IFBcon Workshop Live Blog: Debunking SEO: What Fashion Bloggers Need to Know
By: Taylor Davies

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Workshop 7: Debunking SEO: What Fashion Bloggers Need to Know, Brought to you by Erika Miller, of ELM Consulting

Live-blogged by: Nicole La Mons of www.StilettoMomDiaries.com.

Keywords (Key phrases)

-Drive strategy

-Finding the right key words are important.

-3-4 word phrases is best.

-Seasonal modifiers (Spring, Summer, 2013). Include topics people are  looking for throughout the season.

-If you have low visibility/traffic pick keywords with 3-4 word phrases.

-Have keywords set in place and then you can add to them (i.e. red lipstick  to Chanel red lipstick)


-Onesite – links to related content using key words

-Offsite – links from guest posts or partner citations

Sharing content

If a source would like to use your content, allow only snippets of the content, not the full post.


Some can take a toll on your website’s load time. Google does look at slow loading time as a factor.

Using Tags

-Make sure your tags are refined and relevant to your blog.

-If you are a small site try not to have more than 20 tags.

-Each tag you add to your website generates a URL.

-If you are a new blog, decide in advance which tags you plan to use.

Traffic Expectations

-Traffic will grow in time

-Turn around time for success- 3-6 months (depending on newness & popularity.

Using Analytics

-Google analytics is a must.

-Install Google Web Master tools





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