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More than Meets the Eye

Edited by Fajr Muhammad at Stylish Thought


When you visit a fashion blog you often see a stylish blogger posing in a perfectly, put together outfit with gorgeous scenery. What you don’t see is the work that goes into curating and maintaining a fashion blog. This week the theme across IFB was outfit posts: what deems an outfit worthy, what goes into creating a stunning visual post and ultimately the comments (some not so nice) that we receive as style bloggers. Ultimately, blogging is a way to express our love for fashion and personal style but as this week’s links can attest to, there is much more to fashion blogging than meets the eye.


Links à la Mode: April 28th




New Sunglasses at ShopbopStella McCartney, Tom Ford, Ray Ban, YSL, Marc Jacobs, Carrera, DITA, Gucci, Phillip Lim & Super Sunglasses




If you would like to submit your link for next week’s Links à la Mode, please register first, then post your links HERE. The HTML code for this week will be found in the Links a la Mode group will be published later today. ~Jennine



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9 Responses

  1. LittleRus

    Thank you for including my post!!! I am sitting here with a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge smile on my face. Such a lovely surprise! Thanks again! xxx

  2. Fabienne Jach

    So exciting to be featured! You just made my day:) Thank you, I always strive to write engaging articles whenever I have the opportunity. I appreciate the acknowledgment.

    Congrats to all the others, too. Can’t wait to read them all.
    🙂 f

  3. Ladyinlycra

    What an honor. It’s wonderful to be recognized for the hours poured into doing what we love – chatting about pretty things, and sometimes, not so nice things. Is is a great list of artists!

    …shop, shop, shop!

  4. Elle

    Thank you for including me in this week’s line up! It’s an honor- best thing that’s happened to me today actually. So thank you. And some fabulous reads up there too- thanks for showing us the Fashion in Film post- pure genius!