Links á la Mode:Tech Weekly Roundup

Mobile Mavens: Making Savvy and Stylish Choices to Improve Our Blogs

Edited by Maggie Battles


Trends and technology move at a rapid speed these days and along with that comes unlimited choices. We can choose from a variety of blogging platforms, we can shoot from any number of cameras and shop from any number of online boutiques. There’s so many styles and options to choose from in fashion and technology that we’re constantly evolving our taste to match each moment in time. This weeks Links has a collection of examples on how to take your blog to the next level. The following are a group of links with helpful advice on everything from how to work with PR people, to switching to a new blogging platform and to navigating user-generated fashion on the web. I trust that many of these links will prove to be very useful to all of you. Happy posting!




If you would like to submit your link for next week’s Links à la Mode, please register first, then post your links. Deadline is Sunday, May 22nd — get posting here and grab the code for your blogs here.



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