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  • General Blog Improvement
  • Monetization
  • Advertising
  • Corporation-owned Blogging Networks
  • Media
  • Ethics
  • Tech Tips
  • SEO Tips

In exchange for your guest post you will receive the following:

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Single guest posts are not paid, as we can only pay regular contributors. At this time we are not accepting applications for regular contributors.

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  1. Profile photo of thechococolatefashionblog

    I think I just might have something to say!

  2. Profile photo of Chiara Caputo

    So do I, I feel a very strong need to communicate

  3. Profile photo of
    Molen says:

    I would love to collaborate with you , i have contact with some vogue editors, like arriana becerra vogue online editor of Vogue Mexico. So what do you say you want that exclusive?

  4. Profile photo of Tiara
    Tiara says:

    I will definally be emailing some questions;)

  5. Profile photo of Muny B.
    Muny B. says:

    I love sharing with the world my expressions on Style and Fashion, and it’s really good to see what people think about it, good or bad criticisms is always constructive for me!


  6. Profile photo of Rochelle Lasco

    Help me gain more followers and traffic. My blog is all about your everyday but with a fab touch. Visit my blog at

  7. Sarah Wulff says:

    Hi Jenine,

    You should definitely visit my blog… I’m sure that you have never seen or read a blog with this kind of niche. My passion is animal prints, but more so, when it’s mixed into fashion and my lifestyle. Not only, do I have this exciting blog, but i have a web shop (, where I ONLY sell accessories that are inspired by the animal kingdom… Oh, and I have been working with PR the last 8 years in the fashion industry….

    I hope that you find this interesting!


  8. Profile photo of Anatomia de Estilo


    Visit my blog : I hope you like it, my blog to every one who loke the beautigul things in live. And is to every style


  9. Profile photo of Susann Akers
    Susann Akers says:

    I have been blogging on and off for a couple of years now. I started a blog to try and drive traffic to my website. Someone suggested it and I was totally new to all things webby and bloggy so I thought I would give it a go.
    It has only been recently that I have really been serious about driving traffic to my blog which is why I have joined IFB in the hope of learning and engaging from experienced bloggers.
    Since I joined I found there are lots of people who are very new to blogging and desperate for guidance and some fresh ideas in the same way I was. I am not an expert in SEO but I have picked up a tips and I thought I would share them with anyone who is interested. I have never done anything like this before so here goes…….

    • A blog is not about you – it is about your readers. People are interested in themselves and how what impact your blog will have on THEM
    • Decide early on in your blogging career who your target audience is and then find out where they hang out on the internet.
    • When it comes to finding information Google is your friend. Just start typing in your question into Google and you will be amazed what answers will come up
    • Look at what successful bloggers are doing to build traffic and learn from them
    • Getting traffic is about good content. Clear images and a reason for why you have posted those images. I love commenting on people’s blogs because I love getting comments on mine, but I struggle sometimes to think of anything to say on some of the blogs I have come across
    • When you do comment try to say something meaningful rather than a quick “cool” or “awesome” and don’t beg for a follow. It’s demeaning and if you have to do that you don’t have confidence in your own product
    • Try to think about key words when writing. Think about what phrases people use when they are searching on the internet.
    • Most of the information you need is out there for free on the internet, you just have to wade through it to find it.
    These are just a few tips that some new bloggers may find helpful.

  10. Profile photo of fashionblogku

    can I share my fashion style in here?

  11. Profile photo of shweghna31
    shweghna31 says:

    Being an Indian blogger I strongly believe, I can spread awareness about India’s style and fashion as it is previewed to be a backward country with not much fashion style. I would love it if I could contribute to IFB and help the people to know more about India and it’s unique fashion.


  12. Profile photo of Sandeep Verma

    Please read my blog – – any feedback would be appreciated :-)


  13. Profile photo of marilovesgr33n

    I’d like to write something about the importance of writing what you really have in your heart.
    I think that to be a good blogger you first need to show who you are, without trying to be someone else.
    I’ve noticed that each time I completely open my soul to my readers they are happier and they show me back the biggest and most incredible love.

    People need true feelings and opinion even if you are talking about something glittery and shining like fashion.

  14. Would love to join and be part of this great affair! xoxo

  15. Kia Love says:

    I would love to contribute. I will be emailing a few questions very soon.

  16. Hallie says:

    Jennine + Team,

    Can’t believe it’s been five years! I just wanted to take a sec to tell you how much I’ve loved the direction in which IFB has gone this year. Your articles are a constant source of knowledge and inspiration and I absolutely love the slew of voices you’ve added to the roster .

    Ashe, Taylor, Vanessa, Ashley and the rest of the team, thanks for keeping me on my (high heeled) toes! :)

    xo Hallie

  17. Profile photo of MY FLOORDROBE

    i love that ifb is giving people the opportunity to write for them! amazing

  18. Profile photo of
    Rabiyyah Khan says:

    This is definitely a great way to build recognition! I’m ALL in :)

  19. LaToria says:

    I love blogging. I love writing and I love sharing my little two cents with others. I just started my blog but have high content already. I’m also a current Fashion student focusing on merchandising and Design. Please check me out and my fashion section. Look forward to networking with you all

  20. Barbara says:

    I think that is wonderful that IFB are giving people the chance to write.

  21. Barbara says:

    Simply amazing!!

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    Have a look at

  23. Profile photo of Tina Colada
    Tina Colada says:

    I would love to contribute and be a part of the Ifb writers and contributors. Do visit my blog to get a sense of my work here:

  24. Meredith says:

    I think everyone needs to give their opinion about the blogging world, because if we don’t we are going to be pulled down a one way path.

    I recently just created my own Best Beauty Blog Award to give to those who do not have their own blog domains, such as myself. You can check it out here:

    I would love to gain more followers, as I have a huge contest coming out on Feb. 1st!

  25. Profile photo of
    Simone says:

    I love fashion it’s my life and always have been. This is my first time on ifb…this can be really very fun and nteresting. It would be a great experiance to contribute to fashion in sorts of various ways.

  26. LXMODA says:

    We will surely apply for this, thanks for this opportunity IFB!

  27. Profile photo of Tawana Charles

    Wow amazing..I gotta check this out. Also check out my blog everyone: :)

  28. Profile photo of Vicky
    Vicky says:

    Jennine… emailed you a couple times but did not get any reply.. is there another way to contribute?

  29. Profile photo of Louise Squire

    This would be an amazing opportunity!!
    I will deffo be sending in some ideas…

  30. minniemac says:

    Take a look,

  31. Profile photo of Jill and Ann
    Jill and Ann says:

    Will definitely try this out!
    Check out our blog:

  32. Profile photo of My Voguish Diaries

    This is very cool! I’m definitely thinking about ideas to pitch!


  33. Ryu Dilong says:

    Hi everyone! I write my blog from South America, I post my makeup experiments results :) outfits and also some interesting articles from the world of art and photography.
    Visit my recent post and take a look what people wear on the streets of Santiago de Chile!

  34. Profile photo of Rachael Sparkfire

    I am a fashion blogger who loves monograms, bright colors and the busy lifestyle! Stop by my blog Letters from a Mermaid for fun reads, great giveaways, and LOTS of inspiration!

  35. Profile photo of The Rocknologist

    New to the blogging world, but have been shooting Tokyo street fashion for quite some time now… see there are quite a few boards on Pinterest from IFB and was wondering how I can add a board for Tokyo fashion? From the advice of a friend, started a wordpress blog as a kind of study tool on how to do blogging, but still learning… close to 20,000 hits and at least one hit from 71 different countries, so am encouraged to keep doing my thing on the street!!

    Please have a look and any feedback is appreciated…

    The Rocknologist

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    Pinky Ross says:

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    Just visit at least once, you will be addicted to it.

  37. Cory Korine says:

    still learning the ropes of the fashion media industry of blogging.

    Really appreciate if you would check out my fashion blog here..


  38. Profile photo of Raquel Ramirez

    Woah, maybe I can contribute with something! I’m new on here
    would you mind guys checking out my blog?

  39. Lexie says:

    Hey everyone, my name is Lexie! I’ve been an on-and-off blogger for years, but after getting into the routine of blogging every day post college graduation with a BFA in Fashion Marketing, I’m an addict!

    My blog is

    Can’t wait to contribute something IFB worthy!


    Jackie O Nouveau

  40. Profile photo of Xina
    Xina says:

    the renegade always has something to say. possible contribution in the future –

  41. Scott says:

    We look forward to contributing and hopefully providing some tips to the community on how we got Man of Many ( up and running.

  42. Sanjeev says:

    Hey I really liked reading this blog, and would like to be a part of it. Do have a look at to see if we have anything in common…

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  44. Sanya says:

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    I just started my second blog and I’m looking for ways to promote. The first one was just set up as a hobby and I learned about blogging and writing through it. But this one is a business for me.

    It’s called The Comfortable Beauty. I totally believe that beauty is through health and confidence and how you present yourself rather than cosmetics alone.

    Here is it:

  45. Profile photo of Nicole Simonetti

    I love that IFB offers the opportunity for fellow bloggers to contribute. There’s no better way to start a real community than that. This is one of the reasons I’m so happy I stumbled upon IFB. You better believe I’ll be pitching a story soon!

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    Fashion and Beauty are so important in today’s culture. Make sure to keep up on all the latest trends

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    Freda Keck says:

    Hi! Please follow my blog, I would greatly appreciate it! I’m relatively new to blogging and appreciate all of the follows! :)


  48. I would love collaborate
    I only just started my blog and would love for you to check it out

  49. Nikky says:

    Wow. This is great. I would love to contribute a blog post here to get some traffic for my site
    Also anyone can contribute on my website as well their writings ;)

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    I’m tired of seeing fashion blogs that expect me to spend tons of money to look stylish. So here is a blog that has tips on staying stylish and saving money.

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    I will try to contribute on this related to SEO tips . Nice step

  55. Profile photo of Andhika
    Andhika says:

    Well..just a few man here…
    but I think I will join this community, and contribute some fashion story..

  56. Profile photo of SANDI Schulz
    SANDI Schulz says:

    I am interested in sharing some of my blog pix and fashion trending with you. Please tell me how I can upload them onto my homepage of the IFB site. Thank you!

  57. Profile photo of Anika Hunt
    Anika Hunt says:

    This is a fantastic opportunity for bloggers to really have their say and expand their journalistic output!

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