Write For Us

Write For Us


We believe that collaboration is the key to our community’s growth.

That’s why we’re always looking for passionate and driven guest writers. As fellow fashion bloggers, you’re given the chance to become a contributor to IFB.

So if you want to share your unique viewpoint on all fashion matters through our blog – you’ve come to the right place.

In order to get published, you need to apply through this form. We will send you writing topics once we have reviewed your application.

Once approved, please follow the guidelines in order to write a show-stopping guest post article.

Please note that we do not accept guest posts that are:

  • advertisements for a product or service
  • press releases
  • fiction, poetry, or other formats that we do not currently publish on IFB
  • not well-researched
  • too short (generally speaking we won't accept anything less than 100 words)
  • non-original (and/or published elsewhere)



Write for people, not search engines – Write text that contains strong answers and gives informational value. Be helpful to your reader by having their motivations, challenges, and interests in mind.

Study the audience – IFB’s community consists of fashion bloggers, photographers, skincare fanatics, and social media geeks. Therefore we accept guest posts from these niches.

Keep it simple and to the point – Split your paragraphs into small chunks of no more than 4 sentences, each small chunk its own thought.

Use US English – We use US English standards. Refer to this quick guide for vocabulary examples of US English vs British English:


Study the examples – Read some of our best articles to get an idea of the writing style.


Use proper headings hierarchy (H1 for titles, H2 for subtitles, etc.) Be consistent with punctuation.


  • Use bold for headings and sub-headings or for sentence fragment call-outs.
  • Use italics for tips, references, and quotes.

Bullet Points

  • Keep bullet-pointed information short.
  • Ensure they are parallel in structure.
  • Be consistent with end punctuation.

Note: By applying, you have been informed that we hold full editorial control over your article. This includes links and content in case you have not fulfilled the criteria specified above.


  Email us: Use “info” and then our domain name.

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