Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup
By: Taylor Davies

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Strictly Fashion

Edited By Taylor Davies 

This week’s round up is seriously savvy. From pre-fall collections to runway shows, the submissions you all contributed this week were highly high-fashion-focused. And you know what? I love it. Last week we delved into some deep topics, and it’s nice to change things up with some thoughtful consideration of clothes and designers as well, don’t you think? Whether you want to know how to style this year’s Pantone color of the year (emerald green) or a little about the life and times of Diana Vreeland, you’ll get your fix from this week’s round up.





Shopbop ArrivalsJason Wu, Samudra, Ipanema, Versace Handbags, Salvatore Flats, Else, Peixoto, PilyQ, L’Wren Scott , Designer Sales

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  1. Profile photo of ive2tellu
    ive2tellu says:

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  2. Profile photo of ive2tellu
    ive2tellu says:

    You event put my pictures :) :)
    Guys if you don’t know yet who is Diana Vreeland!!! Have a look to my last post!

  3. Profile photo of Aleksandra
    Aleksandra says:

    YAY! I’m so proud, thank you IFB for picking me <3

  4. Profile photo of Girl Loves Color
    Girl Loves Color says:

    Hey IFB, I can’t comment on your page with the LALM code, but it hasn’t been working! When I copy + paste the code, the links don’t function properly in my blog. I’ve found I can correct this by removing some weird coding that appears within the (a href=””) tag but it would help others out by fixing the code for future LALMs (it’s happened before).

  5. Profile photo of Kristen
    Kristen says:

    Hi there, thanks so much for choosing my blog last week. Just wanted to let you know that all of the links led to errors because there was an additional ” at the end fo each link, making all of them broken. I feel bad that I realized it a bit too late. Just a heads up so the code for next week is correct. Thanks!

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