pictures look 🙂

  18. Tikkitiboo

    Totally agree! Especially the point where it makes even the crappy photos look good!

  19. Juliette

    This looks amazing but I have a Blackberry and it looks like it is only available for iphones. 🙁

  20. Sara

    I’m an Instagram-aholic. Not only is Instagram easy to engage with other social media platforms, but you can easily find and follow people via these platforms as well: Twitter, Facebook, your contact list, etc. (ie: how I found and followed Jennine). Share the Instagram love, peeps!

  21. Michal

    Thanks! I have an android so instargam is not for me. Still searching for something like that in android.

  22. Blue Iris Rivera

    OMG yeeeep!
    I’ve had instagram for ages and it’s such an awesome app. They’ve even updated reccently and now they have so many more effects for you to use on your pictures!

    everyone should add me 😀 my username for instagram is:blueiris.

    let me know your from IFB by commenting any picture, so I can return the favour 🙂


  23. Debbie Baker Burns

    Wow…I am checking this out. The difference in the photos is amazing.

  24. Ingryd Lamas

    I also love it! The pictures look amazing with those filters, even if they are already good.
    Actually, I use this pretty much for every pic! hahahah I´m an addicted!


  25. Hep Catherine

    It’s fun, but i find I am already growing weary of these “nostalgia’ effects. Can’t we have some filters that make pics look futuristic instead?

  26. Ulrik

    Just downloaded it – thank you very much for posting this. I don’t have a fashion blog yet but I plan on starting one very soon.

  27. Camille

    Just got it! My nikon is a bit heavy for everyday pictures. This would be a great opportunity to start a photo diary in Tokyo.

  28. Ben

    and some fashion brands already have a community in Instagram (Marc Jacob, Desigual, Gucci…)

  29. Emonne @ BeautyMarkedMom

    I absolutely LOVE IG! Best photo sharing app ever. I’m looking forward to adding the plugin to my blog.

  30. Kristina Fe

    One of the best social media platforms out there!
    & YES it does make the crappiest photo look phenomenal!

    Great article 🙂

    Bloglovin: http://www.bloglovin.com/en/blog/4324561
    Instagram: kmfe

  31. Guide til bilforsikring

    I absolutely love Instagram. I use it for my blog, for custom orders on etsy, and when traveling. I have wanted a new camera forever, but it just means I have to lug something else around in addition to my phone.

  32. Forbrukslån kalkulatoren

    This is still true: “Instagram can make the crappiest iPhone photo look amazing” !

  33. Billige-forbrukslån

    I think this article touches upon some interesting aspects of Instagram….and human psychology. The app rose to fame in large part because of the photo-altering tools. Most of those who post photos online, wish to look as good as possible. IG simply understood that the key to success is to make it easier to look great! Voila.

  34. Curious visitor

    This may sound like a “simple” question, but how does IG even make money? Is it solely from ads, or something else? Guess I just don’t understand how their services are freebie and with close to zero ads…

    • Laura Kell

      Instagram makes it’s money through ad’s – the same way Facebook does. Check out this article for a more in-depth look…


  35. Lånutensikkerhetguide

    This quote summarizes it well:

    “So all in all…Instagram makes it easy to share all the little moments of my day, the little thoughts that inevitably goes into to what makes a post… or not. It’s such a wonderful tool to help bloggers participate on a multitude of different platforms as well as find other people who take amazing photos.”

    Couldn’t agree more. It’s almost like building a puzzle of life. Each photo represents a small and unique part of it 🙂

    • Kredittkortinfo

      Ya but sadly it’s not always a “real life”. Some people use the app to build a fake public persona online. Kinda sad when you think of it. I love the app though and couldn’t picture my life without it.

  36. Norske lån

    In retrospect you could not have been any more right. Instagram went on to become a smash hit. Funny how you pointed out its benefits before it went really mainstream…way back in 2011. A few meager months after its inception, and well ahead of its acquisition by Facebook. Well done Laura.

  37. Morten

    I think it’s a shame that 9 out of 10 social media platforms is dominated by ads, Instagram included. The organic reach is shrinking day by day, which means the quality of posts becomes less important – what matters today is the volume of posts, and how much money you are able to invest in your account. It’s so boring!

  38. Maja My

    I can’t believe how much Instagram has developed since this article lol. But you were and are totally right!

    Maja My