5 Viral Instagram Tips from Top Blogs

Looking for ways to take your Instagram content strategy to the next level? While it's true that you should keep your content on the photo/video platform consistent to grow your followers, look to these examples from top bloggers who are choosing quality over quantity…

1. Statement accessories are popular on Instagram; shoot them against interesting backgrounds, and experiment with texture.

Good examples include these artfully arranged accessories shots from The Blonde Salad and Bag Snob:

ChiaraAccessoriesUse BagSnobAccessories


2. Play up colorful food shots with interesting textures and fashionable pairings.

Song of Style, for example, pairs frozen yogurt with a stack of arm candy and a structured bag, while WhoWhatWear juxtaposes a plate of macarons against a stack of books and a feline sculpture.



3. Showcase your sense of humor with quirky subjects.

Man Repeller‘s Instagram feed is quite humorous and Refinery29‘s goofy sunglass wearing pineapple scores big points for personality.



4. Nail the uber popular nail shot with a cool backdrop.

WhoWhatWear stacks books and rings against metallic nails while Cupcakes and Cashmere plays up a pink mani with delicate jewelry and a blushing bouquet.



5. Nothing beats a beautiful sunset or landscape. Focus on the best quality image before sharing on Instagram.

Refinery29 goes for the kill with a sunset over the Brooklyn Bridge, while Man Repeller shares a breathtaking ocean view.



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23 Responses

  1. Asia Mays

    Agreed! Great marketing essentials to maintain relevance.

    Awesome post Deanne!

  2. Trendeneur

    I am absolutely obsessed with instagram and I’m continuously trying to improve my insta-pics! Really liked this post

  3. Amy

    Meh. These people get lots of likes because they have lots of followers from being bloggers. There’s no real secret here.

  4. La Gamine

    Agreed! I have definitely seen a spike on IG when I post some of the content mentioned above. Another winner for me has been quirky/inspirational quotes. People love being inspired lol

  5. Sarah's Real Life

    When I want to Instagram a new accessory or pair of shoes, I grab a pretty patterned scarf or skirt to put them on. Makes a way better background than my cheap carpet! Also, I’ve found food photos look better from overhead. That way the plate acts as a frame and you don’t see other junk on the table in the background.

    ~Sarah…oh, and you can find me on Instagram here! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. princess

    great tips ! this will help me to improve my instagram ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. WIlma

    Instagram is really good in sharing your blog contents and life with your readers. But i feel sad that instagram destroys the quality of the pictures. So i do take pictures with my camera, then put it in my phone without applying any filters before upload. And so far, it is great!


  8. Shaqinah Fakar

    This couldn’t come at a better time, instagram decided it was high time they deleted my instagram account! Ah well, just another excuse to take another crack at instagram and do it right!


  9. Cristina

    great ideas! consistency is best. i’m still working on this. in the meantime, you can follow me on insta : @strugglinghipster

  10. Jasmine McKee

    Very helpful! The unique take on the nail pictures and humor photos gives me some ideas for variety (I’ve been struggling with that). As for the scenery, I love posting those but I don’t want to veer away too far from fashion and confuse my followers. I’ll play around with it, though!