By: Taylor Davies

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Summer vs. Winter
Edited by: Emily of Sugar & Spice
It’s strange to think that while here in the UK we’re finally basking in a little sunshine, some places are entering Autumn (Fall!) and Winter. This week’s posts reflect the two hemispheres with posts on Fall trends and beach essentials. What a better time to be experiencing a little of summer in the UK as we welcome the Olympics to London this week! And did you know it’s the 66th birthday of the bikini? Plus, whether you’re shopping the sales this week or shopping away the blues, there’s a guide for you here:

  1. A Minor Obsession: How to wear brocade
  2. Anthony & Elle: DIY glitter shoes
  3. Bespoke Baroque: How one item can begin to change your life
  4. Best Of Bklyn: 5 things to do in 5 minutes to look 5 times better
  5. Chic Black Chick: How to wear the Fall trends
  6. Classic Glam Blog: DIY Nautical Knot Rope Necklace
  7. Crisis in Denim: Retail Therapy
  8. Elegant Idiosyncrasy: A close-up look at styling a shoot
  9. The Fashionistyle: Celebrating 66 years of the bikini
  10. Fashion-opolis: The Art of Sale Shopping
  11. Favor the Brave: Embracing simplicity
  12. Girl in Betsey: Summer pieces and how to wear them in the Fall
  13. Life.Style.Flash: A few honest thoughts on blogging
  14. Madly Chic: An Interview with Project Runway contestant Joshua Christensen
  15. Pish Posh Perfect: 10 Essentials for the Beach
  16. Room 334: Some personal rules for blogging
  17. Soffs Blog: The Swinging Sixties
  18. South x Style: Five cheap ways to upgrade your look
  19. Style Chain: The Formula to the Perfect Arm Party
  20. The Style Confessions: How to shop successfully for clothes



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  1. Anna says:

    Fantastic choices, congrats everyone ;-)

  2. I think I will go buy a new bikini to properly celebrate!

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    Lauren says:

    So excited to be chosen! Excited to check out all the others.

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    Jill says:

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    Favor the Brave

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