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Color Stories


Edited By: Taylor Davies

Aubergine. Oceanic blue. Wedding White. For this week's Links a la Mode round up, I focused on posts that drew inspiration or centered around color. Whether it was styling up a range of colorful pants or looking at the rise of black and white dressing, there were so many creative and cool blog posts centering on color. Take a look, get inspired and taste the rainbow!





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If you would like to submit your link for next week’s Links à la Mode, please register first, then post your links HERE where you see “Links a la mode  next week’s date (official)”. The HTML code for this week will be found in the Links a la Mode widget on the right side of the blog, and will be published later today. ~ Jennine

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  1. Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb

    Wow thank you so much for featuring my post again, IFB! That’s really made my day 🙂

    However… I’m afraid you’ve got my blog name wrong – I left a comment last time I was featured to say it was wrong, but I’ve been described as “Not Dressed As A Lamb” again – it’s just “As Lamb”, no “A”…!

    Please please please could you amend it before the HTML code gets published, I’d be so grateful! Thank you so much, and once again I’m so sorry to sound like a fusspot (cue lots of grovelling)

    Catherine x

  2. Caroline Topperman

    I have been waiting for this for so long! Thank you so much for featuring my blog, this made my day!

  3. TheFashioniStyle

    Thank you for featuring our post!! We love everytime that we make it into Links a la mode!!!

    ❤ xoxo ❤

  4. Biki

    @Rock My Heels – Congratulations Tali, I tried to leave a message on your blog but couldn’t. Wanted to say I gave your blog post a special mention on my blog! The ensemble was fab, the boots- out of control and I loved that you ended the day with Eddie Murphy videos- Raw is my favourite comedy stand-up!

  5. Tali

    @Biki wow thank you so much!! hmm I wonder what was wrong with commenting on my blog( I’ll check out your immediately))

    @IFB thank you so much for featuring me again! And the other articles are a very interesting reading, thanks for giving me a chance to read them too!