Why Instagram Is Better for Fashion Bloggers Than Facebook

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According to an article on Entrepreneur, Instagram is most appealing to brands and industries that are more visually oriented (as if we didn't already know).

But what you may not know is that:

Instagram has surpassed Facebook in terms of engagement (about 15 times), and is more popular than Twitter. Whoa.

If you're not on Instagram, get on it, stat. If you are, are you optimizing it for your fashion blog? for your brand? Are you keeping your followers engaged? Showing exclusive content?

Honestly, no one knows what the end result is after gaining followers or becoming more active on Instagram; there's really no way to measure it since you can't link directly to blog posts via the app. If you're monetizing your Instagram feed with Liketoknow.it or the Shopstyle tool, then you probably have a better idea of how engaged your readers are, but even then, the jury's still out whether people really WANT to be sold stuff on Instagram.

What's clear is that Instagram users value authenticity, so a lot of efforts to monetize and advertise on Instagram have crashed and burned, or not taken off at all. I think Instagram is so popular precisely because it's not Facebook. The ads aren't as pervasive, the posts aren't promoted, nothing is expected of you, hardly anyone is selling, and it's fast.

It's also, of course, visual. Which makes it the perfect tool for fashion bloggers and creative types to get their brand out there. It's like fashion blogs were back in the day; a place to share your passion with like-minded people.

[Photo via PolishingColors on Instagram]

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22 Responses

  1. Levitate Style

    Totally agree! I have been using Instagram to reach the menswear community. My instagram shows more inside look into the daily life like getting coffee or OOTD details and document fashion events. My website has become exclusively editorial shoots and travel photo diaries. Instagram is also great in the way of tagging brands so if followers are interested in the clothing they can easily tap to see without it being overly advertised.

    I actually don’t have a facebook or twitter set up for Levitate Style at all since I knew majority of my audience would be on Instagram when I started last year. However there are definite pros/cons with Facebook – you can actually share content with live links so people can click directly to your site etc. I think it will be more engaging to announce sales etc.


  2. Alison

    I feel it varies on your audience. As a 40 year old blogger, my audience is on Facebook, not Instagram. It used to stress me out that my numbers on Instagram didn’t rival other bloggers, but my engagement on Facebook is great, and my second highest driver of traffic to my blog. I think it is true for many fashion blogs, but I think it’s important to know your audience over statistics and cater to them!

  3. Katey Suzanne

    Ahh all good points! Facebook drives a lot of traffic to my blog though so it’ll continue to be important for me. 🙂 But my insta followers are the sweetest- they both matter in different ways!

    • Anastasia Nicole

      Same here! Instagram has been great for building overall awareness but Facebook still drives way more traffic. For me, it’s not a one or the other thing, it’s about using them both with very different goals in mind.

    • Natalie

      This is so true. I use Instagram and Facebook in different ways, but both are necessary for me. Facebook drives my traffic but an Instagram presence is a MUST. Now, I am seeing bloggers go to Snapchat. Does anyone else feel the need to do that? I can’t imagine trying to manage another social media account!

  4. Denisia

    Hi everyone! Denisia from http://www.polishingcolors.com here, also the girl from the picture. 🙂

    I’m a style blogger based in London and been blogging for almost two years now. In terms of social media networks I’m using both Facebook and Instagram with slightly different purposes. Besides the personal style/fashion content which usually goes on all networks, on Instagram I also post bits and pieces of my personal life, updates from the events I’m attending and other daily activities. On Facebook, on the other hand, I publish links to articles I think my followers would be interested in like photography, social projects, news, music and so on.

    My audience on Facebook is a little bit more grown up than the one on Instagram and realizing that was a huge step in adapting my content to each network.

    Bottom line, I think Instagram can be an amazing tool for gaining exposure and but that doesn’t mean we should delete our Facebook pages. Not yet, at least.


  5. Raivyn dK

    I agree with Alison- it does depend on your audience. While I’m still ‘young’ for a style blogger [ahem, barely under 30], my largest audience strictly resides on Facebook, and they love that I can leave links to items, as well as tag the actual brand page. It makes it easier for them; not everyone is exactly ‘in the know’ when it comes to Instagram yet, or don’t feel they have a reason to use it… It’s definitely best to gauge your audience and proceed from there! <3


  6. Marlena

    I absolutely love Instagram and how visual it is. However, there are sponsored posts, just like on Facebook, which gets annoying. I like the clean surface and no fuss platform. It is part of my daily routine which I really enjoy. It also drives a lot of traffic to my blog! I totally neglect FB and Twitter as Instagram suits me so much more.
    Instagram: highstreetdaily

  7. Becca

    I agree that Instagram is a better social platform for fashion, style, and lifestyle bloggers. I think people who are interested in fashion are more interested in following their favorite bloggers on Insta than on Facebook. Instagram as a photo-sharing platform seems so much better suited for advertising lifestyle, fashion, etc. blogs.
    xo, Becca

  8. Franny

    / word – think so, too! Facebook and Twitter are really out 🙂

    Franny´s Lifestyle & Fashion Blog

  9. Vanisha @ A Life Un-Styled

    Instagram is definitely my favourite social media platform and is one of the best platforms for my blog. I wouldn’t call myself a fashion blogger though I do write about style. I feel like Instagram works for me because it allows you to delve behind the scenes and satisfy that curiosity that people have about what they see and read on the blog.

    This month has been all about Instagram on my blog. Sharing and discussing my tips and hosting this giveaway for a one-on-one consultation with a brand strategist and designer on how you can use Instagram effectively to market your brand. Post & details here http://bit.ly/1MDCJLH or @vanishalifeunstyled on Instagram x

  10. Sabina

    That’s good to know. I’ve been a holdout in terms of not joining because well, how much social media can a person devote themselves to, that is, if you want to use it beyond posting and leaving, ya know? But hey I like authentic engagement as much as the next blogger.

  11. Cathy

    I do agree with this kind of idea! When it comes to blogs specially in fashion or styles, Instagram is the best seller! I’m also doing this, and Instagram is my favorite social media site!

  12. Alice

    Instagram is DEFINITELY more intuitive for me, both to browse content and to attract followers. I interact daily with communities by hashtag, and I love getting feedback in terms of comments and followers.

    I recently started a Facebook Page for my small online business/blog and I’m having trouble getting engagement beyond my circle of friends, any help is appreciated!

    I feel like Facebook is like information overload; and I constantly see news articles with sleazy headlines like “You don’t believe what she did next!!!!” trying to hook for a click. Once in awhile I’ll see an update worth caring about. Once in awhile.

    Alice // Blog Inconnue // Owner of shop Inconnue

  13. Anne the SpyGirl

    I love Instagram. And I’m OLD (58).
    My blogs are split into categories (fashion, fine art, gluttony). On IG, you get the entire me in one crazy place.
    I like being able to geo-locate pix when out and about. I like feeding Twitter, FB, Tumblr, and Flickr with IG posts.
    Another thing about IG: it loads faster than FB on my phone. I can quickly scroll through images at odd moments without much bandwidth angst.

  14. Altynay

    No doubt instagram is a good tool to promote your blog, but unfortunetaly sometimes peolpe are too lazy to click on you profile and then on the direct link. In this case Facebook is more “friendly” to the readers who want to check a new post.