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Fragrance and Fashion: How do they match?

The relationship between fragrance and fashion has a long and rich history, dating back to ancient civilizations. In ancient Egypt, fragrances were used for religious ceremonies and were also worn as a form of...
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Sustainable Fashion Brands You’ll Love To Wear

Sustainable fashion is quickly becoming a hot topic, especially as the issue of climate change comes into better view through current research. As opposed to fast fashion where clothing is worn only a few tim...
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How Sustainable Fashion Is Ruining the Industry

1 Granary, a print and online publication out of Central Saint Martins University of the Arts in London has launched a series of articles on ethically-made fashion. But their first interview subject balked ...
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Actually, Bloggers DO Influence People to Buy

Sometimes getting feedback on the impact of blogging can be tough. I keep thinking about how Mickey Drexler once said, “I have yet to see a correlation in my industry between great social media and great numb...
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Fashion Blogging vs. Magazines: What Does The Future Hold?

As magazines begin to tap into bloggers more and more, I began to wonder: will this progression continue to meld together, eventually evolving digital magazine platforms and blogs into one? Or will magazines and blogs forever be of two different mindsets in fashion?
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The Most Important Moments In Fashion Blogging History

Do you know your fashion blogger history? Our community has been rapidly changing over the past couple years -- so fast, in fact, that we've barely had time to take a look back at our progression. In honor of our 7th IFB Con (can you believe it!? 7!!), here's brief peek at how bloggers have evolved thus far, a la timeline format.
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J.Crew Catalog: Diversity or Racism?

J.Crew catalogs have always been a treat to peruse, sometimes even more so than a fashion magazine. Always showcasing a life where everyone is beautiful, expertly layered and perfectly accessorized. However, ...
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5 Startups that Could Change the Way You Shop

Not so long ago, if you wanted to sell your old or ill-fitting clothes you'd have to host a garage sale, a clothing swap or start up an eBay account to hawk your closet excess. And when the fashion blogger comm...