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Is Instagram Essentials Right for You?

This course is for anyone who hopes to grow their audience and increase engagement on Instagram.

The course gives you clear, explicit instructions on improving your images, thinking about how you schedule them, and introduces you to apps and tools that can help in every step of your Instagram workflow. Also, we provide 10 days of inspiration on ways to find new and interesting users to engage with–as engaging with a larger audience will help grow yours.

Each day you'll have a short lesson followed by an engagement assignment. In most cases, you can do both in under 10 minutes. It's simple but effective. What are you waiting for?

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Course Outline for Instagram Essentials

  • Increasing your engagement for more followers

  • Anatomy of a great photo + our favorite helper apps

  • Integrating other social networks + following key friends

  • The best time to post on Instagram + scheduling

  • Hashtags and how to use them without being annoying

  • How often should you post on Instagram + planning your posts

  • Funnel your blog's traffic to your Instagram

  • Let's Get Technical

  • Instagram etiquette: repostsing, tagging, and getting noticed

  • Instagram success metrics + free tools to keep track of your growth