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Why SEO Is Important for Your Blog and Business

SEO Important Blog Business

SEO has come a long way from the first algorithm updates and funny Google bombs to becoming a critical part of the almost ever digital business operation. In the beginning, many people had doubts about the influence of SEO on business and brand visibility. After years of speculations, whether the SEO is dead, today we realize that this niche is an integral part of digital marketing. Still, the SEO processes are quickly changing and adapting to the new search engine trends. This makes the SEO work dynamic and requires industry experts to conduct frequent testing of their strategies and methods.

One of the best proofs that this industry is not dead is the increasing amount of benefits SEO brings to different types of businesses. Bloggers should invest their time and/or money into organic SEO because this is a very effective way of attracting new readers, subscribers, or even customers. Below are some of the benefits the SEO process can bring.

Traffic increase

Traffic increase to your blog because of SEO is a proven fact. Until a few years ago, many people were doubtful about how much traffic increase SEO could bring. Still, a simple check with any Analytic tool usually shows a clear organic traffic increase. As soon as you start to improve your website’s optimization, its traffic will start increasing at a steady rate.

Improved brand credibility

Google is one of the most trusted online platforms, and by improving your SEO ranking, you’re also using a Google’s brand name to advertise your business. If you have a huge corporation like Google protecting your back, you won’t have problems with traffic and cash flow. Although AdWords provides the same benefit, organic SEO is a much more affordable way to enter the Google’s trust list. In addition to this, consumers don’t like promotional content, and they often have ad-blockers installed on their browsers, which means that they can only be targeted through organic search results.

Most of your competitors are already doing it

Most businesses that rely on digital marketing have already recognized the benefits of SEO. This requires you to jump into this game and keep your company competitive on the highly dynamic digital market. If the websites of your main rivals show on the first pages of Google Search for the most popular keywords, they can also take a large part of your customer base.

It’s relatively low cost

Even if you hire highly skilled professionals for SEO tasks, the costs of this strategy will be lower than the price of the most affordable TV or media campaigns. If you invest some time in learning, the SEO process can basically be free, and by placing your business at the top of the organic listings, you are eliminating the costs of pay-per-click campaigns. SEO provides long-lasting benefits to companies and the traffic on your website won’t disappear the moment you stop making investments.

It motivates you to create great content

Content marketing is one of the most efficient marketing strategies in the digital world, and it’s also rooted at the center of every successful SEO campaign. Search engine optimization can’t work without great content. Improving your Google ranking is the most legitimate reason for creating good-quality content that will bring benefits to your business in the future. If readers recognize you as an authority publisher, it’ll be much easier for you to convert them into your loyal customers and brand advocates.

SEO gives a clear picture of the popularity of your blog's products or offerings

Releasing a new product should be followed by a thorough investigation of its acceptance among consumers. Paid surveys are definitely one of the most efficient ways to discover how popular and practical your products are. The data from these paid surveys can be even more helpful when it’s combined with the search engine analysis data from your website and platforms like Google Trends and Keyword Planner. This powerful analytics combo will provide you with the information that you can use for creating highly effective sales and marketing strategies, as well as for updating your products and improving their popularity on the long run.

More than 60% of Google users click on the first organic result in Search

Securing a place on Google Search results page is one of the most important criteria for running a successful online business. Due to a huge competition in almost all industries, placing your website on the first page can sometimes be tricky, but it’s still worth it since it can drive thousands of potential customers to your page. Since more than 60% of Google users click on the first result while searching, taking this position for the keywords that describe your business will instantly attract more than a half of the overall customer base.

It shows off your expertise

Link building is one of the most effective strategies for the modern SEO. By building backlinks on high authority websites, you have a chance to show off your expertise and competencies to the potential customers.  Entrepreneurs that do link building themselves can become niche-specific influencers, who are often contacted by journalists to give interviews to some of the most famous online magazines. This way you are also building your credentials, and you can use these articles to win over our potential business partner and show off your knowledge.

SEO analytics is a great source of consumer information

Unlike many traditional marketing fields, SEO provides quantifiable and traceable results. Successful SEO strategy is meaningless without precise analytics that allows entrepreneurs to drill down their website visits at a granular level and collect tons of data about their visitors’ demographics, likes, dislikes, interest, and behavior. Collecting, structuring and filtering all this information helps businesses to create precise buyers’ personas and customer profiles that they can use with many other marketing strategies and methods.

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