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So You Want a Review Sample

This post is by Sonja, the beauty editor at The Coveted I asked her to write this post because of the great way she's built relationships with beauty companies over the past months since she's started...

Ethical or Not: Selling Gifted Items

In the last few weeks, the ethics of reselling gifted items has come up often. I've talked to bloggers who need to cull their wardrobe and feel conflicted or unethical about their desire to resell lig...
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A Full-Time Income With No List

Update: Our webinar was great. We covered a lot of info on building your audience and monetizing your blog. Check out the replay here. In 2011, my friend Shawn Blanc quit his job to begin blogging for a l...
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How to Approach Brands for Freebies

Many bloggers, fashion bloggers included, see freebies as a "perk" of running an even moderately successful site. Whether you describe such free items as "gifts," "review samples," "collaborations" or somet...
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Stand Out from the Affiliate Crowd with Thrive Market

As a fashion blogger, one of the most common ways to monetize your site is through affiliate programs, and most fashion bloggers know of the few big programs out there. While they're great programs and of cours...
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How To Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

There are lots of ways to monetize your blog: advertising, affiliate marketing, ebooks, selling a product. It's always best to diversify though, and find the right mix of all of these things for you and your ...
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5 Tips for Successfully Approaching Brands

Yesterday I participated in a webinar for brands on identifying & working with social (media) influencers. This included bloggers of course, and I shared some of my experiences as a blogger/influencer wor...
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How to Negotiate an Ad Contract for Your Blog

I've talked about negotiating on IFB a couple of times now, both on the affiliate side and the ad sales side, but there's always more to say because negotiating is a complex topic...especially when you're fir...
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The Fashion Blogger’s Quick Guide to Monetization

Now that you've figured out it's time to monetize your fashion blog, how do you do it? There's no "one" right way or the "best" way to monetize your blog, you'll just have to figure out what works for you a...
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Are You Selling Anything Yet?

Ebooks, digital courses, consulting, t-shirts oh my! On your path to turning blogging into a career that supports you (day job not included), developing a signature product is a super smart way to go. Why? ...
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Behind the Scenes: How a Fashion Blogger Makes Money

I always appreciate getting a "behind the scenes" look at income breakdowns and the nuts & bolts of making a living as a blogger, so I thought I'd get on the other side of it today and give you a peek ins...
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4 Creative Examples of Successful Sponsored Posts

After affiliate links & advertising, sponsored posts are the third tier in monetizing your blog. But how do you present these without them seeming like adverts in the midst of your otherwise heartfelt con...
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25 Ways To Make Money Blogging

Bloggers from all areas of the globe have different ways of sustaining their lives as independent professional bloggers, we wanted to put some options together for you... all in one place.
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Blogger Tutorial: How to Set Your Rates

When you start monetizing your blog, the biggest question in your mind is probably, "What should I charge?" Figuring out what to charge is probably a question that will never have a permanent answer. Rat...
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How To Write A Crystal Clear Post Disclosure

We here at IFB tried to tackle the issue of blogger transparency with a different approach -- by highlighting bloggers and campaigns that did it right, and showing exemplary practices that you can use as an outline for your own disclaimers.
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How Condé Nast Salaries Stack Up With Blogger Incomes

Most of Cone Nast's salaries don't really surprise me (yes, there are people only bringing in $25k a year while working at Vogue), but I wondered how bloggers' incomes stacked up next to these coveted editorial positions.
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3 Ways To Make Money Off Of Instagram

While Instagram has gained a reputation for turning just about anybody with a smart phone into a decent photographer, some entrepreneurs have been using the free social media platform for marketing and selling their product. In an article by Business News Daily, they interviewed fashion businesses that have utilized their Instagram accounts for e-commerce. See their three secrets to Instagram success here:
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Why Bloggers Don’t Need Agents

If I had signed with an agent, I could 100% guarantee you IFB would not be where it is today. With a team of five, on the verge of a total website relaunch which you'll see in July, the IFB Conference twice...
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Blogger Compensation: To Charge or Not To Charge?

When you're starting your business as a blogger, one of the toughest questions you'll face is knowing when to charge and when something should be done for free. It's a delicate process as you want to make s...
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Pitch Yourself (And Your Blog) to the Press

The business of blogging is still pretty new and now more than ever there’s room for opportunity. Bloggers are becoming TV hosts, regular guests on shows, and quoted in magazines. We have agents. We are are the...
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How Far is too Far with c/o “Courtesy Of” ?

I’d like to open this up to the community and make this more of an open discussion than a post itself. I’ve been blogging for about 3 years and have noticed a huge increase of brands working with bloggers-- ...
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Working With Companies: Asking for Compensation

In last week's post on the Vogue Influencer Network, a lovely gal named Laura asked: I have been approached by companies before wanting me to do posts about their new website/product before, and no one has...