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15 Creative People Who Achieved Success After 40

I may call myself a "failed fashion blogger," but that doesn't mean I've stopped trying. We all fail many times in our lives, and thank goodness for that, because that's where our best lessons come from. Whe...
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Fashion Bloggers Over 40 You Should Follow Now

Over the years, I have become very selective when it comes to the blogs I follow - especially the blogs curated by fashion bloggers over 40. I deleted many blogs from my reader a while ago. The ones I stil...
sporty chic sandal

The Sporty-Chic Sandal Every Blogger Needs for Spring

Flatforms and chunky, military boot-infused sandals have been all over street style and Instagram feeds in recent months. If your style already veers in the edgy direction, it's easy to work this trend into...
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IFB Member Spotlight: Elly of Uptown With Elly Brown

Welcome to this week’s IFB member spotlight! Each Friday we feature an IFB blogger we want to get to know better and share his or her story.  Who: Elly Brown What: Uptown with Elly Brown Where: Hou...
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6 Bloggers with Short Hair to Inspire You

Short hair is all the rage right now. Blunt bobs are making a huge come back, and pixy cuts have never been more chic. And with the new year around the corner, some of you may be thinking about changing u...
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Three Native American Sites Fashion Bloggers Need to Know About

Happy Indigenous People's Day! Instead of Columbus Day, Seattle and Minneapolis are celebrating Indigenous People's Day as a way of recognizing the cultural contributions of the people who were already living in America when Columbus "discovered" it. What's this have to do with fashion blogging?
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13 Resources for Finding Local and Regional Bloggers

When we talked about the challenges facing new bloggers and how to break through those new blogger barriers, one suggestion that came up was networking with your fellow local and regional bloggers.  While a l...
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10 YouTube Stars to Watch (& Learn From)

In the internet galaxy, YouTube is a universe unto itself. In just over eight years of existence, YouTube sees over 1 billion unique visitors who watch over 4 billion hours of video. PER MONTH. While the traffi...
9 fashion bloggers

9 Fashion Bloggers Worth their Weight in Words

There are more niches in fashion blogging than we could ever begin to cover, but its worthwhile to explore bloggers whose main tool is words, not photographs.  Those who are exploring (and blogging about!) fa...
kelly erin glamourai sister act

Sister Act: Blogging Duos Keeping it in the Family

As an only child who grew up spending most of her time providing her own entertainment and playing make-believe by herself, running a blog solo has always felt natural to me. I like the control, I'm comfortab...
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5 Chic Handbags That Will Fit Your Blogger Gear

Handbags have always been difficult for me. I love them on other people, but picking out the right one has always been a problem. Especially these days when we have to schlep around a laptop, sometimes a came...
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It Takes Two: The Benefits of Blogging As A Pair

We all know that blogging is hard work, and that the actual act of blogging (writing, posting, editing) can be a solitary endeavor. Recently, though, we've noticed a proliferation of amazing blogs - run by ...
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Shop Your Heart Out: The Ultimate Blogger Gear Guide

It never fails, once mid-August comes around, I get hit with a major shopping craze. Blame it on the classic "Back to School" mentality, but the end of summer and the coming of fall makes me want to wipe th...
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6 Funny Girls Writing About Fashion (And 2 Guys)

If our list of funny fashion Tumblrs isn't enough to get you out of your mid-week rut, take a gander at these funny gals writing about fashion that we've noticed (and chuckled at) here at the IFB office.
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10 Fourth Of July Inspired Blog Posts We Love

While most of us in the good ol' USA are hitting the beach or a barbecue right about now, if you happen to be by a computer we've rounded up a little inspiration on how to use your blog to highlight a holiday.
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25 Instagram Accounts We’re Totally Obsessed With

Would it be inappropriate if we wanted to climb to the top of our New York City office building and shout, "We love Instagram!" Seriously, we could literally shout it from the rooftops. The photo-sharing app ge...
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IFB’s 20 Favorite Menswear Blogs

We have a confession: We love menswear blogs. Seriously, sometimes we love them even more than we love fashion blogs about clothes that we actually wear. There are a lot of reasons, and you may be surprised...
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30 Spectacular Style Bloggers Over 30

Someone once told me that your thirties are the best decade of your life. Your angsty teen years are more than a decade in the past, and perhaps you overcome that whole "figuring out who you are" thing of y...
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IFB’s 15 Most Gorgeous Beauty Blogs To Watch

I've been doing my make up the same way since I was sixteen. Black eyeliner, loads of mascara, bronzer and a dash of pinky lip balm. It wasn't until I started blogging about fashion that I was introduced to t...
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7 Fab Style Blogger Videos To Inspire Your Next Vlog

We're big fans of video over here at IFB. It brings content to life, and adds a fun, multimedia element to style blogging. Whether it's a haul video, a tutorial, a musical performance, an outfit brought to life...
10 celebrity blogs we love

10 Celebrity Blogs We Heart, and 10 We Wish Existed

It's not our fault we care about, read about, stalk and fantasize about celebrities so much. It's society's fault, it's our media-obsessed culture, and it's because they're so darn good-looking. At some point y...
jane aldridge closet

Jane Aldridge in a Sea of Controversy

As you may have read last week, there was a flurry of controversy over a recent profile of Jane Aldridge, the blogger behind Sea of Shoes, in a publication called Texas Monthly. In it, the reporter rather candi...
top 10 fashion bloggers

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers Who Nail Their Niche

So what exactly quantifies "nailing your niche" by IFB standards? Well, this won't be  your typical list of blogger who make bank and have insane amounts of traffic and followers, command $10,000 appearance fee...