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SEO doesn't have to be hard, or confusing

Writing your blog is what you love.
And you've probably heard a thousand times to make sure you're “doing SEO.”
But where to start? What makes the most impact? Is this going to be hard?

SEO Essentials is the latest course from IFB for new and intermediate bloggers.
It gives you the easiest, most effective way to SEO your blog so your readers stay engaged and Google falls in love.

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Get simple concepts to guide your way

If you want more readers then you have to play by the search engine's rules. Until now most bloggers are shooting in the dark by just creating the content that comes to them. We don't want to stop your creative flow, we just want to give you an easy to follow structure that will help you maximize the organic reach of your blog. This means more happy readers consuming your awesome writing every day.
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Course Outline for SEO Essentials

  • Keywords and How to Use Them

    We cover the basics of identifying keywords and placing them on your pages, the right way, for the maximum impact for SEO.

    • Key Elements: Titles, Meta Descriptions
    • Be Descriptive
    • Tools: Google Trends, BuzzSumo
  • Linking Internally

    How you link from one page on your site to the next matters to Google. And how you use linking to from one article to another can impact how search engines understand it and rank it.

    • Other Posts
    • Other Areas on Your Site
    • Best of Page
  • Navigation, Sitemaps and Site Best Practices

    Obviously your navigation is important for usability, but it can also send critical messages to the search engines. Learn the right way to architect your site to make sure your best articles rank the highest.

    • Create Paths
    • Auto-generate Sitemaps
    • Robots.txt Files
  • The In's and Outs of External Links

    From the beginning, search engines have placed a huge priority on how one site links to another. Learn how to get the most value and highest chances of receing those important inboud links.

    • Blog Aggregators
    • Social profiles
    • Link to High Authority Sites
  • Perks of Guest Posting

    Guest posting has been a successful strategy for years, and while Google has downplayed its importance as of late, it's still a useful tool when used correctly.

    • Relevant Links
    • Exposure to new Readers: Snowball Effect

  • What Not To Do

    We cover some old-school strategies that have come to be actually harmful, such as paying for links and creating incentivized posts that aren't no-followed.

    • Paid links and Directories
    • Incentivized Posts
  • Write Consistently

    Nothing beats quality content. We discuss how to get organized, how to syndicate your posts across social, and why fresh content is so important.

    • Get Organized
    • Fresh Content
    • Syndicate Across Social and in Your Sitemap
  • Let's Get Technical

    Headers, Subheads, and Anchor Text all are critical signals to send to the search engines, and can also improve your site's usabilty.

    • Use Headers and Subheaders
    • Anchor Text
  • All Things Images

    You should never forget the opportunities around image search, and how the right images with the right settings can kick up your rankings on certain keywords.

    • Alt Tags, Titles and Descriptions
    • SEO for Pinterest
  • SEO Tools and WordPress Plugins

    Which tools are worth the effort and cost? We breakdown our favorite free tools, and recommend just a couple of paid options, to help you understand how your site is ranking, and why.

    • Google: Analytics and Webmaster Tools
    • WordPress Plugins
    • Moz Toolbar