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lam1105Go Fashion Bloggers, Go!

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As more and more print magazines fold, bloggers seem to be growing in professionalism and media legitimacy. When bloggers such as Previously Owned and kaKofonie Of si(gh)lenS can get the scoop on international designers, you know the fashion playing field is being leveled. If bloggers can host great giveaways like Retro Chick’s, I wonder why the FTC needs to play big brother. Fashion Pulse Daily wants to know if you even care. It seems we are becoming the pretty, little websites that could. Yay bloggers!

Links à la Mode : November 5th

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13 Responses

  1. IdStyle

    The Links choices must be getting harder because the content seems to be getting better and better.
    Thanks so much for including me, it is always an honor to be selected.
    .-= IdStyle´s last blog ..You Say… Rocha vs. Deyn =-.

  2. Fi Figueroa

    wow!! Thanks so much!! :) It’s the first time I get chosen after weeks and weeks of trying, you should see my “almost screaming on the top of my lungs face”!

    It is so true! Designers have to realize, the “normal” people (us bloggers! ) who write HONEST opinions about their work are a LOT more valuable than high end magazines if they want to be successful internationally. Why? Because high end magazines HAVE to write a good review, otherwise, they get absolutely no ads! hehe

    so yes! congrats to all the bloggers who are getting slowly but surely into the fashion world legitimately and taken more seriously!!

    Now, for reading everyone’s!!!

    thankkkkks again!

    .-= Fi Figueroa´s last blog ..MUSIC&DESIGN: Beth Ditto EDITION =-.

  3. debutante

    I’m so glad everyone liked the links. It was tough this week! So many good posts. Seems people paid attention to Ashe’s editorial guideline post. I’ve discovered some new blogs and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

  4. Pixie Dust

    Yet again a wonderful compilation of some of the most wonderful articles there are! I adore Links because the quality of the content is precious. I am absolutely in love with the 10 Creepy Collections post, but all of these are just fabulous, so all of you, keep the great work up and all of those who are not on the list but are bloggers as well, like me, same applies to you, as the Links unfortunately cannot list everyone’s post :)) Which of course makes this the wonderful compilation of “the best of the best” which it certainly is.
    .-= Pixie Dust´s last blog ..Links a la Mode, November 5th =-.