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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I start a fashion blog?
Starting a fashion blog is both exciting an overwhelming, we've put this guide together to make it easier, How to Start a Fashion Blog.


I'd like to contribute to IFB, what can I do?
We love to hear ideas from the IFB community! You can share yours with us over here.
How can I be a part of the IFB Community if I don’t have IFB PRO membership?
You may participate in Links a la Mode and our OOTD feature run through our Instagram account.
What is Links à la Mode and how can I participate?
A round up of 20 bloggers each week sponsored by ShopBop. A call for submissions is posted on the IFB Facebook page every Friday. Submissions close every Wednesday at 12pm Pacific. Post goes live on IFB Thursday morning. Then posted to Facebook and Instagram. We choose one pictured blogger to post and tag (shout out) their image on Instagram.
I'm interested in being featured in an IFB Blogger Profile. How can I apply?
Here's a link to our submission page, that also outlines what we're looking for in a blogger to profile. IFB Featured Bloggers


How can I revise my username after my account is set up?
Usernames are unable to be changed once they have been created. However, you may change your display name within your member profile any time it strikes your fancy.
How can I update my credit card information?
Unfortunately, you'll need to contact us for that. So use the form below and we'll do our best to get it all sorted out.

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